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887 RAT Builder.a
A7m3d RAT Builder
APK Ransomware Builder
AVD Crypto Stealer Builder
AbStealer Builder
Adwind RAT Builder.a
AgentTelsa Builder
AndroRAT Builder.a
Anubis Builder.g
Ardamax Builder
Babuk Builder
BabylonRAT Builder
BitRAT Builder (Unknown Variant)
BitRAT Builder.a.c
Black Stealer Builder.b
BlackGuard Stealer Builder
BlackNix Builder.a
Blue Banana RAT Builder.a
CHMiner Builder
Carberp Builder
Chaos Ransomware Builder.d
Chaos Ransomware Builder.e
CloudNet Builder
Collector Stealer Builder
CometRAT Builder
Coolvibes RAT Builder.a
Covid19 Banking Trojan Builder
Crimson RAT Builder.b
Crypto Ripper Builder
Cypher RAT Builder (Unknown Variant)
Cypher RAT Builder.c
DRat Builder
DarkComet Builder (Multi components)
DarkOut Builder
DarkTrack Alien Builder
Dexter Builder
DiamondFox Builder.d
DroidJack Builder
EagleMonitorRAT Builder (Unknown Variant)
EagleMonitorRAT Builder.b
GlitchPOS Builder
Hades Builder
HakopsRAT Builder
Harmmy Rat Builder.a
ImminentMonitor Builder
IndRAT Builder
KJw0rm Builder
Kazy Bot Lite Builder
KillerRat Builder.j
Lockbit 3 Builder
LokiRAT Builder.2021
LokiRATBuilder (Unknown Variant)
Lost Door RAT Builder.j
Lucifer HTTP Botnet Builder.a
Luminosity Builder
LuxNET RAT Builder.a
Manjusaka Builder
Mars Stealer Builder
Mars Stealer Builder.f
Mars Stealer Builder.h
Nanocore Builder
NingaliNET Builder.a
NjRat Builder
Novo Botnet Builder
Orcus Builder
Ork Password Stealer Builder
Pandora Rat Builder.b
Pegasus Lime HVNC Builder
PentagonRAT Builder
Phoenix Keylogger Builder
PlasmaRAT Builder.a
ProSpy RAT Builder.a
ProstoClipper Stealer Builder
Qakbot Debugger
QuasarRAT Builder.a
Redline Stealer Builder (Modified Variant)
Redline Stealer Builder
RevengeRAT Builder
Rogue Android Botnet Builder.f
Rust Lnk Builder
Sako RAT Builder.a
Scorpion Android Rat Builder
Screen Lock Builder.a
Sentry Mba 141 Beta Builder.d
SilentCryptoMiner Builder.b
SilentCryptoMiner Builder.bb
SpyGate Builder
SpyNote Builder.e
Sseur Keylogger Builder
Teardroid Builder.d
Thanos Ransomware Builder
TinyNuke HVNC Builder
TorCTPHPRAT Builder.b
TreasureHunter Builder
Unkn0wn Toolkit Builder
UnknownRAT Builder
VantomRAT Builder.a
Venom Builder.b
VulturiStealer Builder.a
XFile Stealer Builder
XRAT Builder
XTremeRAT Builder
Yashma Ransomware Builder


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