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ICS Vulnerabilities

AFIT - Distinguishing Internet-Facing ICS Devices
Caution Malware Ahead - Emerging Risks in Automation System Security
Claroty - An Oil and Gas Weak Spot Flow Computers
Claroty - The Race to Native Code Execution in PLCs Using RCE to Uncover Siemens SIMATIC S7-12001500 Hardcoded
Common Control System Vulnerabilities (2005)
Common Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Observed in Control Systems (2008)
Common Cyber Security Vulnerabilities Observed in ICS (2009)
Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in ICS (2011)
Commonalities in Vehicle Vulnerabilities
DHS-NCCIC - Annual Vulnerability Coordination Report - FY 2015
DHS-NCCIC - Annual Vulnerability Coordination Report - FY 2016
DHS-NCCIC - Industrial Control Systems Assessments - FY 2015
DHS-NCCIC - Industrial Control Systems Assessments - FY 2016
DHS-NCCIC - Year in Review - 2015
DHS-NCCIC - Year in Review - 2017
EPRI - ICCP Protocol - Threats to Data Security and Potential Solutions
Hacker Machine Interface - State of SCADA HMI Vulnerabilities
Hacking Embedded Devices
Hacking the Industrial Network
ICS-CERT - Incident Response Summary Report - 2009-2011
ICS-CERT - Industrial Control Systems Assessments - FY 2014
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2010
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2011
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2012
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2013
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2014
ICS-CERT - Year in Review - 2016
INL - Cyber Incidents Involving Control Systems
Infracritical - Project SHINE Findings Report - Oct 2014
Lesson Learned - Risks Posed by Firewall Firmware Vulnerabilities
Leverage Ethernet Vulnerabilities in Field Devices
PLC Blaster - A Worm Living Solely In The PLC
Risks to Critical Infrastructure that use Cloud Services
Rockwell Automation MicroLogix Remote Code Execution
SCADA Safety in Numbers
SCADA and PLC Vulnerabilities in Correctional Facilities
Safety vs Security (2006)
Top 10 Most Dangerous ICS Software Weaknesses
Top 10 Vulnerabilities of Control Systems and their Mitigations (2007)
Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Delivery Control Systems

Manuals and User Guides

Allen-Bradley - Ethernet Switches
Allen-Bradley - Stratix 5900 Industrial Router
Certes - CEP10 - Datasheet
Certes - CEP5LC - Brochure
Certes - CEP5LC - Datasheet
Certes - Layer 4 Encryption
Certes - TrustNet Group Encryption
Certes - Variable Speed Encryptors - Datasheet
Cisco - Guide to Hardening Cisco IOS Devices
Cisco - Network Admission Control
Cisco - SAFE Security Reference Architecture Poster
Cisco - SAFE Security Reference Architecture White Paper
Cisco - TrustSec At-a-Glance
Cisco - TrustSec Solution Overview
Enterasys - Network Access Control
Enterasys - Secure Networks for Process Control
HP - Hardening ProCurve Switches
Matrikon - MatrikonOPC Server for Simulation User Manual
Matrikon - OPC Tunneller User Manual
Microsoft - Intro to Network Access Protection
NSA - Cisco IOS Switch Security Configuration Guide v1.0
Suricata - Basic Setup
Suricata - Setting up IPS Inline for Linux
Suricata - Suricata.yaml Reference
Suricata - Ubuntu Getting Started with Suricata
Suricata - Ubuntu Installation
Tenable - Nessus 6.4 Command Line Reference
Tenable - Nessus 6.4 Installation and Configuration Guide
Tenable - Nessus 6.4 SCAP Assessments
Tenable - Nessus 6.4 User Guide
Tenable - Nessus Activation Code Installation
Tenable - Nessus Compliance Checks r89
Tenable - Nessus Credential Checks
Tenable - Nessus Patch Management Integration
Tofino Argon 100 Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting Guide - English- v1.0.0
Tofino Argon 220 Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting Guide – English- v1.0.0
Tofino Argon CMP Installation and Upgrade Guide v1.7.0
Tofino Argon CMP User's Guide v1.7.0
Tofino Pre-Defined Controllers and Protocols
Tofino Xenon Security Appliance - Datasheet
Tofino Xenon Security Appliance - Product Bulletin
VMware - DMZ Virtualization Using vSphere 4 Cisco Nexus
VMware - DMZ Virtualization with Infrastructure 3
VMware - Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening
VMware - Network Segmentation in Virtualized Environments
VMware - vSphere 4.0 Hardening Guide
VMware - vSphere 4.1 Hardening Guide
Wurldtech - Achilles Industrial NGFW - Solution Brief
Wurldtech - Achilles Industrial NGFW - Spec Sheet
eWon - Industrial Remote Access Routers

Threat Intelligence Reports

ACSC - Cyber Threat Report 2015
Anomali - Definitive Guide to Sharing Threat Intelligence
Anomali - Iran Country Profile relating to Security
BAE - Cyber Threat Predictions - 2018
BSI - IT Security Situation in Germany - 2011
BSI - IT Security Situation in Germany - 2014 (DE)
BSI - Threats Catalogue - Elementary Threats
CERT Au - Cyber Crime and Security Survey Report 2012
CERT Au - Cyber Crime and Security Survey Report 2013
CIS - Year in Review - 2017
CIS - Year in Review - 2018
Cisco - Annual Cybersecurity Report - 2017
Cisco - Annual Cybersecurity Report - 2018
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2010
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2011
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2013
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2014
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2015
Cisco - Annual Security Report - 2016
CyberX - Global IoT-ICS Risk Report - 2020 - Highlights Booklet
Cypher Brief - Annual Threat Report - 2017
DHS - Sector Resilience Report Electric Power Delivery 14 JULY 14
DHS-NCCIC - Malware Trends
DHS-TSA - Freight Rail Threat Assessment - 2011
ENISA - Threat Landscape - 2015
F-Secure - Attack Landscape - 2019-1H
FireEye - Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection
Fireeye - ICS Vulnerability Trend Report - 2016
Fireeye - Industrial Control System Vulnerability Trend Report - 2016
Fortinet - The Evolving Threat Landscape in 2016
Frost-Sullivan - ICS2 Global InfoSec Workforce Study - 2013
HPE - Cyber Risk Report - 2016
IBM - Threat Intelligence Index - 2017
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2010
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2011
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2012
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2013
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2014
IC3 - Internet Crime Report - 2015
Kaspersky - State of Industrial Cybersecurity - 2018
Kaspersky - Threat Intelligence Report for Telecomms - 2016
Lockheed-Martin - Cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas Industry
McAfee - Cybercrime Exposed - Cybercrime as a Service
Positive Technologies - ICS Security in Review - 2017
SANS - State of Security in Control Systems Today - 2015
Vectra - Hidden Threat of Cyberattacks in the Energy and Utilities Industry - 2018

White Papers

6 Emerging Rail Cybersecurity Standards
ABB - Securing Your Control System
ABB - The Rocky Relationship between Safety and Security
Addressing the MITRE ATTACK for ICS Matrix
Advanced Targeted Attacks - It Takes a System
All Data Diodes Are Not Equal
Architecture for Secure SCADA and Distributed Control System Networks
Assessing and Visualizing Industrial Attack Surfaces
Black Box - Flight Recorder for Forensics
Can we learn from SCADA security incidents - White Paper
Case Studies for the Cybersecurity of IACS
Changing Face of Cybersecurity
Common Cyber Attacks - Reducing the Impact
Creating Secure Systems through Attack Tree Modeling
Cyber Security at Civil Nuclear Facilities
Cyber Security eGuide r1
Cyber Threats in Physical Security - Understanding and Mitigating the Risk
Cyber Wars - Byres-Staggs
Cybersecurity LIfecycle Poster v1.19 Jan2013
Cybersecurity for Rail Signaling Systems and Rolling Stock
Cybersecurity in Operational Technology
Debunking the Top 5 Security Implementation Myths
Defining the 21st Century Cybersecurity Protection Platform for ICS
Disrupt Targeted Attacks
Distinguishing Internet-Facing ICS Devices
Effect of NERC CIP Standards on BES Reliability
Energy Company Cybersecurity Reference
Evaluating Cyber Attacks in Rail Transit
Exploit Evasion Defense - Corporate Analysis
Exploit Protection - Corporate Analysis
House of ICS Security
ICS Cyber Kill Chain
Know Your Enemies - Threat Brief
Magic Quadrant for SIEM - 2014
Magic Quadrant for SIEM - 2015
Monitor Continuously Respond Swiftly
Network Security Benchmarking Study
Network Segmentation for Industrial Control Systems
PLCs and Cybersecurity
Priviledged Identity and Session Management for Protecting CI
Protecting Control Networks
Protecting Rail and Metro from Cyber Security Threats
SCADA Challenges for Forensic Investigators
SCADA and CIP Security in a Post Stuxnet World
Secure Remote Access to Process Control Systems
Securing Americas Passenger Rail Systems
Securing SCADA Infrastructure
Security and Prosperity in the Information Age - Vol 1
Security and Prosperity in the Information Age - Vol 2
Solving the ICS Security Patch Problem
State Application Security - 2015
State of Physical Access Control
Stepping Up the Battle Against Adv Threats
The Evil PLC Attack
The Trojan Horse Malware Password Cracking Ecosystem Targeting Industrial Operators
The secrets of Schneider Electrics UMAS protocol
Top 20 Cyber Attacks on ICS
Tracking and Tracing Cyber Attacks
Understanding DDoS Attacks
Understanding Deep Packet Inspection for SCADA Security
When Cyber Attacks Get Physical


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