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Why donate to vx-underground monthly?

vx-underground is the largest publicly accessible repository for malware source, samples, and papers on the internet. Our website does not use cookies, it does not have advertisements (omit sponsors) and it does not require any sort of registration. vx-underground was designed for individuals who are new to malware, or experienced veterans, who need a place to learn, grow, or find reference material, or find rare/archived material!

This is not cheap. This is not easy. This is a lot of hard work.

If you're an individual who wants to support us please donate monthly. Donating monthly gives you access to the following:
-vx-underground private Discord
-vx-underground MWDB (Malware Database) instance
-Access to key staff members so you can berate us
-Other cool stuff

Donate here: Support vx-underground monthly

About the MWDB

The private MWDB contains every public sample listed on vx-underground as well as privately submitted malware samples. Each sample is searchable by MD5, SHA1, SHA256, YARA rules, family tags, and extracted malware configuration data. Currently, all samples submitted are sync'd with Hatching Triage - sandboxed malware configuration data is sent back to our MWDB instance and made searchable and browsable! Access to this private instance is via monthly donors only - exceptions are occasionally granted for verified students and/or academics. Access to the MWDB is granted to any individual donating monthly regardless of tier level. In other words, access to the MWDB is as little as $5/month. Payments are allowed via PayPal and Stripe. Crypto is allowed, however you must contact us to do this.

Source code for the MWDB: github.com/CERT-Polska/mwdb-core (Written with <3, by CERT.PL)

Yara Rules we use: github.com/Yara-Rules/rules

Our instance is proudly run and maintained by Duchy. Feel free to ping him on Twitter/Discord about any issues with our instance. .


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