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The Old New Thing - 2003 08

2003-08-05 - Answer to previous exercise on proportional scrollbars
2003-08-05 - Changing the Windows boot logo
2003-08-05 - Keyboard accessibility for scrollbars
2003-08-07 - Limitations on DLL resources in Windows 95
2003-08-07 - Scrollbars bart 6 - The wheel
2003-08-08 - Why is a registry file called a _hive__
2003-08-11 - Answers to exercises
2003-08-11 - Scrollbars part 7 - Integrality
2003-08-12 - Why can't I remove _for test_evaluation purposes only__
2003-08-13 - Scrollbars part 8 - Integral interactive resizing
2003-08-14 - Windows 95 doesn't boot with more than 1GB of RAM
2003-08-15 - A subtlety in the keyboard code
2003-08-15 - Answer to exercise
2003-08-16 - A day in the trenches
2003-08-18 - There will be a part 9 in the scrollbar series
2003-08-18 - Why does Windows 95 have functions called BEAR, BUNNY and PIGLET_
2003-08-19 - Lessons from the trenches
2003-08-20 - What is in the _Windows 95 Special Edition_ box_
2003-08-21 - The secret life of GetWindowText
2003-08-22 - Why isn't my time zone highlighted on the world map_
2003-08-23 - Knitting a pumpkin
2003-08-25 - Windows brings out the Rorschach test in everyone
2003-08-26 - Rotating the Z-order
2003-08-27 - What are all these files in my C_WINDOWSCSC directory_
2003-08-27 - What are those little overlay icons_
2003-08-27 - Why are these unwanted files_folders opening when I log on_
2003-08-29 - Hardware backwards compatibility
2003-08-29 - Painting only when your window is visible on the screen
2003-08-31 - Setup could not verify integrity of file

The Old New Thing - 2003 09

2003-09-01 - Even the trees are falling for the media's lies
2003-09-01 - Suburbs make you fat, researchers conclude
2003-09-01 - The default answer to every dialog box is _Cancel_
2003-09-02 - Determining whether your window is covered
2003-09-02 - The World Adult Kickball Association
2003-09-03 - Why is there no programmatic access to the Start menu pin list_
2003-09-04 - Why are the rules for GetWindowText so weird_
2003-09-05 - Case mapping on Unicode is hard
2003-09-05 - How to recognize different types of timestamps from quite a long way away
2003-09-05 - Where is my program running from_
2003-09-08 - An insight into the Windows 95 startup sound
2003-09-08 - It's a lot easier to write a column if you don't care about accuracy
2003-09-09 - If you see only one Elvis vs. Mummy movie this year, make it this one
2003-09-09 - Scrollbars part 9 - Maintaining the metaphor
2003-09-10 - Computers are still too hard to use.
2003-09-10 - Why do some people call the taskbar the _tray__
2003-09-11 - Scrollbars part 10 - Towards a deeper understanding of the WM_NCCALCSIZE message
2003-09-11 - You too can dress like Raymond
2003-09-12 - Whimsical bug reports
2003-09-12 - Why does the taskbar default to the bottom of the screen_
2003-09-13 - Answers to exercises from Scrollbars Part 10
2003-09-13 - I'm not sure if this was a dare
2003-09-14 - Something about Microsoft employees and milk
2003-09-15 - Eric's complete guide to BSTR semantics
2003-09-15 - Scrollbars part 11_ Towards an even deeper understanding of the WM_NCCALCSIZE message
2003-09-16 - Why does Win32 fail a module load if an import could not be resolved_
2003-09-17 - Answers to exercise from Scrollbars Part 11
2003-09-17 - Scrollbars part 12_ Applying WM_NCCALCSIZE to our scrollbar sample
2003-09-17 - The end of the scrollbar series
2003-09-18 - Emergency vacation
2003-09-18 - Improving the world one bad analogy at a time
2003-09-19 - How much is that gigabyte in the window_
2003-09-19 - Pre-travel insomnia
2003-09-20 - When I dock my taskbar vertically, why does the word _Start_ disappear_
2003-09-29 - Back from Europe
2003-09-29 - In case people got the wrong impression
2003-09-29 - Why you can't rotate text
2003-09-30 - Why is the readonly property for folders so strange_

The Old New Thing - 2003 10

2003-10-01 - Jag skrivar svenska inte so bra
2003-10-01 - Jag taler lita svenska
2003-10-01 - Why do I get spurious WM_MOUSEMOVE messages
2003-10-02 - What do the text label colors mean for files
2003-10-02 - Why does my Advanced Options dialog say ON and OFF after every option
2003-10-03 - Why cant I use amp-accelerators on the Start menu
2003-10-06 - Researchers discover link between music and drinking
2003-10-06 - Why does the System Properties page round the memory size
2003-10-07 - Low-tech usability testing
2003-10-07 - Stupid memory-mapping tricks
2003-10-08 - Im doing this instead of writing a book
2003-10-08 - In Explorer you can right-click the icon in the caption
2003-10-08 - Why is address space allocation granularity 64KB
2003-10-09 - Other uses for bitmap brushes
2003-10-10 - Why doesnt the clock in the taskbar display seconds
2003-10-13 - Why is there no WM_MOUSEENTER message
2003-10-14 - Answer to previous exercise about the mythical WM_MOUSEENTER message
2003-10-14 - Why dont notification icons get a message when the user clicks the X button
2003-10-15 - Murphys law for school
2003-10-16 - Scrollbars redux Part 12
2003-10-16 - The much-misunderstood nop action
2003-10-17 - Dont let Marketing mess with your slides
2003-10-18 - Curling anyone
2003-10-20 - The more I learn about Sweden the weirder it gets
2003-10-20 - What is the AltTab order
2003-10-21 - Using the TAB key to navigate in non-dialogs
2003-10-22 - Whats the deal with those reserved filenames like NUL and CON
2003-10-23 - Writing a sort comparison function
2003-10-24 - Why Daylight Savings Time is nonintuitive
2003-10-25 - Kinder Überraschungen
2003-10-26 - Being the Nobel Peace Prize
2003-10-27 - Getting a custom right-click menu for the caption icon
2003-10-28 - When vendors insult themselves
2003-10-29 - Drawing an active-looking caption even when not active
2003-10-30 - I thought you said people dont know how to read analog clocks
2003-10-31 - Why highlighting by inverting colors is a bad idea

The Old New Thing - 2003 11

2003-11-03 - The long and sad story of the Shell Folders key
2003-11-04 - Just follow the rules and nobody gets hurt
2003-11-05 - An anecdote about improper capitalization
2003-11-06 - Little facts you didnt know about concrete
2003-11-06 - Why are companies so worried about retraining costs
2003-11-07 - Returning values from a dialog procedure
2003-11-10 - A warning to people averse to code
2003-11-10 - Homework assignment about window subclassing
2003-11-10 - How much do you expect from a framework layer
2003-11-11 - Safer subclassing
2003-11-11 - Welcome Martyn Lovell
2003-11-12 - A different type of dialog procedure
2003-11-13 - Another different type of dialog procedure
2003-11-13 - Answer to previous exercise about m_fRecursing
2003-11-13 - British newspapers are much more fun to read
2003-11-14 - Preventing edit control text from being autoselected in a dialog box
2003-11-17 - Another favorite from the Grauniad
2003-11-17 - More stories of bad hardware
2003-11-17 - Stay healthy Drink Guinness
2003-11-18 - Make_sure_the_buttons_match_the_question_-_The_Old_New_Thing
2003-11-19 - How can I tell if I have the 64-bit edition of Windows
2003-11-19 - Notepads geek options require Word Wrap be disabled
2003-11-20 - Whats the deal with the System Volume Information folder
2003-11-21 - Why isnt Fast User Switching enabled on domains
2003-11-24 - A shortcut to the Run dialog
2003-11-24 - You can dragdrop to the command prompt
2003-11-25 - What do the letters W and L stand for in WPARAM and LPARAM
2003-11-26 - Other tricks with WM_GETDLGCODE
2003-11-27 - Its like the Swedes dont want you to learn their language
2003-11-28 - Hello Sweden youre on fire

The Old New Thing - 2003 12

2003-12-01 - What are these strange values returned from GWLP_WNDPROC
2003-12-01 - What did the letters NT originally stand for
2003-12-02 - The New Old New Thing
2003-12-02 - Which message numbers belong to whom
2003-12-03 - Which window style bits belong to whom
2003-12-04 - Which access rights bits belong to whom
2003-12-05 - Why do I have to return this goofy value for WM_DEVICECHANGE
2003-12-07 - At least she represents the United States faithfully
2003-12-08 - If FlushInstructionCache doesnt do anything why do you have to call it
2003-12-08 - Whats with the catcow and dogoldfish
2003-12-09 - Scobles rant on UI defaults
2003-12-09 - Why you should never suspend a thread
2003-12-10 - What is the command line length limit
2003-12-11 - How do I pass a lot of data to a process when it starts up
2003-12-11 - Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
2003-12-12 - Tote Hose in Weilburg
2003-12-12 - Why are structure sizes checked strictly
2003-12-15 - The migration continues
2003-12-15 - Welcome to the New Old New Thing
2003-12-16 - The unsafe device removal dialog
2003-12-17 - Tinkering with the look
2003-12-17 - When marketing designs a screenshot
2003-12-18 - How to void your warranty
2003-12-18 - Rip-it
2003-12-18 - What is the window nesting limit
2003-12-19 - Sometimes an app just wants to crash
2003-12-21 - German sounds more and more like Alles Lookenpeepers every day
2003-12-22 - How do I determine whether I own a critical section if I am not supposed to look at internal fields
2003-12-22 - One in five Swedes steal their Christmas tree
2003-12-22 - The cult of PowerPoint
2003-12-23 - When programs grovel into undocumented structures
2003-12-24 - Why not just block the apps that rely on undocumented behavior
2003-12-25 - What order do programs in the startup group execute
2003-12-26 - Famous people doing mundane things news
2003-12-26 - You can read a contract from the other side
2003-12-27 - How to hide privacy violations in a privacy disclosure statement
2003-12-28 - Another privacy policy that isnt very private
2003-12-28 - Danish so-called pronunciation
2003-12-29 - Beam me up is not yet recognized
2003-12-29 - Whats with those blank taskbar buttons that go away when I click on them
2003-12-30 - At least the Danes know how to count
2003-12-30 - People with almanacs may be terrorists FBI warns
2003-12-30 - Whats the difference between CreateMenu and CreatePopupMenu
2003-12-31 - College football commercialized What ever gave you that idea
2003-12-31 - How to stop delivery of telephone books

The Old New Thing - 2004 01

2004-01-01 - Dont trust the return address
2004-01-02 - The history of calling conventions part 1
2004-01-05 - Why does the x86 have so few registers
2004-01-06 - Why does the copy dialog give such horrible estimates
2004-01-07 - The history of calling conventions part 2
2004-01-07 - Words Id like to ban in 2004
2004-01-08 - Budget cuts strike Swedish radio
2004-01-08 - Its called proofreading give it a shot why dont you
2004-01-08 - The history of calling conventions part 3
2004-01-09 - Ten-year-old Microsoft Flight Simulator terrorist
2004-01-09 - Why do member functions need to be static to be used as a callback
2004-01-11 - Is there an exclusionary rule in Sweden
2004-01-11 - Whats old is new again well its still old
2004-01-12 - Friends is so trendsetting
2004-01-13 - If you know Swedish the world is funnier
2004-01-13 - The history of calling conventions part 4 ia64
2004-01-14 - The history of calling conventions part 5 amd64
2004-01-15 - Google just keeps adding stuff
2004-01-15 - What can go wrong when you mismatch the calling convention
2004-01-16 - Aw poor guy hes so depressed
2004-01-16 - How can a program survive a corrupted stack
2004-01-19 - Uninitialized garbage on ia64 can be deadly
2004-01-20 - ia64 misdeclaring near and far data
2004-01-21 - Fixing security holes in other programs
2004-01-21 - What tools should I assume everybody has
2004-01-22 - Cell phones Cant live with em cant live without em but maybe can ban em
2004-01-22 - What happened to DirectX 4
2004-01-23 - German the language of love
2004-01-23 - The white flash
2004-01-24 - In defense of the German language
2004-01-25 - German as RPN
2004-01-26 - Blog going on autopilot for a while
2004-01-26 - David Hasselhoffs daughters normal in every way
2004-01-26 - The hollow brush
2004-01-27 - Some reasons not to do anything scary in your DllMain
2004-01-27 - Undermining your own proclamation
2004-01-28 - Another reason not to do anything scary in your DllMain Inadvertent deadlock
2004-01-28 - Passenger announcements in the airport
2004-01-29 - Ikea walk-through
2004-01-29 - Integer overflow in the new operator
2004-01-30 - How do we decide what features make it into a product
2004-01-30 - The format of string resources
2004-01-31 - Section 419 scammers arrested in Netherlands Danish flag flies proudly

The Old New Thing - 2004 02

2004-02-02 - The management of memory for resources in 16-bit Windows
2004-02-02 - What goes wrong when you add Copy To to the context menu
2004-02-03 - Mismatching scalar and vector new and delete
2004-02-04 - Answers to exercises mismatching newdelete
2004-02-04 - The Glass Engine and Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music
2004-02-05 - The layout of a COM object
2004-02-06 - Adjustor thunks
2004-02-09 - I think this counts as having come full circle
2004-02-09 - Pointers to member functions are very strange animals
2004-02-10 - Answer to exercise Pointer to member function cast
2004-02-10 - Orkuts privacy policy and terms of service
2004-02-11 - Dunkin Donuts vs Krispy Kreme
2004-02-11 - Sure we do that
2004-02-12 - Improbable Research comes to Seattle
2004-02-12 - TEXT vs _TEXT vs _T and UNICODE vs _UNICODE
2004-02-13 - Bad version number checks
2004-02-13 - Stories of going through airport security
2004-02-14 - The Seattle Improbable Show 2004
2004-02-16 - So whats to do in Sweden
2004-02-16 - The arms race between programs and users
2004-02-17 - GetDialogBaseUnits is a crock
2004-02-17 - The social skills of a thermonuclear device
2004-02-18 - Why are RECTs endpoint-exclusive
2004-02-19 - No code is an island
2004-02-19 - Sorry the posts are late lately
2004-02-20 - Why do I get a QueryInterfaceIID_IMarshal and then nothing
2004-02-21 - Raymonds comment policy
2004-02-22 - And we will build a processor with ONE MILLION TRANSISTORS
2004-02-23 - Invalid thread and process IDs
2004-02-24 - Whats so special about the desktop window
2004-02-25 - Why cant I put hotlinks in notification icon balloon tips
2004-02-26 - Why do timestamps change when I copy files to a floppy
2004-02-27 - The correct order for disabling and enabling windows

The Old New Thing - 2004 03

2004-03-01 - Why 16-bit DOS and Windows are still with us
2004-03-02 - Went to a Seattle Thunderbirds game this weekend
2004-03-02 - Why are HANDLE return values so inconsistent
2004-03-03 - Blow the dust out of the connector
2004-03-03 - Calling the irony patrol
2004-03-04 - Sorry my kitchen is on fire
2004-03-04 - Where do those customized web site icons come from
2004-03-05 - Defrauding the WHQL driver certification process
2004-03-05 - Money can burn a hole in your pocket
2004-03-08 - C scoped static initialization is not thread-safe on purpose
2004-03-08 - Can you pass Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball
2004-03-09 - CharIsDigit matches more than just 0 through 9
2004-03-09 - Returning to Sweden this time with some actual knowledge of Swedish
2004-03-10 - The Department of Homeland Security the television series
2004-03-10 - Why do operations on byte result in int
2004-03-11 - Tony Harding laces up again
2004-03-11 - Why are dialog boxes initially created hidden
2004-03-12 - What happens to those To Any Soldier care packages
2004-03-12 - What is the default security descriptor
2004-03-15 - How do I convert a SID between binary and string forms
2004-03-15 - Senators are really good at stock-picking
2004-03-16 - Still more creative uses for CAPTCHA
2004-03-16 - Why do text files end in CtrlZ
2004-03-17 - More on the AMD64 calling convention
2004-03-17 - On a server paging death
2004-03-17 - Ännu skriver jag inte bra
2004-03-18 - The car with no user-serviceable parts inside
2004-03-18 - Why is the line terminator CRLF
2004-03-19 - Catholic baseball fans want to eat meat on opening day
2004-03-19 - Why does the Resource Compiler complain about strings longer than 255 characters
2004-03-20 - The only logical conclusion is that he was cloned
2004-03-22 - A privacy policy that doesnt actively offend me
2004-03-22 - Why an object cannot be its own enumerator
2004-03-23 - -notation was never legal in HTTP URLs anyway
2004-03-23 - the qUirKY jaPan HomEPage
2004-03-24 - Out of the deep fryer
2004-03-24 - Some files come up strange in Notepad
2004-03-25 - Regular expressions and the dreaded operator
2004-03-25 - Swedish spicy food
2004-03-25 - The SAS in-flight safety video
2004-03-25 - URLs too small Here comes hugeurlcom
2004-03-26 - Yahoos privacy policy regarding web bugs
2004-03-27 - What US college students miss from home
2004-03-28 - You know youve been in Sweden too long when
2004-03-29 - Its embarrassing how little Swedish you need to know
2004-03-29 - The army is cool except for the part where you have to fight
2004-03-29 - Why CtrlAlt shouldnt be used as a shortcut modifier
2004-03-30 - Special skills draft on the drawing board
2004-03-30 - Where did my Task Manager tabs and buttons go
2004-03-31 - The look of Luna
2004-03-31 - When temperance backfires

The Old New Thing - 2004 04

2004-04-01 - The martial arts logon picture
2004-04-02 - Why a really large dictionary is not a good thing
2004-04-05 - How can I format my USB drive as NTFS
2004-04-06 - Reference counting is hard
2004-04-07 - A very brief anecdote about Windows 30
2004-04-08 - Where does the taskbar get grouped button titles from
2004-04-09 - A story about USB floppy drives
2004-04-09 - Comparing the Norwegian Swedish and Danish languages
2004-04-12 - Extraterrestrial income
2004-04-12 - The random number seed can be the weakest link
2004-04-13 - First thing we do is kill all the jerks
2004-04-13 - Unicode collation is hard
2004-04-14 - Not all short filenames contain a tilde
2004-04-14 - Playing on an entirely different level
2004-04-15 - Astonishingly rules apply to everyone
2004-04-15 - Why cant I install Windows on my USB drive
2004-04-16 - Mapping all those strange digits to 0 through 9
2004-04-16 - Sorry no free ice cream in Tennessee its illegal
2004-04-19 - A 2 billion bridge to one person
2004-04-19 - WM_KILLFOCUS is the wrong time to do field validation
2004-04-20 - Beethoven as ambient music
2004-04-20 - Why cant the system hibernate just one process
2004-04-21 - Good-Bye Lenin
2004-04-21 - Why the compiler cant autoconvert foreach to for
2004-04-22 - Cleaner more elegant and wrong
2004-04-22 - NFL cracks down on grandstanding
2004-04-23 - How to retrieve text under the cursor mouse pointer
2004-04-23 - News flash People are fooled by the Onion
2004-04-26 - In order to demonstrate our superior intellect we will now ask you a question you cannot answer
2004-04-26 - Musings on formal and informal address
2004-04-27 - Nobody said it was a democracy
2004-04-27 - Why doesnt C have const
2004-04-28 - What going to Sweden again
2004-04-28 - What is __purecall
2004-04-29 - 501 for 510g of peanut butter
2004-04-29 - Using the echo command to remember what you were doing
2004-04-30 - Extreme croquet
2004-04-30 - Where does the taskbar get grouped button icons from

The Old New Thing - 2004 05

2004-05-01 - You wanted Extreme Crochet
2004-05-03 - Today is Swedish tax day
2004-05-03 - Why does my hard drive light flash every few second
2004-05-04 - Is open source the new monoculture
2004-05-04 - Truckers block highway to protest high gas prices
2004-05-05 - Broadcasting user-defined messages
2004-05-05 - Dead man running
2004-05-06 - Chris Pratleys history lesson
2004-05-06 - Scripting is a two-edged sword
2004-05-06 - Why did InterlockedIncrementDecrement only return the sign of the result
2004-05-07 - Batman and Robin patrolling Whitley
2004-05-07 - Image File Execution Options
2004-05-07 - When should your destructor be virtual
2004-05-10 - A guide to British pub etiquette
2004-05-10 - There are two types of scrollbars
2004-05-11 - How do the FILE_SHARE_ bits interact with the desired access bits
2004-05-11 - Links about COM threading models
2004-05-12 - Is your web site an open relay
2004-05-12 - Varför läser jag svenska
2004-05-13 - Norway Pros and cons
2004-05-13 - Thinking through a feature
2004-05-14 - How did those FILE_SHARE_ values come to be
2004-05-14 - When do you disable an option and when do you remove it
2004-05-14 - Wholl be where for whom
2004-05-17 - Plane-spotters to require government license
2004-05-17 - When do you put after a button or menu
2004-05-18 - The coolest thing you can do with a Gameboy is not play a game on it
2004-05-19 - Beware the hash reset attack
2004-05-19 - Letterboxing Geocaching without the GPS
2004-05-20 - Coffee machine or assault weapon
2004-05-20 - Do you know when your destructors run Part 1
2004-05-21 - Do you know when your destructors run Part 2
2004-05-21 - You can do anything at zombocom anything at all
2004-05-24 - Callback the safety newsletter for the aviation community
2004-05-24 - Extending the Internet Explorer context menu
2004-05-25 - The Fderal Burau of Invstigations
2004-05-25 - When you change the insides nobody notices
2004-05-26 - Art too bad to be ignored
2004-05-26 - How does the desktop choose the icon label color
2004-05-27 - Meet Anton Chekhov
2004-05-27 - What is the difference between Minimize All and Show Desktop
2004-05-28 - High-performance multithreading is very hard
2004-05-28 - How do you undo Minimize All and Show Desktop
2004-05-28 - Kipping
2004-05-31 - Chewing gum legalized in Singapore
2004-05-31 - Why is the default 8-bit codepage called ANSI

The Old New Thing - 2004 06

2004-06-01 - French schoolchildren invited to draw their impressions of the United States
2004-06-01 - What does SHGFI_USEFILEATTRIBUTES mean
2004-06-02 - Letter carriers rebel
2004-06-02 - The dreaded main threading model
2004-06-03 - My first death threat
2004-06-03 - Need to add 15kg and 350g
2004-06-04 - An easy way to determine whether you have a particular file permission
2004-06-04 - Do not underestimate the power of the game Deer Hunter
2004-06-07 - Deleted but not yet forgotten
2004-06-07 - The suburbs make you fat more researchers conclude
2004-06-08 - Let there be a grand clubhouse feast
2004-06-08 - When can a thread receive window messages
2004-06-09 - Calculate the speed of light by microwaving marshmallows
2004-06-09 - What are these directories called 0409 and 1033
2004-06-10 - Did you know that Baltimore has a Rumor Control Center
2004-06-10 - Speeding up adding items to a combobox or listbox
2004-06-11 - A hidden performance cost of regional windows
2004-06-11 - Taiwan law requires writing to go left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom
2004-06-14 - Norway works to lengthen its lead
2004-06-14 - What is the difference between HINSTANCE and HMODULE
2004-06-15 - Augusto Pinochets beverage preferences are a matter of national security
2004-06-15 - What was the purpose of the hPrevInstance parameter to WinMain
2004-06-16 - Anybody remember Blade Squad or MV24
2004-06-16 - Verifying that your system files are digitally signed
2004-06-17 - Exploding frying pans
2004-06-17 - The evolution of dialog templates Introduction
2004-06-18 - The evolution of dialog templates 16-bit Classic Templates
2004-06-18 - Too late Mr Jenkins You were an F7 back at question 2
2004-06-18 - Tweaked comment policy
2004-06-21 - Drug dealers have to pay taxes too
2004-06-21 - The evolution of dialog templates 32-bit Classic Templates
2004-06-22 - The evolution of dialog templates 16-bit Extended Templates
2004-06-22 - When cafeteria pricing meets mathematics
2004-06-23 - The evolution of dialog templates 32-bit Extended Templates
2004-06-23 - The only way youre going to wake up next to Claudia Schiffer
2004-06-24 - At least its easier than learning Finnish
2004-06-24 - The evolution of dialog templates Summary
2004-06-25 - Hong Kong crocodile caught at last
2004-06-25 - Monitor giving you a headache Check the refresh rate
2004-06-25 - Suggestion box
2004-06-25 - The suggestion box is now open
2004-06-28 - Ringside seats at Fruit Fly Fight Club
2004-06-28 - When does SHLoadInProc unload a DLL
2004-06-29 - The difference between thread-safety and re-entrancy
2004-06-29 - You can already see the bug report that led to this dialog box
2004-06-30 - Fees disguised as taxes
2004-06-30 - Why does the Links folder keep re-creating itself

The Old New Thing - 2004 07

2004-07-01 - Whats this fascination with Germanic languages
2004-07-01 - Why cant I use the same tree item multiple times
2004-07-02 - Being in upper management must damage certain portions of your brain
2004-07-02 - Dont name your DLL Securitydll
2004-07-05 - Another chance to see Elvis take on a mummy
2004-07-05 - Whats the difference between SHGetMalloc SHAlloc CoGetMalloc and CoTaskMemAlloc
2004-07-06 - Diagnosing a problem with calling conventions
2004-07-06 - Differences between managers and programmers
2004-07-07 - Differences between managers and programmers part 2
2004-07-07 - Obtaining a windows size and position while it is minimized
2004-07-08 - Lighting organic material and sucking it into your lungs
2004-07-08 - Why does icon text get a solid background if drop shadows are disabled
2004-07-09 - How does AddRemove Programs get the size and other information
2004-07-12 - Positioned vs non-positioned listview views
2004-07-12 - Welcoming a new era in Swiss army knives
2004-07-13 - There are two things you can do if you have a mad crush on a boy
2004-07-13 - Watch out for those sample URLs
2004-07-14 - How do you detect Large Fonts
2004-07-15 - Dont forget to define UNICODE if you want Unicode
2004-07-15 - Why Under Construction should be made illegal on the web
2004-07-16 - How to display a string without those ugly boxes
2004-07-19 - Wrapper templates to make writing callback functions slightly easier
2004-07-20 - Querying information from an Explorer window
2004-07-21 - Why was nine the maximum number of monitors in Windows 98
2004-07-22 - Why cant you trap TerminateProcess
2004-07-23 - Why do some process stay in Task Manager after theyve been killed
2004-07-26 - A twenty-foot-long computer
2004-07-26 - Slightly closer to a proper football ie soccer match
2004-07-27 - Disabling the program crash dialog
2004-07-27 - Norway drunk on success becomes a country of layabouts
2004-07-28 - The evolution of mascara in Windows UI
2004-07-29 - When should you use a sunken client area
2004-07-30 - What is the DS_CONTROL style for

The Old New Thing - 2004 08

2004-08-02 - How to set focus in a dialog box
2004-08-02 - The company picnic sponsored by Microsoft
2004-08-04 - Never leave focus on a disabled control
2004-08-04 - Spammers look stupid when they dont read the blog they spam on
2004-08-04 - Why shared sections are a security hole
2004-08-05 - The oft-misunderstood 3GB switch
2004-08-06 - Kernel address space consequences of the 3GB switch
2004-08-09 - Myth Without 3GB the total amount of memory that can be allocated across all programs is 2GB
2004-08-10 - Myth Without 3GB a single program cant allocate more than 2GB of virtual memory
2004-08-11 - Myth You need 3GB if you have more than 2GB of physical memory
2004-08-12 - Myth The 3GB switch expands the user-mode address space of all programs
2004-08-13 - Why does Exchange recommend 3GB if you have more than 1GB of physical memory
2004-08-16 - Myth The 3GB switch lets me map one giant 3GB block of memory
2004-08-17 - Why is the virtual address space 4GB anyway
2004-08-18 - Myth PAE increases the virtual address space beyond 4GB
2004-08-18 - Why all these articles about PAE and 3GB
2004-08-19 - Myth In order to use AWE you must enable PAE
2004-08-20 - The curious interaction between PAE and NX
2004-08-20 - Writing your own menu-like window
2004-08-22 - Summary of the recent spate of 3GB articles
2004-08-23 - Finished competing in your event Let the games begin
2004-08-23 - The kooky STRRET structure
2004-08-24 - Beware of non-null-terminated registry strings
2004-08-25 - Why cant you treat a FILETIME as an __int64
2004-08-26 - Why do some structures end with an array of size 1
2004-08-27 - Importance of alignment even on x86 machines
2004-08-30 - Importance of alignment even on x86 machines part 2
2004-08-30 - The sociology of the mobile phone
2004-08-31 - Reading a contract from the other side Application publishers

The Old New Thing - 2004 09

2004-09-01 - How to find the Internet Explorer binary
2004-09-02 - Why does Windows keep your BIOS clock on local time
2004-09-03 - Even in computing simultaneity is relative
2004-09-06 - More dictionaries you didnt realize you needed
2004-09-06 - The shift key overrides NumLock
2004-09-07 - Converting a byte to a SystemString
2004-09-07 - What about Steve
2004-09-08 - Why is the page size on ia64 8KB
2004-09-09 - Why isnt the original window order always preserved when you undo a Show Desktop
2004-09-10 - Sometimes the bug isnt apparent until late in the game
2004-09-10 - Storsjöodjur hunting season will opening soon
2004-09-13 - How does Windows exploit hyperthreading
2004-09-14 - The x86 architecture is the weirdo
2004-09-15 - Interlocked operations dont solve everything
2004-09-16 - A_visual_history_of_spam_and_virus_email_-_The_Old_New_Thing
2004-09-16 - What happens when you specify RegexOptionsECMAScript
2004-09-17 - Why does my mousetouchpad sometimes go berzerk
2004-09-20 - How to host an IContextMenu part 1 Initial foray
2004-09-21 - Pitfalls in handling the WM_CONTEXTMENU message
2004-09-21 - Swedes struggle with the meaning of sick leave
2004-09-22 - How to contact Raymond
2004-09-22 - How to host an IContextMenu part 2 Displaying the context menu
2004-09-23 - How to host an IContextMenu part 3 Invocation location
2004-09-23 - Penguins do not fall over
2004-09-24 - How to host an IContextMenu part 4 Key context
2004-09-24 - The unrecognized assistants on those do-it-yourself shows
2004-09-27 - How to host an IContextMenu part 5 Handling menu messages
2004-09-28 - How to host an IContextMenu part 6 Displaying menu help
2004-09-29 - Still more goofy terms of service restrictions on information disclosure
2004-09-29 - What does boldface on a menu mean
2004-09-30 - How to host an IContextMenu part 7 Invoking the default verb

The Old New Thing - 2004 10

2004-10-01 - How to host an IContextMenu part 8 Optimizing for the default command
2004-10-04 - How to host an IContextMenu part 9 Adding custom commands
2004-10-04 - Those partisan non-partisan groups
2004-10-05 - The macros for declaring and implementing COM interfaces
2004-10-06 - How to host an IContextMenu part 10 Composite extensions groundwork
2004-10-07 - How to host an IContextMenu part 11 Composite extensions composition
2004-10-08 - Cooking for engineers
2004-10-08 - Why is there a separate GetSystemDirectory function
2004-10-11 - Whats the atom returned by RegisterClass useful for
2004-10-12 - People lie on surveys and focus groups often unwittingly
2004-10-13 - Dispatching items collected from the suggestion box
2004-10-14 - Little facts you didnt know about volcanoes
2004-10-14 - The procedure entry point SHCreateThreadRef could not be located
2004-10-15 - Logical consequences of the way Windows converts single-clicks into double-clicks
2004-10-18 - Implementing higher-order clicks
2004-10-19 - The compatibility constraints of even your internal bookkeeping
2004-10-20 - How does Explorer detect whether your program supports long file names
2004-10-21 - Let WMI do the heavy lifting of determining system information
2004-10-22 - Why doesnt Setup asks you if you want to keep newer versions of OS files
2004-10-25 - Accessing the current modules HINSTANCE from a static library
2004-10-25 - If the Euro 2004 tournament were a video game
2004-10-26 - The strangest way of detecting Windows NT
2004-10-27 - Sometimes you cant read the text under the cursor
2004-10-28 - Where did windows minimize to before the taskbar was invented
2004-10-29 - Why didnt the desktop window shrink to exclude the taskbar

The Old New Thing - 2004 11

2004-11-01 - What was the difference between LocalAlloc and GlobalAlloc
2004-11-02 - And to think they let me get away with it for five years
2004-11-02 - What was the point of the GMEM_SHARE flag
2004-11-03 - Why do I sometimes see redundant casts before casting to LPARAM
2004-11-04 - A history of GlobalLock part 1 The early years
2004-11-05 - A history of GlobalLock part 2 Selectors
2004-11-08 - A history of GlobalLock part 3 Transitioning to Win32
2004-11-08 - Ein hundert Dinge die in den Vereinigten Staaten besser bleiben
2004-11-09 - A history of GlobalLock part 4 A peek at the implementation
2004-11-10 - Why does Windows not recognize my USB device as the same device if I plug it into a different port
2004-11-11 - Advantages of knowing your x86 machine code
2004-11-12 - Will dragging a file result in a move or a copy
2004-11-15 - Asking questions where the answer is unreliable anyway
2004-11-16 - Exploiting the inattentive
2004-11-16 - What is this Xerox directory doing in Program Files
2004-11-17 - How do I break an integer into its component bytes
2004-11-17 - Poking at diploma mills Kennedy-Western University
2004-11-18 - Am I sorry or not
2004-11-18 - If a program and a folder have the same name the shell prefers the program
2004-11-19 - The various ways of sending a message
2004-11-22 - When people ask for security holes as features World-writable files
2004-11-23 - Why do folders like My Pictures come back after I delete them
2004-11-24 - Why cant you drop directly onto a taskbar button
2004-11-25 - A sample of desktop icon text effects
2004-11-26 - Simple things you can do with the ShellExecuteEx function
2004-11-29 - Why doesnt the RunAs program accept a password on the command line
2004-11-30 - Whats the difference between GetKeyState and GetAsyncKeyState

The Old New Thing - 2004 12

2004-12-01 - What is the purpose of the bmPlanes member of the BITMAP structure
2004-12-02 - Why did Windows 95 run the timer at 55ms
2004-12-03 - Why are documents printed out of order when you multiselect and choose Print
2004-12-06 - Dragging a shell object part 1 Getting the IDataObject
2004-12-07 - Dragging a shell object part 2 Enabling the Move operation
2004-12-07 - Researchers find connection between lack of sleep and weight gain
2004-12-08 - Dragging a shell object part 3 Detecting an optimized move
2004-12-08 - It is not illegal to use James Bond style tactics for winning at the roulette wheel
2004-12-09 - Dragging a shell object part 4 Adding a prettier drag icon
2004-12-09 - Time to dust off your conspiracy theories
2004-12-10 - Dragging a shell object part 5 Making somebody else do the heavy lifting
2004-12-10 - For all your chicken sequencing needs
2004-12-13 - Tintin goes to the neurologist
2004-12-13 - Why do I get E_NOINTERFACE when creating an object that supports that interface
2004-12-14 - Scientists come one step closer to the perfect poppy-seed bagel
2004-12-14 - Why do dialog editors start assigning control IDs with 100
2004-12-15 - The hunt for a faster syscall trap
2004-12-15 - This Game Boy wont hurt a bit just help the Powerpuff Girls count backwards from ten
2004-12-16 - How to get more hits on Google than even Steve Ballmer
2004-12-16 - Optimization is often counter-intuitive
2004-12-17 - Excellent blog about Windows and Unicode
2004-12-17 - How did Windows 95 rebase DLLs
2004-12-20 - Dont save anything you can recalculate
2004-12-21 - Sometimes people dont like it when you enforce a standard
2004-12-22 - BOOL vs VARIANT_BOOL vs BOOLEAN vs bool
2004-12-23 - Do you need clean up one-shot timers
2004-12-24 - How to open those plastic packages of electronics without injuring yourself
2004-12-24 - Why does the system convert TEMP to a short file name
2004-12-27 - Alton Brown book tour 2005 Im Just Here for More Food
2004-12-27 - You can create an infinitely recursive directory tree
2004-12-28 - Computing the size of a directory is more than just adding file sizes
2004-12-29 - Using fibers to simplify enumerators part 1 When life is easier for the enumerator
2004-12-30 - Using fibers to simplify enumerators part 2 When life is easier for the caller
2004-12-31 - Using fibers to simplify enumerators part 3 Having it both ways

The Old New Thing - 2005 01

2005-01-03 - Using fibers to simplify enumerators part 4 Filtering
2005-01-04 - Using fibers to simplify enumerators part 5 Composition
2005-01-05 - PulseEvent is fundamentally flawed
2005-01-05 - You dont need to run away from home to join the circus
2005-01-06 - A rant against flow control macros
2005-01-07 - How can code that tries to prevent a buffer overflow end up causing one
2005-01-10 - Seattle Snowstorm 2005 insert swooshy sound effect
2005-01-10 - Taskbar notification balloon tips dont penalize you for being away from the keyboard
2005-01-11 - Marriage as a cross-branding opportunity
2005-01-11 - Why doesnt autocomplete to all the computers on the network
2005-01-12 - User interface design for vending machines
2005-01-13 - User interface design for interior door locks
2005-01-13 - User interface design for vending machines answer to puzzle
2005-01-14 - Cleaner more elegant and harder to recognize
2005-01-17 - How did MS-DOS report error codes
2005-01-18 - The importance of error code backwards compatibility
2005-01-19 - CreateProcess does not wait for the process to start
2005-01-20 - A 90-byte whereis program
2005-01-20 - Hyperlinking to Hutchison Whampoa Limited forbidden
2005-01-21 - Why are kernel HANDLEs always a multiple of four
2005-01-24 - Alton Brown book appearance report
2005-01-24 - Bringing cryptic command lines to Windows
2005-01-25 - Why do files and directories with no timedate mess up sorting in Explorer
2005-01-26 - The strangest way of rounding down to the nearest quarter
2005-01-27 - Control how much network bandwith Automatic Updates will use
2005-01-28 - Capturing the current directory from a batch file
2005-01-31 - Why did the Win64 team choose the LLP64 model

The Old New Thing - 2005 03

2005-03-01 - Modality part 7 A timed MessageBox the cheap version
2005-03-01 - Suggestion Box 2
2005-03-02 - Curling proves itself much more exciting than hockey this year
2005-03-02 - The scratch window
2005-03-03 - Raymonds random walk from Swedish designers to Mr Monkey
2005-03-03 - The bonus window bytes at GWLP_USERDATA
2005-03-04 - Modality part 8 A timed MessageBox the better version
2005-03-07 - A timed context menu
2005-03-08 - Keep your eye on the code page
2005-03-09 - Using SystemParametersInfo to access user interface settings
2005-03-10 - Why does SystemParametersInfo hang when I pass the SPIF_SENDCHANGE flag
2005-03-11 - Performance gains at the cost of other components
2005-03-11 - VegFest 2005 this weekend and vegetarian is as vegetarian does
2005-03-14 - A subtlety in restoring previous window position
2005-03-14 - Dot-Con Job How InfoSpace took its investors for a ride
2005-03-15 - Windows are not cheap objects
2005-03-16 - The great Alaskan ice sculpture
2005-03-16 - Windows NT Security in Theory and Practice
2005-03-17 - Competing to be the worst-dressed couple in America
2005-03-17 - Your exception handler can encounter an exception
2005-03-18 - Confusion over whether you have Windows XP SP1 or SP2
2005-03-21 - Psychic debugging Why your expensive four-processor machine is ignoring three of its processors
2005-03-22 - Why does the debugger show me the wrong function
2005-03-23 - Why does the debugger show me the wrong virtual function
2005-03-24 - Pointers to virtual functions with adjustors
2005-03-25 - If you disable dragdrop on the Start menu you also disable right-click
2005-03-25 - The invisible price reduction
2005-03-28 - The CEO-to-English Phrase Book a continuing series from Slate
2005-03-28 - When a program asks you a question and then gets upset if you answer it
2005-03-29 - Adventures in product testing Candles that catch fire
2005-03-29 - The dialog manager part 1 Warm-ups
2005-03-30 - The dialog manager part 2 Creating the frame window
2005-03-31 - Neuroscience in the service of basketball fans
2005-03-31 - The dialog manager part 3 Creating the controls

The Old New Thing - 2005 04

2005-04-01 - The dialog manager part 4 The dialog loop
2005-04-04 - The dialog manager part 5 Converting a non-modal dialog box to modal
2005-04-05 - The dialog manager part 6 Subtleties in message loops
2005-04-06 - The dialog manager part 7 More subtleties in message loops
2005-04-07 - The dialog manager part 8 Custom navigation in dialog boxes
2005-04-08 - The dialog manager part 9 Custom accelerators in dialog boxes
2005-04-11 - The end of one of the oldest computers at Microsoft still doing useful work
2005-04-12 - Theres an awful lot of overclocking out there
2005-04-13 - Using the powers of mathematics to simplify multi-level comparisons
2005-04-14 - Computing the interval between two moments in time
2005-04-15 - News flash Everybody has to pay income tax
2005-04-15 - Tweaking our computation of the interval between two moments in time
2005-04-18 - Project update Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
2005-04-18 - What is the HINSTANCE passed to CreateWindow and RegisterClass used for
2005-04-19 - When people ask for security holes as features Hiding files from Explorer
2005-04-20 - What is the DC brush good for
2005-04-21 - Swedens Worst Driver
2005-04-21 - The Itaniums so-called stack
2005-04-22 - The new scratch program
2005-04-25 - Welcome to Millennium Tower due for completion in May 2005
2005-04-25 - What is the HINSTANCE passed to SetWindowsHookEx used for
2005-04-26 - If you pull a 1920s fire extinguisher out of the ocean for petes sake dont drink it
2005-04-26 - Thread messages are eaten by modal loops
2005-04-27 - Watching thread messages disappear
2005-04-28 - Rescuing thread messages from modal loops via message filters
2005-04-29 - Building a dialog template at run-time

The Old New Thing - 2005 05

2005-05-02 - Another dead computer My personal laptop
2005-05-03 - Managing the UI state of accelerators and focus rectangles
2005-05-04 - When people ask for security holes as features Stealing passwords
2005-05-05 - How do I cover the taskbar with a fullscreen window
2005-05-06 - How to query properties of the taskbar
2005-05-09 - Developing a ChineseEnglish dictionary Introduction
2005-05-10 - Loading the dictionary part 1 Starting point
2005-05-11 - Loading the dictionary part 2 Character conversion
2005-05-12 - The Microsoft corporate network 17 times worse than hell
2005-05-13 - Loading the dictionary part 3 Breaking the text into lines
2005-05-16 - Loading the dictionary part 4 Character conversion redux
2005-05-17 - You cant escape those AOL CDs
2005-05-18 - Loading the dictionary part 5 Avoiding string copying
2005-05-19 - Loading the dictionary part 6 Taking advantage of our memory allocation pattern
2005-05-20 - Id like to register my stolen car please
2005-05-20 - When is a window visible yet not visible
2005-05-23 - Why are DLLs unloaded in the wrong order
2005-05-24 - Boil first then mash
2005-05-24 - Understanding ternary raster operations
2005-05-25 - The effect of SetCursor lasts only until the next SetCursor
2005-05-26 - Why does Add or Remove Programs show a large blank space
2005-05-27 - When is x2 different from xgtgt1
2005-05-30 - Shocked shocked that patronage exists in Chicago politics
2005-05-30 - You cant simulate keyboard input with PostMessage
2005-05-31 - Using modular arithmetic to avoid timing overflow problems

The Old New Thing - 2005 06

2005-06-01 - Using LARGEADDRESSAWARE on 64-bit Windows for 32-bit programs
2005-06-01 - Why dont you ever see a rat vomiting
2005-06-02 - If strncpy is so dangerous why does Visual Studio 2005 still support it
2005-06-02 - The 2005 Seattle Chicken Tour
2005-06-03 - Why does Windows XP SP2 sometimes forget my CD autoplay settings
2005-06-06 - A quick puzzle about security and synchronization
2005-06-06 - Adam Felber teaches us how to avoid setting off motion detectors
2005-06-07 - Answer to quick puzzle about security and synchronization
2005-06-07 - What if two programs did this
2005-06-08 - Can you trust the Man on the Street interview
2005-06-08 - Why dont control panel programs and property sheets show up in the taskbar
2005-06-09 - Why cant the default dragdrop behavior be changed
2005-06-10 - Maintaining high standards at the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition
2005-06-10 - Why does Explorer eject the CD after you finish burning it
2005-06-13 - Displaying the dictionary part 1 Naive version
2005-06-13 - Seattle International Juggling Festival 2005
2005-06-14 - Displaying the dictionary part 2 Using text callbacks
2005-06-15 - Displaying the dictionary part 3 Using an owner-data listview
2005-06-16 - What is the difference between Unpin from Start menu and Remove from this list
2005-06-17 - Is there ever such a thing as a good letter from the IRS
2005-06-17 - Why do NTFS and Explorer disagree on filename sorting
2005-06-20 - Perhaps this is what airport security is worried about
2005-06-20 - Whats the difference between autocomplete and dropdown history
2005-06-21 - Google is the cute two-year-old girl with curly blond hair that gets all the attention
2005-06-21 - The DateTime control panel is not a calendar
2005-06-22 - Ill see some of you in Los Angeles in September
2005-06-22 - Why does the Run dialog autocorrect but not the Run key
2005-06-23 - Why does the CreateProcess function do autocorrection
2005-06-24 - Why cant I get the pixels of a window that isnt visible on screen
2005-06-27 - Why are there broadcast-based mechanisms in Windows
2005-06-28 - Drink at work The blog of a cartoonist
2005-06-28 - Why do Microsoft code samples tend to use ZeroMemory instead of 0
2005-06-29 - A simple story in pictures
2005-06-29 - Why isnt Windows Setup just a disk reimage plus a registry dump
2005-06-30 - Beware of roaming user profiles

The Old New Thing - 2005 07

2005-07-01 - I hope you werent using those undocumented critical section fields
2005-07-01 - Whats the difference between My Documents and Application Data
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 1
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 2
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 3
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 4
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 5
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle 6
2005-07-04 - Some holiday fun Puzzle supplementary material
2005-07-05 - Answers to yesterdays holiday fun puzzles
2005-07-05 - Using script to query information from Internet Explorer windows
2005-07-06 - Whats the point of DeferWindowPos
2005-07-07 - What are SYSTEM_FONT and DEFAULT_GUI_FONT
2005-07-07 - What struck me about life in the Republic
2005-07-08 - How can I recover the dialog resource ID from a dialog window handle
2005-07-08 - The best book on ActiveX programming ever written
2005-07-11 - Converting from traditional to simplified Chinese part 1 Loading the dictionary
2005-07-12 - Converting from traditional to simplified Chinese part 2 Using the dictionary
2005-07-13 - Converting from traditional to simplified Chinese part 3 Highlighting differences
2005-07-14 - When Marketing edits your PDC talk description
2005-07-14 - Where did the names of the computer Hearts opponents come from
2005-07-15 - The apocryphal history of file system tunnelling
2005-07-18 - If InitCommonControls doesnt do anything why do you have to call it
2005-07-18 - Watching the game of Telephone play out on the Internet
2005-07-19 - What is the deal with the ES_OEMCONVERT flag
2005-07-20 - The Northwest Mahler Festival performs Mahlers Second Symphony Resurrection
2005-07-20 - Why does FindFirstFile find short names
2005-07-21 - FindFirstFile is not a SQL query
2005-07-21 - News flash Going for a walk on a nice day makes you feel better
2005-07-22 - Marin Alsop to be music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
2005-07-22 - The importance of passing the WT_EXECUTELONGFUNCTION flag to QueueUserWorkItem
2005-07-25 - Dinner at the Herbfarm in Woodinville
2005-07-25 - On paying for your meal upon leaving a restaurant
2005-07-26 - What is the difference between WM_DESTROY and WM_NCDESTROY
2005-07-27 - When the normal window destruction messages are thrown for a loop
2005-07-28 - What is this web site thing you are talking about
2005-07-29 - Does Windows have a limit of 2000 threads per process

The Old New Thing - 2005 08

2005-08-01 - Microsoft Company Picnic 2005
2005-08-01 - Rendering standard Windows elements
2005-08-02 - Rendering menu glyphs is slightly trickier
2005-08-03 - Drawing a monochrome bitmap with transparency
2005-08-03 - Watch out there are Swedes in the hallway
2005-08-04 - Double-clicking radio buttons
2005-08-04 - On speaking a particular language in the presence of non-speakers
2005-08-05 - Have you made any assignments in this space
2005-08-05 - Why does the Internet Explorer animated logo arrange its frame vertically
2005-08-08 - Hey who flattened the hills
2005-08-08 - The dangers of playing focus games when handling a WM_KILLFOCUS message
2005-08-09 - The dangers of messing with activation when handling a WM_ACTIVATE message
2005-08-10 - How can a company get access to Windows Error Reporting data
2005-08-10 - Why is Windows Error Reporting nicknamed Dr Watson
2005-08-11 - Adding a lookup control to the dictionary Just getting it on the screen
2005-08-11 - Whatever you do dont ask for coffee
2005-08-12 - Adding a lookup control to the dictionary Searching Pinyin
2005-08-15 - On being attacked by a sidewalk
2005-08-15 - The poor mans way of identifying memory leaks
2005-08-16 - When people ask for security holes as features Silent install of uncertified drivers
2005-08-17 - What Ill be doing at this years PDC
2005-08-17 - Why is processor affinity inherited by child processes
2005-08-18 - Lets just make up some dollar values and print them as fact
2005-08-18 - What are the access rights and privileges that control changing ownership of an object
2005-08-19 - How many floppy disks did Windows 95 come on
2005-08-19 - Justifiable assault with folding chair
2005-08-19 - This might be for real even though it comes out at 7am
2005-08-22 - How do you convince developers to pay their taxes
2005-08-23 - Why are icons multiples of 8 pixels in width
2005-08-24 - A ticket to the Windows 95 launch
2005-08-24 - Buying an entire Egghead Software store
2005-08-24 - Marymoor Park summer movie series 2005 is nearly over
2005-08-25 - Windows 95 crashes a cash register
2005-08-26 - Free bicycles to borrow at Marymoor Park
2005-08-26 - If you squint you might be able to make out my name
2005-08-29 - What program did you get Danny
2005-08-29 - Why is the default console codepage called OEM
2005-08-30 - On the adult appeal of dodgeball
2005-08-30 - Program names in file type handlers need to be fully-qualified
2005-08-31 - Hoping the worst-case scenario doesnt come to pass
2005-08-31 - Understanding hash codes

The Old New Thing - 2005 09

2005-09-01 - More undocumented behavior and the people who rely on it Output buffers
2005-09-02 - Precision is not the same as accuracy
2005-09-05 - Spider Solitaire unseats the reigning champion
2005-09-06 - Windows Server 2003 can take you back in time
2005-09-07 - Declared unsuitable for minors in Australia Sort of
2005-09-07 - Why arent low-level hooks injected
2005-09-08 - I wont be signing books but dont let that stop you
2005-09-08 - Why does the function WSASetLastError exist
2005-09-09 - Reading the output of a command from batch
2005-09-12 - Richard E Grant as Dr Who
2005-09-12 - Understanding the consequences of WAIT_ABANDONED
2005-09-13 - Annoying renditions of the songs of Elvis
2005-09-13 - Sorry I missed you all this morning
2005-09-13 - Why is there no all-encompassing superset version of Windows
2005-09-14 - Like an invention out of Harry Potter except that Harrys would use a quill
2005-09-14 - The double-CtrlAltDel feature is really a kludge
2005-09-14 - Typo patrol at the PDC
2005-09-15 - Fiddling with the fonts part 1 Making the Chinese characters larger
2005-09-16 - Fiddling with the fonts part 2 Keeping the English font small
2005-09-19 - Corrections to the answers I gave at the end of my PDC talk
2005-09-19 - Why doesnt Microsoft give every employee a UPS
2005-09-20 - Please disconnect all cell phones signal watches and pagers
2005-09-20 - Things to do at Microsoft when the power goes out
2005-09-21 - Blackout humor at the 2005 PDC
2005-09-21 - Giving fair warning before plugging in your computer
2005-09-22 - Coming to the completely opposite conclusion on Windows versions
2005-09-22 - Contradictory feedback from my 2005 PDC talk
2005-09-23 - Ten things I noticed at the 2005 PDC
2005-09-23 - The Double-E Half Hour of Pain
2005-09-25 - This is an unsupported ride so if you stop you will fall over
2005-09-26 - Kurt would have wanted it that way
2005-09-26 - Raymonds 2005 MVP Global Summit event diary
2005-09-27 - COM object destructors are very sensitive functions
2005-09-28 - Avoiding double-destruction when an object is released
2005-09-29 - On objects with a reference count of zero
2005-09-29 - The DHS television show was all a scam it appears
2005-09-30 - But I have Visual Basic Professional
2005-09-30 - English Cut Bringing bespoke tailoring into the general consciousness
2005-09-30 - The reverse-engineering of PDC 2005 pass colors

The Old New Thing - 2005 10

2005-10-03 - Consequences of the scheduling algorithm Low priority threads can run even when higher priority threa
2005-10-03 - Perhaps I like the phrase withered hand a bit too much
2005-10-04 - Consequences of the scheduling algorithm Sleeping doesnt always help
2005-10-04 - Katamari Damacy The most screwed-up video game ever
2005-10-05 - My history of time is briefer than yours
2005-10-05 - Running old programs in a virtual machine doesnt necessarily create a good user experience
2005-10-06 - Jensen Harris joins the 7am club
2005-10-06 - The unfortunate interaction between LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE and DialogBox
2005-10-07 - On the dangers of sharing your apartment
2005-10-07 - Your profiling tools can manufacture performance issues where there were none
2005-10-10 - Thread affinity of user interface objects part 1 Window handles
2005-10-11 - New blog on integrating Groove with Office
2005-10-11 - Thread affinity of user interface objects part 2 Device contexts
2005-10-12 - Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal A travel tips
2005-10-12 - Thread affinity of user interface objects part 3 Menus icons cursors and accelerator tables
2005-10-13 - Make money working at home in your pajamas and its completely legal
2005-10-13 - Thread affinity of user interface objects part 4 GDI objects and other notes on affinity
2005-10-14 - The history of the path separator in Japanese and Korean Windows
2005-10-14 - Thread affinity of user interface objects part 5 Object clean-up
2005-10-17 - The undeletable Outlook folder
2005-10-18 - Answering the phone a classic rookie mistake
2005-10-18 - Be careful what you name your product group
2005-10-19 - Follow-up Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower now open but maybe you should take the stairs
2005-10-19 - Theres something about Rat Poker
2005-10-20 - Quick and dirty buzzword bingo cards in Excel
2005-10-20 - The things in the PDC 2005 introductory video
2005-10-21 - Why is it even possible to disable the desktop anyway
2005-10-24 - Fair Isle Knitters Wanted
2005-10-24 - New device detected Boeing 747
2005-10-25 - Its like being at the PDC but without the lines or the tote bag
2005-10-25 - One persons discoverable feature is another persons annoyance
2005-10-25 - Seattle Twenty-Five for 25 November 2005 restaurant list is available
2005-10-26 - PC Magazine interviews the team behind Windows on its twentieth birthday
2005-10-26 - When programs assume that the system will never change episode 1
2005-10-27 - Why is the OEM code page often called ANSI
2005-10-27 - Without a doubt the worlds worst online Swedish lessons
2005-10-28 - Even in the enlightened year of 2005 we have programs that dont handle long file names
2005-10-28 - How to recognize different types of sentinel timestamps from quite a long way away
2005-10-31 - Night of the Knitting Dead
2005-10-31 - The Halloween-themed lobby

The Old New Thing - 2005 11

2005-11-01 - Bicycling from Mercer Island to Microsoft main campus
2005-11-01 - The COM interface contract rules exist for a reason
2005-11-01 - Välkommen till Saerige
2005-11-02 - Blog design as a form of reality programming
2005-11-02 - Found blog The Piehole
2005-11-02 - Why is inline autocomplete disabled by default
2005-11-03 - Look what the hurricanes blew into Lafayette LA
2005-11-03 - To be a leader you must know when to follow
2005-11-04 - Its not a book but its slightly closer
2005-11-04 - Why is there a special PostQuitMessage function
2005-11-07 - Take it easy on the automatic retries
2005-11-08 - Hiding from the police Try knitting a sweater
2005-11-08 - Why was GlobalWire called GlobalWire
2005-11-09 - Content owners need to review the designer art too
2005-11-09 - The psychology of naming your internal distribution lists
2005-11-10 - The etymology of the word traffic light
2005-11-10 - When was the last time you formatted a floppy disk
2005-11-11 - I just have a plain standard-issue guest chair
2005-11-14 - Raymonds review of Pride and Prejudice Keira Knightley version
2005-11-14 - What was Dr Watsons original name
2005-11-15 - In real life nobody upgrades their server
2005-11-16 - Another Schadenfreude-filled look back at the dot-com zaniness
2005-11-16 - Sampling every flavor of dogfood in the store
2005-11-17 - Force-feeding the dogfood
2005-11-17 - I didnt see Stephen Hawking in Seattle yesterday
2005-11-18 - Mini-conversations at the stoplight during the bicycle commute
2005-11-18 - What does the word supported mean
2005-11-21 - Whats the difference between HWND_TOP and HWND_TOPMOST
2005-11-22 - The worlds worst celebrity recasting of the American version of Harry Potter
2005-11-22 - Why is a drive letter permitted in front of UNC paths sometimes
2005-11-23 - Semaphores dont have owners
2005-11-24 - What causes a program to be marked as new on the Start menu
2005-11-25 - How to get Raymond to stop being interested in talking with you
2005-11-25 - This video universally gets one of two reactions
2005-11-28 - Taxes Hierarchical Storage Management
2005-11-28 - Where does an IT guy from a major hotel chain stay at the PDC
2005-11-29 - Taxes Geopolitics
2005-11-29 - The craft of UI design flowstate
2005-11-30 - Sometimes the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves
2005-11-30 - The Airline Screening Playset

The Old New Thing - 2005 12

2005-12-01 - What one Windows XP feature am I most proud of
2005-12-02 - Derren Browns tips on being a psychic
2005-12-02 - Psychic debugging Why your CPU usage is hovering at 50
2005-12-05 - Its always a good idea to check your sources
2005-12-05 - Using floppy disks as semaphore tokens
2005-12-06 - Humanitys greatest invention according to seventh grade students
2005-12-06 - When a token changes its meaning mid-stream
2005-12-07 - Rory Blyth explains the difference between 720p and 1080i
2005-12-07 - Whimsical embarrassment as a gentle form of reprimand
2005-12-08 - The not-entirely-unwitting victims of the Daily Show interview
2005-12-08 - Using a physical object as a reminder
2005-12-09 - On the inability to support hardware that nobody makes any more
2005-12-12 - Experiencing the world from flight level 210
2005-12-12 - Your debugging code can be a security hole
2005-12-13 - We Microsoft bloggers do talk to each other occasionally yknow
2005-12-14 - On the ambiguity of uniqueness
2005-12-14 - Whole lotta cranking going on
2005-12-15 - A note to headhunters Check your links
2005-12-15 - You probably dont want to run programs directly off your USB memory drive
2005-12-16 - The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to Seattle
2005-12-16 - When hyperthreading is enabled all the processors are virtual
2005-12-19 - Beware the Image File Execution Options key
2005-12-19 - Music to slip into a playlist to see if anybody is listening
2005-12-20 - Pro forma was so 1990s
2005-12-20 - Why does Windows setup lay down a new boot sector
2005-12-21 - The office disco party
2005-12-22 - Why do up-down controls have the arrows backwards
2005-12-23 - On the Days without a pony web page

The Old New Thing - 2006 01

2006-01-03 - 2005 end-of-year link blowout sale
2006-01-03 - If one certification is good more must be better
2006-01-03 - On the abuse of properties
2006-01-03 - Taxes Remote Desktop Connection and painting
2006-01-03 - The worlds slowest RET instruction
2006-01-03 - Theres more to calling a function than just getting the types to match
2006-01-03 - Why did the Windows 95 CD have extra fun stuff
2006-01-04 - Dont underestimate the resourcefulness of people trying to be annoying
2006-01-04 - Taxes Detecting session state changes such as a locked workstation
2006-01-05 - Converting between LCIDs and RFC 1766 language codes
2006-01-05 - The first rule about knit club
2006-01-06 - Where do call signs come from
2006-01-06 - Why do image lists and tool bars use horizontal strips if vertical is so much better
2006-01-09 - Beware the MSJ subscription scam
2006-01-09 - When programs assume that the system will never change episode 3
2006-01-10 - The decoy display control panel
2006-01-11 - The decoy visual style
2006-01-12 - When web sites rely on security holes
2006-01-13 - France she is how you say on sale
2006-01-13 - Why do words beginning with home get treated as URLs
2006-01-16 - At least theres a funny side to spam
2006-01-16 - Understanding what things mean in context Dispatch interfaces
2006-01-17 - ReadProcessMemory is not a preferred IPC mechanism
2006-01-18 - From Doom to Gloom The story of a video game
2006-01-18 - The cost of trying too hard Splay trees
2006-01-19 - How air conditioning revolutionized competitive bicycling
2006-01-19 - The cost of trying too hard String searching
2006-01-20 - The vtable does not always go at the start of the object
2006-01-23 - If your callback fails its your responsibility to set the error code
2006-01-23 - There are two types of rebates and you need to be on the alert
2006-01-24 - Creepy messages in your baggage
2006-01-24 - Performance consequences of polling
2006-01-25 - Welcome to the United States unless youre a Canadian technologist who is an invited guest at a Micros
2006-01-25 - You can call MsgWaitForMultipleObjects with zero handles
2006-01-26 - Pumping messages while waiting for a period of time
2006-01-26 - Stephen Tolouses reminiscences of Windows 95 RTM day
2006-01-27 - Waiting for all handles with MsgWaitForMultipleObjects is a bug waiting to happen
2006-01-30 - Liquefied NBA points apparently cannot be sold on eBay
2006-01-30 - Why does a corrupted binary sometimes result in Program too big to fit in memory
2006-01-31 - I attack the kobold wearing the headdress made of human ears
2006-01-31 - Why does the Recycle Bin have different file system names on FAT and NTFS

The Old New Thing - 2006 02

2006-02-01 - The military marriage of convenience
2006-02-01 - The per-class window styles and things really are per-class
2006-02-02 - Be careful when interpreting security descriptors across machine boundaries
2006-02-02 - The pornography of food
2006-02-03 - Mysterious things Steve Yi has eaten
2006-02-03 - You cant even trust the identity of the calling executable
2006-02-06 - Beware of redirected folders too
2006-02-06 - You know youre in trouble when your channel loses to dead air
2006-02-07 - Apparently I cant take myself anywhere
2006-02-07 - Viewing function composition as transformation of the domain
2006-02-08 - Comparing writing specifications to writing code
2006-02-09 - Shifting from program management to programming also affects your social life
2006-02-10 - The dangers of sleeping on a UI thread
2006-02-13 - Thats just super and a note on baking
2006-02-14 - Other things people do with beta versions of the operating system
2006-02-14 - Studs from Microsoft
2006-02-15 - Recycling old PCs and cell phones
2006-02-15 - The symmetric in symmetric multiprocessing really means symmetric
2006-02-16 - Because programmers were trusted to do the right thing part 2
2006-02-17 - Diving into kernel mode with Doron
2006-02-17 - Not all team integrations go smoothly
2006-02-20 - How the study of languages influences ones appreciation of international competition
2006-02-20 - Why does my program run faster if I click and hold the caption bar
2006-02-21 - In pursuit of Michael Cassini the king of con
2006-02-21 - In pursuit of the message queue
2006-02-22 - Games give you hand-eye coordination and spatial intelligence together with map-reading skills
2006-02-22 - The performance cost of reading a registry key
2006-02-23 - Enumerating threads in a process
2006-02-23 - That 9 you got from the PayPal settlement Taxable income
2006-02-24 - The Top Gear Winter Olympics 2006
2006-02-24 - Why cant I disable the Cancel button in a wizard
2006-02-27 - Changing a window class affects all windows which belong to that class
2006-02-27 - Ry Jones seems particularly amused by things Ive written
2006-02-28 - Raymond you so write like a girl

The Old New Thing - 2006 03

2006-03-01 - Keep your eye on the code page practical exam
2006-03-02 - Martha Martha Martha
2006-03-02 - Restating the obvious about the WM_COMMAND message
2006-03-03 - The peculiar appeal of the Baseball Uncyclopedia
2006-03-03 - Very late remarks on the original Chinese dictionary series
2006-03-06 - Other things happen for a reason too
2006-03-06 - The ForceAutoLogon setting doesnt do what most people think
2006-03-07 - Raymond you even pose like a girl
2006-03-07 - The consequences of invalidating the null window
2006-03-08 - Reading the fine print episode 2 Portable headphones
2006-03-08 - Why is there no message for disabling the Cancel button on a wizard
2006-03-09 - If you ask for a window caption you also get a border
2006-03-09 - Reading the fine print episode 3 Whats in the bottle
2006-03-10 - Betsys interview tip Wear pants
2006-03-10 - Why does the size of a combo box include the size of the drop-down
2006-03-13 - A thread waiting on a synchronization object could be caught napping
2006-03-13 - The social skills of a thermonuclear device part 2
2006-03-14 - Controlling resource consumption by meting out work items
2006-03-14 - Top ten things to do to make your application a Vista application
2006-03-15 - Das Buch der verrückten Experimente
2006-03-15 - On the fuzzy definition of a Unicode application
2006-03-16 - Really college athletics is about education not
2006-03-16 - Why does the version 6 animation control not use a background thread
2006-03-17 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2006 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2006-03-17 - You never know until you test it with real users
2006-03-20 - Basic ground rules for programming function parameters and how they are used
2006-03-21 - On the alert for expired food-handling licenses
2006-03-21 - Why doesnt Windows File Protection use ACLs to protect files
2006-03-22 - Make sure to handle carcinogens safely before inhaling a different carcinogen
2006-03-22 - Solving one problem by creating a bigger problem
2006-03-23 - Before you develop a solution make sure you really understand the problem
2006-03-23 - Where technology names came from WiFi and FireWire
2006-03-24 - The simplified office
2006-03-27 - Public service announcement for Roman Catholics Sunday is not a fast day
2006-03-27 - Why doesnt the window manager just take over behavior that used to be within the applications purview
2006-03-28 - The rise and fall of the German language
2006-03-28 - Why are there two copies of Notepad
2006-03-29 - Inadvertently passing large objects by value
2006-03-30 - Diese Briefe wurden von unserem chinesischen Freund übersetzt
2006-03-30 - How would you solve this compatibility problem Network interoperability
2006-03-31 - The network interoperability compatibility problem first follow-up of many

The Old New Thing - 2006 04

2006-04-03 - Doing the best we can until time travel has been perfected
2006-04-03 - What seventh-grade students want to be when they grow up
2006-04-04 - German adjectives really arent that hard they just look that way
2006-04-04 - Spamming the event log doesnt make things any better
2006-04-05 - Adding flags to APIs to work around driver bugs doesnt scale
2006-04-05 - USER and GDI compatibility in Windows Vista
2006-04-06 - Its more efficient when you buy in bulk
2006-04-06 - Sometimes you just have to make a snap decision
2006-04-07 - Computing over a high-latency network means you have to bulk up
2006-04-07 - News for dummies now available in podcast form
2006-04-10 - Be very careful if you decide to change the rules after the game has ended
2006-04-10 - Youd think itd be easy to give away a ticket to the symphony
2006-04-11 - Whats the deal with the house in front of Microsofts RedWest campus
2006-04-12 - News for dummies in French and English
2006-04-12 - Why is the Microsoft Protection Service called msmpsvc
2006-04-13 - Chain tax preparers do not fare well in undercover investigation
2006-04-13 - Where did the name for Microsoft Access come from
2006-04-14 - Where did startcom get its name
2006-04-17 - Locale-sensitive number grouping
2006-04-17 - Merchandise your food with pride
2006-04-18 - How to fill in that number grouping member of NUMBERFMT
2006-04-18 - Maybe you dont sound like Carl Kasell but you can have his job
2006-04-19 - Adding a new flag to enable behavior that previously was on by default
2006-04-19 - The 20062007 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2006-04-20 - More about the house in front of Microsofts RedWest campus
2006-04-21 - Then again it might not be overclocking after all
2006-04-24 - Ich habe meinen Computer zu Deutsch gewechselt
2006-04-24 - Troubleshooting tips are not formal product documentation
2006-04-25 - Correctly spell xerophthalmia and the crowd goes wild
2006-04-25 - No really you need to pass all unhandled messages to DefWindowProc
2006-04-26 - No good deed goes unpunished Bug assignment
2006-04-27 - A new scripting language doesnt solve everything
2006-04-28 - Grace period for Swedish currency conversion extended to the end of the year
2006-04-28 - What does CS_SAVEBITS do

The Old New Thing - 2006 05

2006-05-01 - Tips from an American on on driving in Taiwan
2006-05-01 - Whats so special about bitmaps and DCs
2006-05-02 - A cache with a bad policy is another name for a memory leak
2006-05-03 - The alertable wait is the non-GUI analog to pumping messages
2006-05-04 - Doing quick arithmetic from the command prompt
2006-05-04 - On the bogusness of reporting the winning word in a spelling bee
2006-05-05 - What can I do with the HINSTANCE returned by the ShellExecute function
2006-05-08 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway
2006-05-08 - Seattle boating season opens but never closes
2006-05-09 - Subtle ways your innocent program can be Internet-facing
2006-05-09 - Why doesnt Ethan Hunt have to wear identification
2006-05-10 - Solutions that dont actually solve anything
2006-05-11 - Automatic messages when youre not in the office the infamous OOF
2006-05-12 - On languages and spelling
2006-05-12 - When people mimic the display rather than the actual data
2006-05-15 - The first word on the command line is the program name only by convention
2006-05-16 - Command line redirection is performed by the command line interpreter
2006-05-16 - The real scoop on the the x64 calling convention on 64-bit Windows
2006-05-17 - Beware of digits before the redirection operator
2006-05-17 - Dont mention the war I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it all right
2006-05-18 - Making up new Winter Olympic events
2006-05-18 - The redirection operator can occur in the middle of the command line
2006-05-19 - Raymond 1 Sidewalk 1
2006-05-19 - Redirecting output can result in altered program behavior
2006-05-22 - How do I write a regular expression that matches an IPv4 dotted address
2006-05-23 - Raymond makes a psychic prediction for 2006
2006-05-23 - That mysterious J
2006-05-24 - Beware the C implicit conversion
2006-05-25 - Using Yoda on an x86 may be hazardous to your systems health
2006-05-26 - Assaulting users with dialog box after dialog box
2006-05-27 - Wordplay the movie
2006-05-29 - Every discipline has its crackpots Stories of mathematics
2006-05-30 - Mellifluous NPR reporter name Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
2006-05-30 - People are very sensitive to how the icons look
2006-05-31 - Do it for Katie

The Old New Thing - 2006 06

2006-06-01 - What does the CS_OWNDC class style do
2006-06-02 - What does the CS_CLASSDC class style do
2006-06-05 - Why cant you say in a script block
2006-06-06 - Apparently driving is messed up in a lot of countries
2006-06-06 - The forgotten common controls The page scroller
2006-06-07 - Disaster averted thanks to undisclosed government action no really
2006-06-07 - If youre going to try to simulate user actions make sure the user can do them
2006-06-08 - The forgotten common controls The MenuHelp function
2006-06-09 - What happened to the traffic circle at the corner of 156th Ave NE and NE 56th Way
2006-06-09 - Why did the Add or Remove Programs control panel try to guess all that information
2006-06-12 - Remember what happens when you broadcast a message
2006-06-13 - Fumbling around in the dark and stumbling across the wrong solution
2006-06-13 - Lies and statistics 600000 Chinese engineers
2006-06-14 - Pitfalls of transparent rendering of anti-aliased fonts
2006-06-15 - Its a good idea to get somebody who knows the language to be your proofreader
2006-06-15 - Window class properties apply to all windows that belong to the class
2006-06-16 - Understanding what significant digits really mean
2006-06-19 - Announcements on the ferry one self-explanatory one not
2006-06-19 - Why cant you programmatically reorder the items on the Start menu
2006-06-20 - A single-instance program is its own denial of service
2006-06-20 - Three-Minute Masterpieces 2006
2006-06-21 - Its still not a democracy but at least other people have noticed too
2006-06-21 - Psychic debugging Understanding DDE initiation
2006-06-22 - An auto-reset event is just a stupid semaphore
2006-06-22 - The continuing phenomenon of size inflation in fast food
2006-06-23 - The subtle usability considerations of conference nametags
2006-06-26 - Coding in-place tooltips
2006-06-26 - Look who bought my name
2006-06-27 - so it doesnt poop all over your office
2006-06-27 - Using custom-draw in tooltips to adjust the font
2006-06-28 - Multiplexing multiple tools into one in a tooltip
2006-06-29 - Generating tooltip text dynamically
2006-06-30 - 2006 mid-year link clearance
2006-06-30 - Congratulations Montréal on finally paying for the 1976 Olympic Games

The Old New Thing - 2006 07

2006-07-03 - How do you use the bike rack on a Metro bus
2006-07-03 - Security Dont forget to initialize the stuff you dont care about
2006-07-04 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 2
2006-07-05 - Retail companies allegedly not collecting personal information as aggressively
2006-07-06 - Is the maximum size of the environment 32K or 64K
2006-07-06 - Nearly 20 percent of daily smokers say they exercise three or more times a week
2006-07-07 - Mr T prefers a double-shot of espresso with two graham crackers go figure
2006-07-07 - No really why is it 16031
2006-07-10 - Before you can learn to recognize whats wrong you must learn to recognize whats right
2006-07-10 - Wenn Ausländer Deutsch phonetisch singen
2006-07-11 - News flash Big houses have bigger heating bills
2006-07-11 - Not everybody with a non-Windows partition type is a geek
2006-07-12 - Pidls and monikers do roughly the same thing just backwards
2006-07-12 - Win 5000 every summer for life some restrictions on your life apply
2006-07-13 - Glass houses are great places to throw stones
2006-07-14 - How were DLL functions exported in 16-bit Windows
2006-07-17 - How were DLL functions imported in 16-bit Windows
2006-07-17 - The day the peloton lost its way
2006-07-18 - How are DLL functions exported in 32-bit Windows
2006-07-19 - Exported functions that are really forwarders
2006-07-19 - The traffic gods are punishing me for bicycling
2006-07-20 - Buy me some peanuts and a set of double-pointed 2s
2006-07-20 - Rethinking the way DLL exports are resolved for 32-bit Windows
2006-07-21 - Calling an imported function the naive way
2006-07-21 - Floyd Landis stuns everybody on stage 17 Raymond less impressive
2006-07-21 - I didnt realize that it was International Group B Strep Awareness Month
2006-07-24 - How a less naive compiler calls an imported function
2006-07-24 - Raise la lanterne rouge
2006-07-25 - If you know German the world is well slightly more confusing
2006-07-25 - Issues related to forcing a stub to be created for an imported function
2006-07-26 - Real Madrid ie proper football comes to Seattle
2006-07-26 - What happens when you get dllimport wrong
2006-07-27 - Handy tip If youre going to break into vehicles the police vehicle service center is probably a bad p
2006-07-27 - Index to the series on DLL imports and exports
2006-07-27 - Names in the import library are decorated for a reason
2006-07-28 - The Seattle Monorail has two trains and they collided
2006-07-28 - The efficiency of ordinal-based imports while still being name-based
2006-07-31 - Christmas gift idea for your favorite glasses-wearing geek
2006-07-31 - Just because I dont write about NET doesnt mean that I dont like it

The Old New Thing - 2006 08

2006-08-01 - C nested classes are like C nested classes not Java inner classes
2006-08-02 - The implementation of anonymous methods in C and its consequences part 1
2006-08-03 - News Flash Big houses also cost more to cool
2006-08-03 - The implementation of anonymous methods in C and its consequences part 2
2006-08-04 - The implementation of anonymous methods in C and its consequences part 3
2006-08-07 - Even more about C anonymous methods from the source
2006-08-07 - The day Tullys ran out of coffee
2006-08-08 - A look inside WinInets indexdat file and changes in IE7 and Vista
2006-08-08 - Candidate for most obscure keyboard shortcut ShiftF8
2006-08-09 - How were window hooks implemented in 16-bit Windows
2006-08-10 - One way people abused hooks in 16-bit Windows
2006-08-10 - Space scientist James Van Allen 19142006
2006-08-11 - Exploiting the inattentive episode 2 The unlabeled line
2006-08-11 - Why does SetWindowsHookEx take an HINSTANCE parameter
2006-08-14 - The cultural anthropology of getting on a bicycle
2006-08-14 - Why cant I see all of the 4GB of RAM in my machine
2006-08-15 - Cool web site Bill Monk
2006-08-15 - Do not change program semantics in the debug build
2006-08-16 - Accessibility is not just for people with disabilities
2006-08-16 - Computer monitors float screen upwards
2006-08-17 - A modest proposal On allowing mobile phones on airplanes
2006-08-17 - Dont trust the return address no really
2006-08-18 - Applications and DLLs dont have privileges users do
2006-08-18 - We encourage everyone to pack gel-filled bras in their checked baggage
2006-08-21 - 6 days since last monorail breakdown
2006-08-21 - Sucking the exception pointers out of a stack trace
2006-08-22 - Raymonds excursions into East Asian pop music episode 2 China Dolls 中國娃娃
2006-08-22 - Who says theres only one There can be more than one logon session
2006-08-23 - Environment variable expansion occurs when the command is read
2006-08-24 - Moving a file does not recalculate inherited permissions
2006-08-24 - Those folks from Birmingham talk funny and I mean that in a scientific way
2006-08-25 - We know its insecure but we want to do it anyway
2006-08-28 - How did Start Me Up become the theme for the Windows 95 launch
2006-08-28 - Try to avoid having BOOL function parameters
2006-08-29 - As I recall Germany did not ratify the United States Constitution
2006-08-30 - How do you wash soap
2006-08-30 - If you work at a company its not your computer any more
2006-08-31 - The dialog class goes under the sneaky name WC_DIALOG
2006-08-31 - The wisdom of seventh graders Contributions to class discussion

The Old New Thing - 2006 09

2006-09-01 - On the unanswerability of the maximum number of user interface objects a program can create
2006-09-01 - Youre white Do you want to be in my friends soap opera
2006-09-04 - I think Ive just broken the internet
2006-09-05 - Just change that 15 to a 1
2006-09-06 - In case of fire go to lunch
2006-09-06 - You already know what your target architecture is or at least you should
2006-09-07 - What you dont apologize for is as important as what you do
2006-09-07 - You have to free memory with the same allocator that allocated it Logical consequences
2006-09-08 - Const pointers Logical consequences
2006-09-08 - Turns out you cant learn Mandarin Chinese by watching television
2006-09-11 - If you ask a YesNo question make sure the user also knows what happens when they say No
2006-09-12 - Grammar review Verbparticle versus compound noun
2006-09-13 - Philosophical discussion on when to mark a method as virtual
2006-09-13 - Raymonds excursions into East Asian pop music episode 3 Morning Musume モーニング娘
2006-09-14 - The danger of using boldface for Chinese characters
2006-09-14 - The lost follow-ups Products and people that appear to have vanished without a trace
2006-09-15 - Allocating and freeing memory across module boundaries
2006-09-15 - Disaster averted thanks to international time zones
2006-09-18 - Project Update 2 Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
2006-09-18 - Sometimes my psychic powers are weak
2006-09-19 - The tale of the radioactive Boy Scout
2006-09-19 - Why doesnt the Shutdown dialog use Alt to get alternate behavior
2006-09-20 - Dont forget to unregister your window classes when your DLL shuts down dynamically
2006-09-20 - It is as if our leaders have not been educated in orbital space colonization
2006-09-21 - If you dont trust your administrators youve already lost
2006-09-21 - Its that season again The Microsoft Company Meeting
2006-09-22 - Hand gestures for numbers
2006-09-22 - Things you already know How do I wait until my dialog box is displayed before doing something
2006-09-25 - Filming for The Battle in Seattle has begun
2006-09-25 - Waiting until the dialog box is displayed before doing something
2006-09-26 - Isnt DDE all asynchronous anyway
2006-09-26 - News flash The heart produces urine
2006-09-27 - IsBadXxxPtr should really be called CrashProgramRandomly
2006-09-28 - Saturday is Museum Day courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine
2006-09-28 - When you crash make sure you crash in the right place
2006-09-29 - Eating Belgian food at Brouwers Cafe in Fremont
2006-09-29 - Quotation marks around spaces arent necessary in the PATH environment variable

The Old New Thing - 2006 10

2006-10-02 - Any similarity to actual German or Swedish words is purely coincidental
2006-10-02 - Does a dual-core processor count as one or two for licensing purposes
2006-10-03 - If only hed known to offer to back up their PC instead
2006-10-03 - Theres a reason why envelopes have backs
2006-10-04 - You can invent new adjectives too
2006-10-05 - Why does Windows hide keyboard accelerators and focus rectangles by default
2006-10-06 - A very brief return to part 6 of Loading the ChineseEnglish dictionary
2006-10-09 - How Raymond learns languages and why its not working
2006-10-10 - When something is available for the user which user are we talking about
2006-10-11 - Proto-Microspeak The goat rodeo
2006-10-12 - How do I prevent multi-line edit controls from eating the Enter key
2006-10-12 - Shifting fortunes at Airbus over the A380
2006-10-13 - Why do I see the same fake names in Microsoft samples over and over
2006-10-16 - 640 x 480 is still not dead
2006-10-16 - Raymonds excursions into East Asian pop music episode 4 Yuki
2006-10-17 - Answering phones at KUOW for their Fall 2006 pledge drive
2006-10-17 - What does the letter T in LPTSTR stand for
2006-10-18 - Dead Sea Scrolls lectures available online or in person if you can get there
2006-10-18 - Dont require your users to have a degree in philosophy
2006-10-19 - No good deed goes unpunished part 2
2006-10-20 - How do I shut down a workstation via Remote Desktop
2006-10-20 - Wired Magazines report on that bizarro Ferarri crash
2006-10-23 - Psychic debugging Why doesnt my program show up when I call ShellExecute
2006-10-23 - Quick and dirty Halloween costume for physics geeks
2006-10-24 - Invalidating the null window redux
2006-10-24 - More tales of dead computers My home desktop
2006-10-25 - Non-resolution of the dead home desktop problem
2006-10-25 - Offline mode silently prevents you from streaming media content
2006-10-26 - For a brief shining moment DirectX was more popular than another word that ends in x
2006-10-26 - Let the dead computer scavenging commence
2006-10-27 - Now it looks like I speak far more languages than I actually do
2006-10-27 - The great Polish Sea -or- We forgot Poland
2006-10-30 - Why cant I get my program to use more than 50 of the CPU
2006-10-30 - Руками не трогать
2006-10-31 - Separated at birth The Windows XP SP2 launch team
2006-10-31 - So thats what daddy does at work

The Old New Thing - 2006 11

2006-11-01 - I bet somebody got a really nice bonus for that feature
2006-11-02 - Make sure you disable the correct window for modal UI
2006-11-03 - How do I convert an HRESULT to a Win32 error code
2006-11-06 - On the importance of backwards compatibility for large corporations
2006-11-06 - Tonya and Nancy The Opera
2006-11-07 - Aspiring to the wrong office on election day
2006-11-07 - Theres going to be an awful lot more overclocking out there
2006-11-08 - How do I test that return value of ShellExecute against 32
2006-11-09 - A modest proposal Solving the problem of steroids in baseball
2006-11-09 - Why cant you use the Tab key to select items from the auto-complete drop-down
2006-11-10 - Converting an HRESULT to a Win32 error code Diagram and answer to exercise
2006-11-13 - New dessert lounge Coco la ti da
2006-11-13 - What do bitwise operations mean for colors
2006-11-14 - Blitting between color and monochrome DCs
2006-11-14 - Keeping classic hardware alive through emulation
2006-11-15 - Manipulating the DIB color table for fun and profit
2006-11-16 - Using DIB sections to perform bulk color mapping
2006-11-17 - The window manager moves the mouse applications choose the cursor
2006-11-20 - It takes only one program to foul an upgrade
2006-11-20 - Paradoxically you should remove the smart card when logging on with a smart card
2006-11-21 - What is the process by which the cursor gets set
2006-11-22 - The quiet dream of placebo settings
2006-11-23 - Placebo setting QoS bandwidth reservation
2006-11-24 - Sometimes you need to recalibrate your progress reports
2006-11-27 - Its not surprising at all that people search for Yahoo
2006-11-28 - What went wrong in Windows 95 if you use a system color brush as your background brush
2006-11-29 - A fork is an easy-to-find nonstandard USB device
2006-11-30 - It took two of us to keep up with one Bob

The Old New Thing - 2006 12

2006-12-01 - Nailing down what constitutes valuable consideration
2006-12-04 - The name WinMain is just a convention
2006-12-04 - The wisdom of seventh graders What to do with a time machine part 1
2006-12-05 - How do I find all files with at least one space in their name
2006-12-05 - The wisdom of seventh graders What to do with a time machine part 2
2006-12-06 - If you let people read a file then they can copy it
2006-12-06 - The wisdom of seventh graders What to do with a time machine part 3
2006-12-07 - Okay I changed my mind I wrote a book after all
2006-12-08 - Do not overload the E_NOINTERFACE error
2006-12-08 - Throwing things into a blender and seeing what happens
2006-12-11 - What does an invalid handle exception in LeaveCriticalSection mean
2006-12-12 - A high waiter count on a free critical section may indicate a lock convoy
2006-12-12 - Jeanne Martinet teaches you how to survive a party where you dont know anybody
2006-12-13 - Displaying infotips for folded and unfolded listview items
2006-12-13 - Maybe if it had characters and stuff and different levels it would be OK
2006-12-14 - Computing listview infotips in the background
2006-12-16 - Why do user interface actions tend to occur on the release not on the press
2006-12-18 - Do not write in-process shell extensions in managed code
2006-12-18 - Some call it context others call it reference data but whatever it is its yours
2006-12-19 - I bet somebody is looking to get a really nice bonus for that feature Attention
2006-12-19 - Pacific Northwest storm recovery continues
2006-12-20 - The evolution of version resources 16-bit version resources
2006-12-21 - The evolution of version resources 32-bit version resources
2006-12-21 - The unanswered Explainer questions
2006-12-22 - The evolution of version resources corrupted 32-bit version resources
2006-12-25 - The Old New Thing book will also be available electronically
2006-12-26 - I cant believe they actually cant think of a name for the recent storm
2006-12-26 - The first parameter to VerQueryValue really must be a buffer you obtained from GetFileVersionInfo
2006-12-27 - The social skills of a thermonuclear device part 3
2006-12-28 - Linda Hunts advice for Oscar-winners
2006-12-28 - Stop the madness Subdirectories of My Documents
2006-12-29 - 2006 end-of-year link clearance

The Old New Thing - 2007 01

2007-01-01 - The family technical support department Everything is Outlook
2007-01-02 - Why cant I GetProcAddress for CreateWindow
2007-01-03 - Wait but why can I GetProcAddress for IsDialogMessage
2007-01-04 - How a bullet turns into a beep
2007-01-05 - Whats a character
2007-01-08 - Why do property sheets sometimes take a first-chance exception
2007-01-09 - Article of clothing or tasty dessert
2007-01-09 - What triggers the recall of an offline file
2007-01-10 - How do I load an entire file into a rich text control
2007-01-10 - Ken Levine teaches us about television script writing
2007-01-11 - How do I put more than 32000 characters into a rich text control
2007-01-11 - The history of the RichEdit control from Murray Sargent
2007-01-12 - How do I print the contents of a rich text control
2007-01-15 - Does Microsoft internally use MFC for writing Windows apps
2007-01-15 - The wisdom of sevHHHeighth graders It was not just white people who were helped by Martin Luther King
2007-01-16 - EnumChildWindows already enumerates recursively
2007-01-16 - One Armstrong 135 mph
2007-01-17 - Iced-over roads people who cant drive very expensive and dangerous game of billiards
2007-01-17 - Should all windows appear in the taskbar
2007-01-18 - Email tip Choose a subject line that is meaningful to the recipient not to the sender
2007-01-19 - 2006 storm aftermath A look back
2007-01-19 - What does the fCreate parameter to SHCreateStreamOnFileEx mean
2007-01-22 - The cost of continuously-visible affordances with dynamic states
2007-01-23 - Non-psychic debugging If you cant find something make sure youre looking in the right place
2007-01-23 - Unexpected consequences of writing a book Public appearances
2007-01-24 - The undeletable Outlook folder episode 2
2007-01-24 - Walking through packed snow and ice with a little more confidence
2007-01-25 - Not my finest hour Where are my keys
2007-01-25 - Where did the Windows Vista wallpaper images come from
2007-01-26 - The MAXMEM switch doesnt set the maximum amount of memory Windows will use
2007-01-26 - The real underground and subway
2007-01-29 - If vertical strips are better why do toolbars use horizontal strips
2007-01-30 - Unusual uses for a ball-point pen Breaking into the debugger
2007-01-31 - Crackpots in computer security A complete solution to computer security
2007-01-31 - If you ask an author to sign a book you have to tell himher what to write

The Old New Thing - 2007 02

2007-02-01 - The network interoperability compatibility problem second follow-up
2007-02-02 - Super Bowl Sunday The day the entire country stops doing anything
2007-02-02 - The ironic thing about fixing a bug
2007-02-02 - The publicity machine doesnt stop TechNet podcast interview
2007-02-05 - Public service announcement for United States taxpayers In tax year 2006 you can claim a 30 refund if
2007-02-05 - Why did Explorer say The target you specified is on the desktop
2007-02-06 - Bonus material for The Old New Thing the book is now available for download
2007-02-06 - Why cant I create my dialog box Rookie mistake 1
2007-02-07 - Maintaining standards of Japanese food abroad
2007-02-07 - Why cant I create my dialog box Rookie mistake 2
2007-02-08 - Who is most likely to be awarded a MacArthur Fellowship
2007-02-08 - Why does my property sheet blink and the immediately disappear
2007-02-09 - Do I need rush processing Beats me
2007-02-09 - Long Zheng interviews Hamad Darwish about those Windows Vista wallpapers
2007-02-12 - Performance evaluation euphemisms invading everyday speech ironically
2007-02-12 - Why doesnt the window manager unregister window classes when the owning DLL unloads
2007-02-13 - Email tip Barry Leiba expounds on subject lines
2007-02-13 - Email tip Dont add people to a thread without saying why
2007-02-14 - Technology hypochondriacs
2007-02-15 - Theres not much luggage space unless you dump the snow
2007-02-15 - Why cant you set the command prompts current directory to a UNC
2007-02-16 - News flash Professional athletes do it for the money
2007-02-16 - Why dont I use any class libraries in my sample code
2007-02-19 - What does LockWindowUpdate do
2007-02-20 - Crush Finder experiment gets off the ground at Princeton
2007-02-20 - How is LockWindowUpdate meant to be used
2007-02-21 - Mandarin Chinese gaining popularity in public schools
2007-02-21 - With what operations is LockWindowUpdate meant to be used
2007-02-22 - How to get your laptop to resume from standby in under two seconds
2007-02-22 - With what operations is LockWindowUpdate not meant to be used
2007-02-23 - Final remarks on LockWindowUpdate
2007-02-23 - I wouldnt be surprised if O J Simpson wrote a new book
2007-02-23 - The 20072008 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2007-02-26 - Please feel free to stop using DDE
2007-02-26 - The politicians fallacy and the politicians apology
2007-02-27 - How hard could it be Must provide own garage
2007-02-27 - What does an NMI error mean The infamous Hardware Malfunction
2007-02-28 - Another retired computer The Alpha Rawhide
2007-02-28 - More Vista wallpapers from Hamad Darwish

The Old New Thing - 2007 03

2007-03-01 - If you have to ask youre probably doing something wrong
2007-03-01 - West Bank Story the movie that sells itself in five seconds
2007-03-02 - Public service announcement for Seattle area taxpayers Some transit taxes can be itemized and deducte
2007-03-02 - The Default user is not the default user
2007-03-05 - Hiding files is not the same as protecting them
2007-03-05 - Its official its the Hannukah Eve Storm of 2006
2007-03-06 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 3
2007-03-06 - What was the first parameter to CoInitialize used for
2007-03-07 - Microspeak Sit in it
2007-03-07 - The wisdom of seventh graders John Locke and influential persons
2007-03-08 - Just what the world has been wishing for Surströmming ice cream
2007-03-08 - The GETDISPINFO notifications tell you what information they want
2007-03-09 - Dont be so fast to discount those oddball time zones
2007-03-09 - This American Life What I Learned From Television Seattle edition
2007-03-12 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2007 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2007-03-12 - What is a SM_SLOWMACHINE
2007-03-13 - Out there gathering map data one intersection at a time
2007-03-13 - The only thing you can do with display names is display them
2007-03-14 - Dont require your users to have a degree in philosophy episode 2
2007-03-14 - News flash Snacks at the theater concession stand are not good for you
2007-03-15 - Email tip Dont forget to ask your question
2007-03-16 - The format of accelerator table resources
2007-03-16 - Verizon backs down on made-up fees and then adds them anyway
2007-03-19 - How do the menu functions find items
2007-03-20 - I bet somebody is looking to get a really nice bonus for that feature Uninstall
2007-03-20 - The early stages of Joshua Roman groupie-dom
2007-03-21 - You dont know what you do until you know what you dont do
2007-03-22 - Excursions in composition Sequential stream concatenation
2007-03-23 - Excursions in composition Adding rewind support to a sequential stream
2007-03-23 - The wisdom of seventh graders and you Design a course
2007-03-26 - Passing by address versus passing by reference a puzzle
2007-03-26 - The publicity machine continues A chat with Scott Hanselman and Hanselminutes
2007-03-27 - Microspeak Calibration
2007-03-28 - The social skills of a thermonuclear device part 4
2007-03-28 - Why are there both TBSTYLE_EX_VERTICAL and CCS_VERT
2007-03-29 - How to talk like Marketing The awareness space
2007-03-29 - The buffer size parameter to GetFileVersionInfo is the size of your buffer no really
2007-03-30 - On the effect of dandruff on climate
2007-03-30 - What do the colors in the elevation dialog mean

The Old New Thing - 2007 04

2007-04-02 - Groundwork being laid for Vladimir Putin to run for his fourth term out of a maximum of two
2007-04-02 - Why do operating system files still adhere to the old 83 naming convention
2007-04-03 - Why does my thread pool use only one thread
2007-04-04 - His lips are moving In order to serve you better
2007-04-04 - Your chance to meet Raymond if you are near Palo Alto on the 23rd
2007-04-05 - On the enduring appeal of Walker Texas Ranger
2007-04-05 - Why cant I display a tooltip for a disabled window
2007-04-06 - Code is read much more often than it is written so plan accordingly
2007-04-06 - When very young children try too hard to act nonchalant
2007-04-09 - Why doesnt the taskbar return to its original size when I return my settings to their original values
2007-04-10 - Enjoy our Bluetooth devices with a glass of beer or wine Bluetooth device optional
2007-04-10 - What is the default version of a header file
2007-04-10 - Whats the row of numbers on the copyright page of books
2007-04-11 - Oh no I have an obstructed view of Joshua Roman
2007-04-11 - Whats the difference between WINVER _WIN32_WINNT _WIN32_WINDOWS and _WIN32_IE
2007-04-12 - What is the default version of the shell common controls
2007-04-13 - Email tip People didnt answer your first email for a reason
2007-04-16 - Changes to power management in Windows Vista
2007-04-16 - See the Seattle Symphony on television in high definition
2007-04-17 - No farting please were Americans
2007-04-17 - The Notepad file encoding problem redux
2007-04-18 - Psychic debugging Why you cant control page navigation when using PSP_DLGINDIRECT
2007-04-18 - Trivia Pea marble dime nickel quarter half dollar walnut
2007-04-19 - Perhaps the movies made too literal a translation
2007-04-20 - The format of bitmap resources
2007-04-20 - The wisdom of seventh graders Designing an elective course
2007-04-23 - Given a choice between two options you influence the result by adding a third inferior alternative
2007-04-23 - Psychic debugging When reading unfamiliar code assume its mostly correct
2007-04-24 - How much time does it take for a pedestrian to cross the street
2007-04-24 - What is the underlying object behind a COM interface pointer
2007-04-25 - Identifying an object whose underlying DLL has been unloaded
2007-04-25 - Theres something about Christopher Walken
2007-04-26 - The intermediate value theory helps your table but not necessarily your beer
2007-04-26 - Using the gu debugger command to find the infinite loop
2007-04-27 - News Flash Not being able to watch Jay Leno is not an emergency
2007-04-27 - Stupid debugger tricks Calling functions and methods
2007-04-30 - Everyone should have a house pianist
2007-04-30 - The default verb is not necessarily open

The Old New Thing - 2007 05

2007-05-01 - Microspeak Operationalize
2007-05-01 - Two web sites that read the fine print
2007-05-02 - Male perceptions of body image in Taiwan
2007-05-02 - The old-fashioned theory on how processes exit
2007-05-03 - Quick overview of how processes exit on Windows XP
2007-05-03 - Unexpected consequences of self-checkout
2007-05-04 - But theyre not puts on sunglasses going to get away with murder
2007-05-04 - How my lack of understanding of how processes exit on Windows XP forced a security patch to be recall
2007-05-07 - Drag and drop is a general purpose transfer model not exclusive to Explorer directories
2007-05-07 - Metromint What were they thinking
2007-05-08 - Session 0 isolation Where backward compatibility loses to security
2007-05-08 - The administrator is an idiot
2007-05-09 - Dont be helpless At least look at the function youre using
2007-05-09 - Revelations of My Friends An ancestor of todays Mad Libs
2007-05-10 - Email tip Dont ask the same question multiple times in different groups
2007-05-11 - Evergreen Philharmonic Baroque Festival 2007
2007-05-11 - Performing an operation in each subdirectory of a directory tree from batch
2007-05-14 - Service required Brewer error
2007-05-15 - Command lines need to be quoted paths dont
2007-05-15 - Get Sea-Tac flight information including gate and baggage claim via email
2007-05-16 - Please refer to the instructions that dont exist
2007-05-16 - Why are console windows limited to Lucida Console and raster fonts
2007-05-17 - Store Wars and the Meatrix
2007-05-17 - Were all in this together No good deed goes unpunished redux
2007-05-18 - Dont drive your pick-up onto the roof of a house especially if well read on
2007-05-18 - Getting in on the action while its still there
2007-05-21 - Dont be helpless I dont know anything about MFC modal loops but unlike some people Im not afraid to f
2007-05-21 - The unidentified award
2007-05-22 - Another chapter in Swedish political hypocrisy 2007 edition
2007-05-22 - Youre not my manager so Im not going to ask how high when you tell me to jump
2007-05-23 - Das Leben der Anderen
2007-05-23 - Microspeak The forcing function
2007-05-23 - Suggestion Box 3
2007-05-24 - Being nominated for the Nobel Prize isnt as big a deal as it sounds
2007-05-24 - We should just get rid of that stupid middle tier
2007-05-25 - Raymonds SIFF schedule 2007
2007-05-25 - The parameters to PostQueuedCompletionStatus are not interpreted
2007-05-28 - Cool theyre using Roman numerals
2007-05-29 - Lets talk like people
2007-05-29 - Psychic debugging Why does FormatMessage say the resource couldnt be found
2007-05-30 - The sad predicament of the unempowered manager
2007-05-30 - The three things you need to know about tsunamis
2007-05-31 - Visual C 2005 will generate manifests for you
2007-05-31 - Youd think questions about underwear were understood to be off-limits

The Old New Thing - 2007 06

2007-06-01 - I took the Monorail to the Shadow of the Moon
2007-06-01 - Inserting as many layers between the message and reality as possible
2007-06-04 - Choosing a provocative debug signature
2007-06-04 - Death at a Funeral Cashback and Tell No One
2007-06-05 - Compatibility constraints of the water cooler
2007-06-05 - Its official The logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games is hideously ugly
2007-06-06 - Email tip Lay off the massive email signatures
2007-06-06 - How not to prepare for the STP 2007 edition
2007-06-07 - How do I inflate a bicycle tire with a potato
2007-06-07 - The meaning of a red traffic light is open to interpretation
2007-06-08 - Why does canonical order for ACEs put deny ACEs ahead of allow ACEs
2007-06-08 - shopautodotca seocontest online contest tacitly encourages comment spam
2007-06-11 - The New York City Profit Calculator
2007-06-11 - What determines which programs show up on the front page of the Windows XP Start menu
2007-06-12 - I never thought of it before but drumming is a metaphor for life
2007-06-12 - Points are earned by programs not by shortcuts
2007-06-13 - SIFF reviews Falling 2 Days in Paris Hula Girls
2007-06-13 - The program doesnt have to be run from the Start menu to earn Start menu points
2007-06-14 - If you pin a program it doesnt show up in the frequently-used programs list
2007-06-14 - The Thing Mystery of the desert
2007-06-15 - Super watch episode 2
2007-06-15 - What other programs are filtered from the Start menus list of frequently-used programs
2007-06-18 - Project Update 3 Voyage to Our Hollow Earth
2007-06-18 - Why does a new user get stuff on their Start menu right off the bat
2007-06-19 - Im pretty sure hes going to be the envy of his next school reunion
2007-06-19 - What is the impact on the Start menu of long-running programs
2007-06-20 - In order to serve you better Frequent flyer miles expiring sooner
2007-06-20 - More Start menu fine-tuning Choosing a better representative for a frequently-run program
2007-06-21 - How does the Windows XP Start menu decide that a program is newly-installed
2007-06-21 - What is the international sign for you left something on the roof of your car
2007-06-22 - Einstein the geographer A hoax
2007-06-22 - Even advanced users liked the Windows XP Start menu
2007-06-25 - Theres no point improving the implementation of a bad idea
2007-06-25 - Why the Fantastic 4 Human Torch ATV is the Worst Movie Tie-In Toy Ever
2007-06-26 - Whats all this stuff hanging from that utility pole
2007-06-26 - Why do DLGC_WANTALLKEYS and DLGC_WANTMESSAGE have the same value
2007-06-27 - Overheard conversation in the cockpit that you might not want to have heard
2007-06-27 - Those who do not understand the dialog manager are doomed to reimplement it badly
2007-06-28 - If its optional then dont make it mandatory
2007-06-29 - 2007 mid-year link clearance
2007-06-29 - Dont forget to pass the current directory along with the command line to your single-instance program

The Old New Thing - 2007 07

2007-07-02 - Image File Execution Options just inserts the debugger in front of the command line
2007-07-02 - The conversations backstage at computer Go tournaments
2007-07-03 - If the system says that an embedded string could not be converted from Unicode to ANSI maybe its tryi
2007-07-03 - The audacity of selling things that dont belong to you
2007-07-04 - Holidays for fireworks and generally blowing up stuff from around the world
2007-07-05 - QueryPerformanceCounter is not a source for unique identifiers
2007-07-05 - Raymonds tips on selecting a memorable greeting card
2007-07-06 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway If they can run code then they c
2007-07-06 - Redmond Derby Days 2007 this weekend
2007-07-09 - A modest proposal Solving the problem of traffic in Seattle caused by sporting events
2007-07-09 - Its not enough to say that something is bad you have to say what would be better
2007-07-10 - That leaves more hot German babes for me
2007-07-10 - The forgotten common controls The ShowHideMenuCtl function
2007-07-11 - How to check for errors from SetFilePointer
2007-07-11 - Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it on YouTube
2007-07-12 - If you want a modeless dialog then create a modeless dialog already
2007-07-12 - Seattle street signs for sale used but for ten bucks you cant complain
2007-07-13 - I was sort of interested at first but now Im not so sure any more
2007-07-13 - The dangers of conversation fragments Overheard on the Burke-Gilman trail
2007-07-16 - Creative armed robbery defense Political asylum
2007-07-16 - How are window manager handles determined in 16-bit Windows and Windows 95
2007-07-17 - How are window manager handles determined in Windows NT
2007-07-17 - Not my finest hour Driving a manual transmission
2007-07-18 - If you read any book about traditional weddings in Russian history there must be a fight
2007-07-18 - Why is the limit of window handles per process 10000
2007-07-19 - Food products that are offenses against nature Fast Franks
2007-07-19 - You dont optimize for the case where somebody is mis-using your system
2007-07-20 - Apparently some people consider this a vacation I consider it insane
2007-07-20 - Screwing the computer parts back together is the most dangerous step
2007-07-23 - The real cost of compatibility is not in the hacks the hacks are small potatoes
2007-07-23 - Tips for doing the Seattle to Portland STP in two days What I learned in 2007
2007-07-24 - Just because you say something in my presence and I dont raise an objection doesnt mean that I agree
2007-07-24 - Seattle to Portland STP 2007 trip report part 1 of 4 Seattle to Spanaway
2007-07-25 - Seattle to Portland STP 2007 trip report part 2 of 4 Spanaway to Toledo
2007-07-25 - What is Daves frame class
2007-07-26 - How do the names in the file security dialog map to access control masks
2007-07-26 - Seattle to Portland STP 2007 trip report part 3 of 4 Toledo to St Helens
2007-07-27 - Dont just grab the foreground window and host UI on it
2007-07-27 - Seattle to Portland STP 2007 trip report part 4 of 4 St Helens to Portland and beyond
2007-07-30 - Stuart Stevens takes performance-enhancing drugs in order to see what they do
2007-07-30 - Theres a whole Internet out there folks you might want to check it out
2007-07-31 - I just discovered that the Scandinavian Gift Shop in Ballard is closing
2007-07-31 - What is the lpdwHandle parameter in GetFileVersionInfoSize used for

The Old New Thing - 2007 08

2007-08-01 - Footnotes in Win32 history VLM Very Large Memory support
2007-08-01 - Note to locals Lincoln Center is in New York City not Bellevue
2007-08-02 - But now Ill never know which politician that alien backs for the next election
2007-08-02 - What is the difference between the Folder and Directory and other special progids
2007-08-03 - It was not one of Explorers design goals to provide a Turing-complete interface for bulk file renamin
2007-08-03 - Probably the most expensive Harry Potter viewing Ill ever attend
2007-08-06 - Freudian typo Enchanced metafiles
2007-08-06 - The truth about 429 the government doesnt want you to know
2007-08-07 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Executable corruption
2007-08-07 - One would be hard pressed to find a group of characters more in need of a lawyer
2007-08-08 - Bowling coming to Bellevue and given the location its naturally upscale
2007-08-08 - Email tip I dont have my bug numbers memorized
2007-08-09 - How do I get the handle of the primary monitor
2007-08-09 - Martina Navratilovas final Wimbledon appearance and this time she means it
2007-08-10 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 4
2007-08-13 - Math is hard lets go shoppoops
2007-08-13 - Why is the blogs subtitle Not actually a NET blog
2007-08-14 - SIFF 2007 wrap-up Grandhotel The Boss of It All Vacation
2007-08-14 - What is the order of evaluation in C
2007-08-15 - C static constructors are called on demand not at startup
2007-08-15 - For 15 you can purchase incorrect information and to prevent people from getting it you have to renew
2007-08-16 - The Radioactive Boy Scout is back in the news
2007-08-16 - What are these strange cmp ecx ecx instructions doing in my C code
2007-08-17 - Do you have a Starbucks name
2007-08-17 - What are these spurious nop instructions doing in my C code
2007-08-20 - Just because youre a control doesnt mean that youre necessarily inside a dialog box
2007-08-20 - When you copy a folder why are the contents merged with the existing contents
2007-08-21 - At last you can turn off the USB 20 balloon
2007-08-21 - Were all in this together Maintaining common tools
2007-08-22 - Disclaimers and such
2007-08-22 - The Northwest Mahler Orchestra presents Messiaens Turangalîla Symphony
2007-08-22 - Windows Vista has more extended options on the context menu
2007-08-23 - Nested fly-out menus are a usability nightmare
2007-08-23 - Which Windows font is named after a tabloid headline
2007-08-24 - Microspeak Value proposition
2007-08-24 - What happens at LL Bean at three in the morning
2007-08-27 - Is this the normal way of comparing toilets
2007-08-27 - Yes indeed all Microsoft files are or should be digitally signed
2007-08-28 - Airport travel tip LAX Terminal 6 United
2007-08-28 - With a new Start menu come new keyboard shortcuts
2007-08-29 - Follow-up Mysterious Dietrich identified from that bizarre Ferarri crash
2007-08-29 - Kernel handles are not reference-counted
2007-08-30 - Microspeak FMLA
2007-08-30 - Somebody actually took the time to translate my book into Japanese it appears
2007-08-31 - The Great Muffin Heist of 07
2007-08-31 - The Internet Explorer pop-up blocker follows guidelines not rules

The Old New Thing - 2007 09

2007-09-03 - Belated follow-up Mike Goodspaceguy Nelson running for public office again
2007-09-03 - Knock knock Whos there Not you any more
2007-09-04 - Does creating a thread from DllMain deadlock or doesnt it
2007-09-04 - Volunteers help save fruit from home fruit trees from going to waste
2007-09-05 - I mean come on these are laptops
2007-09-05 - Whenever there is a coordination problem somebody says Hey lets create a process
2007-09-06 - If your theory is build it and they will come you have to make sure there is a they
2007-09-06 - Its that season again The 2007 Microsoft Company Meeting
2007-09-07 - Sometimes it feels like the effort isnt even appreciated
2007-09-07 - Wayback machine The Fake Job
2007-09-10 - If control-specific messages belong to the WM_USER range why are messages like BM_SETCHECK in the sys
2007-09-10 - The Minimalist Jukebox Festival
2007-09-11 - The wisdom of seventh graders A Wrinkle in Time
2007-09-11 - Whats the difference between EM_UNDO and WM_UNDO
2007-09-12 - Astrologers struggling with reclassification of Pluto
2007-09-12 - Making some statements and asking for advice isnt a question
2007-09-13 - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory now more popular than vice versa
2007-09-13 - Why isnt QuickEdit on by default in console windows
2007-09-14 - Another type of misplaced apology Apologizing for not knowing the penalty
2007-09-14 - The code page on the server is not necessarily the code page on the client
2007-09-17 - Nearly everybody has a 500 flashlight
2007-09-17 - What do I do with per-user data when I uninstall
2007-09-18 - Japanese street fashion reaches Finland
2007-09-18 - Why is my delay-rendered format being rendered too soon
2007-09-19 - Playing the hippie poetry game for four cents per line
2007-09-19 - What happens if you pass a source length greater than the actual string length
2007-09-20 - Find the Flowers vs Minesweeper
2007-09-20 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Elevation to administrator
2007-09-21 - The Microsoft Cafeteria Tour Redmond 2006 Edition
2007-09-21 - Whats the BS_PUSHLIKE button style for
2007-09-24 - How do I put a different wallpaper on each monitor
2007-09-25 - Microspeak Going forward
2007-09-26 - The first day at Microsoft A fender-bender
2007-09-27 - 2007 Museum Day courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine
2007-09-27 - Why did the shortcut template change in Windows Vista
2007-09-28 - 2007 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition

The Old New Thing - 2007 10

2007-10-01 - Suggestion Box 3 short answers part 1 of who knows how many
2007-10-02 - Dont assume the first person to run your program is an administrator
2007-10-02 - Where did WiX get its name
2007-10-03 - Another celebrity knitter Tracey Ullman
2007-10-03 - The most important choice in writing is not what you say its what you dont say
2007-10-04 - The perils of translating words blindly without verifying them in context
2007-10-05 - The dangers of taking a service droid off script
2007-10-05 - The early days of the Microsoft cafeterias
2007-10-08 - Which windows appear in the AltTab list
2007-10-09 - The three tiers of a mixing room of a movie studio
2007-10-09 - Why does ICE16 complain about product names longer than 63 characters
2007-10-10 - Microspeak Actionable
2007-10-11 - Unlikely excuses A faulty microchip
2007-10-11 - Whose idea was it to make CtrlBackspace delete the previous word
2007-10-12 - No good deed goes unpunished Free code samples
2007-10-12 - Not the best way to start out a form letter
2007-10-15 - Nicolas Bourbaki perhaps the biggest inside joke in mathematics
2007-10-15 - Why arent shortcuts as easy as unix links
2007-10-16 - How do I delay the automatic logon process
2007-10-17 - The wrong way to check whether the mouse buttons have been swapped
2007-10-18 - Win32 user interface work is inherently single-threaded
2007-10-19 - Other problems traced to violating COM single-threaded apartment rules in the shell
2007-10-22 - The best way to process Unicode input is to make somebody else do it
2007-10-23 - Superstition Why is GetFileAttributes the way old-timers test file existence
2007-10-24 - Whats the difference between LVM_HITTEST and LVM_INSERTMARKHITTEST
2007-10-25 - Whats the deal with the EM_SETHILITE message
2007-10-26 - If you pass enough random numbers eventually one of them will look valid
2007-10-26 - The King County Council race gets even stranger
2007-10-29 - Why doesnt Explorer show recursive directory size as an optional column
2007-10-30 - Email tips from Adam Phillabaum
2007-10-30 - You cant change it but you can hide it and add something that looks like it
2007-10-31 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Local execution
2007-10-31 - The Acorn Wand key to a magical puzzle hunt

The Old New Thing - 2007 11

2007-11-01 - Buy an island or a country or at least a replica of one
2007-11-01 - Why does GetDiskFreeSpaceEx return the wrong amount of free space
2007-11-02 - Staying on top of things with timely updates in separator pages
2007-11-05 - Why do we even have the DefWindowProc function
2007-11-06 - VirtualLock only locks your memory into the working set
2007-11-07 - Proto-Microspeak Pre-envisioning
2007-11-09 - You just have to accept that the file system can change
2007-11-12 - I dont know what the Lotus internal clipboard formats are either
2007-11-13 - Amusing bug reports On poetry and prose
2007-11-14 - Psychic debugging IP on heap
2007-11-15 - Im going to keep trying on size fours until I find one that fits
2007-11-15 - Is DEP on or off on Windows XP Service Pack 2
2007-11-16 - In Windows XP even when DEP is on its still sometimes off
2007-11-16 - Who would win in a fight between a penguin and a lemur
2007-11-19 - Darkon A Larping Documentary
2007-11-19 - If you want a menu that shows the contents of the My Computer folder you already know how to do it
2007-11-20 - Dreyers Berry Rainbow Sherbet
2007-11-20 - You even have to watch out for your placeholder bitmaps
2007-11-21 - Alternate theories on how Putin can retain power after his second term expires
2007-11-21 - Hidden gotcha The command processors AutoRun setting
2007-11-22 - When in doubt consult the online Magic 8 Ball
2007-11-23 - Sounds about right What a geek does with an iPhone in the first two days
2007-11-23 - The forgotten common controls The GetEffectiveClientRect function
2007-11-26 - Why are INI files deprecated in favor of the registry
2007-11-27 - What to do when the steering column is stuck and the ignition wont turn
2007-11-27 - When you compress a drive some files are exempted but you can force it and then its your problem
2007-11-28 - The importance of the FORMAT_MESSAGE_IGNORE_INSERTS flag
2007-11-29 - The first day at Microsoft Dont just stand there
2007-11-30 - Hotkeys involving the Windows logo key are reserved by the system

The Old New Thing - 2007 12

2007-12-03 - How do 16-bit programs start up
2007-12-04 - How long does it take to create a 16TB file
2007-12-04 - Would a team of midgets be the greatest offense in baseball history
2007-12-05 - Welcome to the Microsoft email culture
2007-12-05 - Your 25 car emergency survival kit
2007-12-06 - Am I for real or just a robot part 2
2007-12-06 - The Old New Thing the book allegedly now stocked at the Microsoft Company Store Redmond
2007-12-07 - Its amazing you who end up meeting in New York City
2007-12-07 - The magical healing properties of safe mode bonus content
2007-12-10 - What seems obvious today may have been impractical then
2007-12-11 - Exploiting the inattentive episode 3 Confusing movie titles
2007-12-11 - Why is my starting directory ignored when I elevate a command prompt
2007-12-12 - Christmas lights in the Dyker Heights neighborhood
2007-12-12 - When selecting system colors match but dont mix
2007-12-13 - AppInit_DLLs should be renamed Deadlock_Or_Crash_Randomly_DLLs
2007-12-13 - Throwing a cup of hot water into the air in sub-zero temperatures
2007-12-14 - The compatibility constraints of your side effects Beeping
2007-12-14 - Unwittingly enveloped in the Santarchy
2007-12-17 - How did wildcards work in MS-DOS
2007-12-17 - Wall Street bonus seasons trickle-down
2007-12-18 - Book review Advanced Windows Debugging Mario Hewardt and Daniel Pravat
2007-12-18 - Not every first-chance exception is a security vulnerability
2007-12-19 - How do I mark a shortcut file as requiring elevation
2007-12-20 - Consequences of the scheduling algorithm Low priority threads can take 100 CPU
2007-12-20 - Tis the season for top ten lists and manipulation of top ten lists
2007-12-21 - Management-speak Norming around mechanisms
2007-12-24 - What was the role of MS-DOS in Windows 95
2007-12-24 - Where do those Wall Street Journal hedcuts come from
2007-12-25 - You mean you have computers in Taiwan
2007-12-26 - Microthink If you cant measure it then it doesnt exist
2007-12-26 - Paul Shirley Basketball player blogger and author
2007-12-27 - If you need anything other than natural alignment you have to ask for it
2007-12-28 - Now I can read my own writing the way you do With utter incomprehension
2007-12-28 - Psychic debugging The first step in diagnosing a deadlock is a simple matter of following the money
2007-12-31 - 2007 year-end link clearance
2007-12-31 - Why arent console windows themed on Windows XP

The Old New Thing - 2008 01

2008-01-01 - Fact of life People cant see things that are right in front of them
2008-01-02 - A new DUI record set in the state of Washington
2008-01-02 - You know the answer Window destruction
2008-01-03 - In steady state only geeks install Windows but the hard part is getting to that steady state
2008-01-04 - What does it mean when a display change is temporary
2008-01-07 - Bait and switch literally applied to fish
2008-01-07 - Clean-up functions cant fail because well how do you clean up from a failed clean-up
2008-01-08 - Generating initials from a name is trickier than you think
2008-01-08 - Taxes Files larger than 4GB
2008-01-09 - Jag är inte heller en Microsoft-talesman på svenska
2008-01-09 - The impact of hardworking employees on their less diligent colleagues
2008-01-10 - How does the calculator percent key work
2008-01-11 - In order to serve you better Chase resets your marketing preferences
2008-01-11 - Windows is not an MFC delivery channel
2008-01-14 - No matter where you put an advanced setting somebody will tell you that you are an idiot
2008-01-15 - Use WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED to react to window state changes
2008-01-16 - Jerry Springer The Opera crosses the pond to visit Carnegie Hall
2008-01-16 - Use WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING to intercept window state changes
2008-01-17 - How did registry keys work in 16-bit Windows
2008-01-18 - Cant sing Cant dance Cant act Try the opera
2008-01-18 - Why do registry keys have a default value
2008-01-21 - If they had felt a little more mischievous when they titled the article Excerpts from Fischer-Spassky
2008-01-21 - When computer programmers dabble in economics Paying parking tickets
2008-01-22 - The Windows 95 volume control almost went to eleven
2008-01-23 - Email tip Dont use a rude subject line just to make your message easier to spot
2008-01-24 - Its one thing to say somebody should do this but doing it is another matter
2008-01-25 - PLAY A Video Game Symphony comes to Seattle
2008-01-25 - The classic start menu is even more classic than it looks
2008-01-25 - What counts as a talent nowadays
2008-01-28 - Crackpots in computer security Dont plug it in man
2008-01-29 - The history of the Windows XP common controls
2008-01-30 - Even without a nitpickers corner I have to worry about nitpickers
2008-01-30 - Microspeak Housing
2008-01-31 - Shell policy is not the same as security
2008-01-31 - The dead home desktop problem returns

The Old New Thing - 2008 02

2008-02-01 - Pass the whipped partially hydrogenated soybean and coconut oils please
2008-02-01 - Strange bug assignment Programs are using too much memory
2008-02-04 - DLL forwarding is not the same as delay-loading
2008-02-04 - The dead home desktop returns from the dead
2008-02-05 - Who decides what can be done with an object or a control
2008-02-05 - Why did the display become a snapshot of the last time the monitor was plugged into the computer
2008-02-06 - Otaku cosplay culture makes another inroad into North America
2008-02-06 - When theres a problem with the platform you blame the platform whether its the platforms fault or not
2008-02-07 - Grass jelly may be an Asian drink but its not crazy
2008-02-07 - What did MakeProcInstance do
2008-02-08 - Why couldnt you have more than one instance of a 16-bit multi-DS program
2008-02-11 - Why does CtrlScrollLock cancel dialogs
2008-02-12 - If you ask whether Ill be at a conference the answer is usually No
2008-02-12 - Thank you people sitting behind me for explaining what the conductor is doing
2008-02-13 - Controlling which devices will wake the computer out of sleep
2008-02-13 - Follow-up Politically motivated armed robber being sent back to the US
2008-02-14 - Bands of Valentine minstrels roaming campus
2008-02-15 - Joshua Roman groupies may have to set up their frequent flyer accounts
2008-02-15 - Theres more to switching stacks than just loading a new stack pointer
2008-02-18 - Whats with all those spam ping-bots
2008-02-18 - Why does Explorer show a sign even if there are no child folders
2008-02-19 - If you used your credit card abroad between 1996 and 2006 you may be eligible for a class action laws
2008-02-19 - When you ask somebody to take a look you need to tell them what you want them to find
2008-02-20 - There can be more than one or zero Converting a process to a window
2008-02-20 - Wait a second I thought we stopped doing this back in 2003
2008-02-21 - Nobody actually talks the way they do in training videos do they
2008-02-22 - Microspeak Assorted babble
2008-02-25 - The United Kingdom of Great Britain Northern Ireland and France
2008-02-25 - When somebody gives you a gift of code its more often than not a burden in disguise
2008-02-26 - Losing the game of Last Checkin Chicken two products in a row
2008-02-26 - TechDays 2008 learns the sneaky way of getting me to show up at your conference
2008-02-27 - If you ask for STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED you may as well ask for the moon
2008-02-27 - Making a reservation at the Asteroid and interrupting a cookie-bake
2008-02-28 - Coca-Cola for breakfast Its not just for computer geeks any more
2008-02-28 - Why are process and thread IDs multiples of four
2008-02-29 - The 20082009 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2008-02-29 - Why cant I get FormatMessage to load my resource string

The Old New Thing - 2008 03

2008-03-03 - What do rocket scientists say when they want to say that something isnt hard
2008-03-03 - Why does scheduling a task require a password
2008-03-04 - Email tip A peer-to-peer discussion group does not come with a service level agreement
2008-03-04 - I hadnt realized its an entire genre Music made from Windows system sounds
2008-03-05 - Not my finest hour Using the wrong mouse
2008-03-06 - How do I log on using a dial-up connection on Windows Vista
2008-03-07 - The art of losing things Keep moving them around
2008-03-07 - Why cant I convert a time zone abbreviation into a time zone
2008-03-10 - Why isnt there a GetDlgItemFloat function
2008-03-11 - Exercise doesnt have any effect unless you know youre doing it
2008-03-11 - What a drag Dragging text
2008-03-12 - What a drag Dragging a Uniform Resource Locator URL
2008-03-13 - What a drag Dragging a Uniform Resource Locator URL and text
2008-03-14 - If you grant somebody SeDebugPrivilege you gave away the farm
2008-03-17 - I try not to rely on the kindness of strangers but its a pleasant surprise when strangers come throug
2008-03-17 - Why cant you rename the Recycle Bin
2008-03-18 - What a drag Dragging a virtual file HGLOBAL edition
2008-03-19 - What a drag Dragging a virtual file IStream edition
2008-03-20 - What a drag Dragging a virtual file IStorage edition
2008-03-21 - How to write like Raymond What I tell you three times is true
2008-03-21 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2008 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2008-03-24 - Buses and trams going to this place called Reservado
2008-03-24 - Whats the difference between the COM and EXE extensions
2008-03-25 - Happy Waffle Day And other holidays named after food
2008-03-25 - Whats the difference between int and INT long and LONG etc
2008-03-26 - We hope you enjoyed this bus tour of Charles de Gaulle International Airport
2008-03-26 - Why are structure names different from their typedef names
2008-03-27 - Meet Deltalina the star of Deltas new in-flight safety video
2008-03-27 - Why do structures get tag names even if there is a typedef
2008-03-28 - Microspeak Newplacement
2008-03-28 - The most academically elite team in college basketball in quest for their first conference win in 21
2008-03-31 - 2008 Q1 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2008-03-31 - You can drag multiple virtual objects you know

The Old New Thing - 2008 04

2008-04-01 - Pranksters breathe a sigh of relief There will never be a Building 7
2008-04-02 - Lisbon The city whose public transportation system operates in three dimensions
2008-04-02 - Maybe thats how you do it but around here we have a different convention for indicating which things
2008-04-03 - How do I force the ECHO command to echo
2008-04-03 - When a treehouse just isnt good enough
2008-04-04 - 21 like 24 but three hours shorter
2008-04-07 - How to tell which end of the Metro platform to stand on and other survival tips for the Lisbon subway
2008-04-07 - What happened to winipcfg and netmon
2008-04-08 - I always get scared when I see people trying to organize the Internet into hierarchies
2008-04-08 - Over 1500 times the net worth of Bill Gates yet nobody has heard of him
2008-04-09 - Use the error directive to check whether the compiler even sees you
2008-04-10 - The dead desktop computer The good the bad and the ugly but not in that order
2008-04-10 - Who defined my name first Turnabout is fair play
2008-04-11 - We cant cut that its our last feature
2008-04-14 - Follow-up That shopautodotca seocontest online contest
2008-04-14 - Why doesnt Explorer let you create a file whose name begins with a dot
2008-04-15 - Email tip Nostalgia is not a question
2008-04-15 - I know you cant provide tax advice but Im just looking for tax advice
2008-04-16 - Raymond misreads newspaper headlines episode 2
2008-04-16 - Raymonds reading list The Mythical Man-Month The Design of Everyday Things and Systemantics
2008-04-17 - Baby Names for Dummies
2008-04-17 - One-line batch script to delete empty directories
2008-04-18 - Proto-Microspeak Center of value
2008-04-18 - Special advance screening of five seconds of True Lies
2008-04-21 - Fell the force
2008-04-21 - Windows doesnt close windows when a user logs off thats your call
2008-04-22 - The concrete pedestrian bridge in the Washington Park Arboretum claims another victim
2008-04-22 - The contradictory dialog Click Finish to begin
2008-04-23 - News flash Alumni give to colleges and universities to get their kids admitted
2008-04-23 - The double-click time tells the window manager how good your reflexes are
2008-04-24 - Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work today unless you work at main Microsoft campus in which case wait
2008-04-24 - User interface code multi-threaded apartment death
2008-04-25 - News flash Universities are more likely to admit students whose parents gave lots of money
2008-04-25 - On the relationship between specific cases and general cases
2008-04-28 - In search of Rossio Train Station
2008-04-28 - Why does clearing document history also clear Run history
2008-04-29 - Racking up the frequent shopper points at the register office
2008-04-29 - Why do atoms start at 0xC000
2008-04-30 - Book me the next flight to Tokyo no wait the second flight
2008-04-30 - Some other places atoms and the magical 0xC000 arise

The Old New Thing - 2008 05

2008-05-01 - Strange uses for window class atoms
2008-05-01 - Why every advertising agency needs to have a review panel of twelve-year-old boys
2008-05-02 - Canoeing around the Washington Park Arboretum
2008-05-02 - You didnt know you could add properties by atom and its a good thing you didnt know
2008-05-05 - If you pass invalid parameters then all bets are off
2008-05-05 - News flash Its dangerous to drive a car if you are blind
2008-05-06 - Email tip If they didnt get your message then they wont know that they didnt get it
2008-05-06 - Psychic debugging Why does ExitProcess1 produce an exit code of zero
2008-05-07 - Apparently Ive been promoted by mistake all these years
2008-05-07 - The new dietary restriction landscape
2008-05-08 - Gentle reminder On a dialog box do not give OK and Cancel accelerators
2008-05-08 - The economics of soccer penalty kicks
2008-05-09 - Data breakpoints are based on the linear address not the physical address
2008-05-09 - Mothers Day is for all mothers not just your own mother
2008-05-12 - How do I flash my window caption and taskbar button manually
2008-05-12 - In Lisbon walkdont walk signs are mostly decorative
2008-05-13 - The Big Red Switch really was big and red
2008-05-14 - The dead desktop computer From good bad and ugly back to dead
2008-05-14 - Why always Windows XP and Windows Vista and not just XP and Vista
2008-05-15 - Build a slide show out of search results
2008-05-15 - Selling your life for a quarter at a time
2008-05-16 - I assume its cracking good though Im not the expert
2008-05-16 - If users can shut down the machine its not a security hole if they can shut down the machine
2008-05-19 - Bacalhau The unofficial national dish of Portugal and dont pass the salt
2008-05-19 - Why is the function SHStripMneumonic misspelled
2008-05-20 - König Drosselbart Performed in clay feathers and other strange materials
2008-05-20 - The Phantom Bug Why doesnt MessageBox work from my WM_NCDESTROY handler
2008-05-21 - Another interesting detail from the analysis of Windows Error Reporting data for Explorer
2008-05-21 - Food discovery Vietnamese sandwiches aka bánh mì
2008-05-22 - Microspeak On-board verb
2008-05-23 - What does TranslateAccelerator do
2008-05-26 - Welcome to the International Bank of Raymond
2008-05-27 - The cultural axes of punctuality and waiting in line
2008-05-27 - You cant give away something that isnt yours
2008-05-28 - India Calling Call centers from the Indian point of view
2008-05-28 - Reading a contract from the other side SHSetInstanceExplorer and SHGetInstanceExplorer
2008-05-29 - The sad demise of whimsical teasing in Comic Chat
2008-05-30 - Behind the Scenes at Mythbusters does not include experiments or explosions
2008-05-30 - Why are some GDI functions named ExtXxx instead of XxxEx

The Old New Thing - 2008 06

2008-06-02 - Raymond misreads newspaper headlines episode 3
2008-06-02 - Why are accelerators for hidden controls still active
2008-06-03 - Dlaczego Microsoft zatopił Polskę
2008-06-03 - Food products that are offenses against nature Bisquick Shake n Pour
2008-06-04 - Isnt the Learning Annex for total losers
2008-06-04 - Why has my clipboard stopped working
2008-06-05 - Portugal TechDays 2008 A report
2008-06-06 - Million Dollar Password At least it shares a name with the original
2008-06-06 - Why does OpenProcess succeed even when I add three to the process ID
2008-06-09 - Money The new plagiarism
2008-06-09 - Why are DLLs uninitialized in the wrong order
2008-06-10 - Simply attach a piano to the end of the trebuchet
2008-06-10 - There are only twelve function keys and who says theres somebody there to push them
2008-06-11 - If you say that you dont care about something you shouldnt be upset that it contains garbage
2008-06-12 - Email tip Pronouns in the subject line are in the eye of the beholder
2008-06-13 - Dont be helpless You can find information too if you try
2008-06-13 - Sometimes its easier just to let the native speaker win
2008-06-16 - Blinding bank robbers with kindness
2008-06-16 - How do the common controls convert between ANSI and Unicode
2008-06-17 - Microspeak Pricing uplift
2008-06-18 - MSDN-speak What does it mean when a parameter contains a value
2008-06-19 - Why is there a menu show delay anyway
2008-06-20 - Donations to the Microsoft Archives Pens CDs and paperweights
2008-06-23 - Just because youre using a smart pointer class doesnt mean you can abdicate understanding what it doe
2008-06-23 - Raymond misreads acronyms MSPP-PVP
2008-06-24 - Dont require your users to have a degree in philosophy episode 3
2008-06-25 - The difference between a junior and senior position at a video card company
2008-06-26 - The disappointment of people who need to have their hand held from beginning to end
2008-06-26 - The mystery of the garbage lady
2008-06-27 - GUIDs are globally unique but substrings of GUIDs arent
2008-06-30 - 2008 mid-year link clearance
2008-06-30 - You dont need that 90 byte whereis program any more

The Old New Thing - 2008 07

2008-07-01 - András Schiff 2006 lectures on the Beethoven piano sonatas
2008-07-01 - Windows Vista changed the AltTab order slightly
2008-07-02 - Raymond misreads newspaper head no wait I didnt
2008-07-02 - Uninitialized floating point variables can be deadly
2008-07-03 - How did the invalid floating point operand exception get raised when I disabled it
2008-07-04 - Double the usual number of fire alarms today
2008-07-04 - When anybody can look up your name in the company directory and pay a visit
2008-07-07 - Why is the LOADPARMS32 structure so messed up
2008-07-08 - The evolution of menu templates Introduction
2008-07-08 - Wikipedia has created its own reactionary subculture
2008-07-09 - The evolution of menu templates 16-bit classic menus
2008-07-09 - Warning This cereal may contain traces of spiders
2008-07-10 - News flash Car salesmen are sneaky and underhanded
2008-07-10 - Whats the deal with that alternate form for menu item template separators
2008-07-11 - Crazy ideas at the lunch table The ice cream bicycle
2008-07-11 - The evolution of menu templates 32-bit classic menus
2008-07-14 - When companies make it hard for you to pay money they are owed
2008-07-14 - Why does the Install Font dialog look so old-school
2008-07-15 - The evolution of menu templates 16-bit extended menus
2008-07-16 - News flash Online drug sales are shady
2008-07-16 - The evolution of menu templates 32-bit extended menus
2008-07-17 - Microspeak Well actually management-speak
2008-07-17 - The best building name on the University of Washington campus
2008-07-18 - A new record for the shortest amount of time between an email message and its resend
2008-07-18 - Dr Horribles Sing-Along Blog available online for a short time only
2008-07-21 - A modest proposal Getting people to stop buying SUVs
2008-07-21 - MessageBoxIndirect loads the icon itself you cant hand it a pre-loaded icon
2008-07-22 - The Microsoft Company Picnic has as a side effect a demonstration of Microsofts rich cultural diversi
2008-07-22 - Windows could not properly load the XYZ keyboard layout
2008-07-23 - Theorize if you want but if the problem is right there in front of you why not go for the facts
2008-07-23 - Things other people have written that have amused me
2008-07-24 - Reading a contract from the other side Simulating a drop
2008-07-25 - Simulating a drop part two
2008-07-25 - Why seventh grade students want to go to weddings
2008-07-28 - How can SIGINT be safely delivered on the main thread
2008-07-29 - Be careful what you name your mailing list
2008-07-29 - The sign that a trend is over It shows up in a movie
2008-07-30 - What does each country claim for its own
2008-07-30 - When I double-click an Excel spreadsheet Excel opens but the document doesnt
2008-07-31 - Dont be helpless You can put things together it doesnt have to be a single command

The Old New Thing - 2008 08

2008-08-01 - I warned you The dangers of attaching input queues
2008-08-04 - Why when you sort by name doesnt it actually sort by name
2008-08-05 - AOL is moving closer to jettisoning dial-up except for one person
2008-08-05 - Microspeak The long pole
2008-08-06 - The caret serves as the continuation character for batch files
2008-08-06 - Whats with this MSH_MOUSEWHEEL message
2008-08-07 - For that youll have to call security
2008-08-07 - If the law says you cant file a petition you might need to file it anyway in case somebody later says
2008-08-08 - If you return FALSE from DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH will you get a DLL_PROCESS_DETACH
2008-08-08 - Raymond rewrites newspaper headlines
2008-08-11 - Psychic debugging Why cant StreamReader read apostrophes from a text file
2008-08-11 - Supplementary reading on the subject of anonymous functions and other CLR topics
2008-08-12 - The implementation of iterators in C and its consequences part 1
2008-08-12 - The unwritten rule of riding a Seattle Metro bus
2008-08-13 - The implementation of iterators in C and its consequences part 2
2008-08-14 - The gradual erosion of the car trip experience
2008-08-14 - The implementation of iterators in C and its consequences part 3
2008-08-15 - The Seattle Danskin Womens Triathlon 2008
2008-08-15 - The implementation of iterators in C and its consequences part 4
2008-08-18 - As a courtesy to performers and other audience members please turn off blinking head-mounted devices
2008-08-18 - What happened to the Search option on the right hand side of the Start menu
2008-08-19 - Its not Christmas Nobody enjoys unwrapping your present
2008-08-20 - Icons and cursors know where they came from
2008-08-20 - When somebody says a game is like chess it is usually completely unlike chess
2008-08-21 - Oh no theres fog in San Francisco
2008-08-21 - Why does Explorer generate a page fault every two seconds
2008-08-22 - Destroying the module and resource information associated with an icon
2008-08-22 - Keeping a visit a surprise after people have already guessed that youre coming
2008-08-25 - Wedding two-year-old flower girl wildcard
2008-08-25 - Why was the RAM drive removed from Windows 95
2008-08-26 - DHS The Television Series the next chapter
2008-08-26 - Microspeak Pencils down
2008-08-27 - What does each country claim for its own greatest hits
2008-08-27 - What possible use are those extra bits in kernel handles Part 1 Sentinels
2008-08-28 - The stroke-count-based sort isnt random although it looks that way if you only see it in translation
2008-08-28 - What possible use are those extra bits in kernel handles Part 2 Overcoming limited expressiveness
2008-08-29 - What possible use are those extra bits in kernel handles Part 3 New object types

The Old New Thing - 2008 09

2008-09-01 - How do I convert an error code to text when FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM doesnt work
2008-09-01 - It helps if you write a cover letter and remember the name of your interviewer
2008-09-02 - Tales from the interview Can you rotate this two-dimensional array
2008-09-03 - Tales from the interview Lunch is not a competition
2008-09-04 - Tales from the interview Lunch is not a competition episode 2
2008-09-05 - Tales from the interview Anticipating your own incompetence is not a good interview strategy
2008-09-08 - Ill see some of you in Los Angeles but this time itll be October
2008-09-08 - QueryPerformanceCounter counts elapsed time not CPU cycles
2008-09-09 - If you use an absurd signature I might end up sending it back to you
2008-09-10 - And now your moment of reflection
2008-09-10 - What were ShellExecute hooks designed for
2008-09-11 - For a place thats supposed to be full of doctors they sure dont look like doctors
2008-09-11 - Suggestion Box 3 short answers part 2 of who knows how many
2008-09-12 - The terms of service you have to accept before you can see them
2008-09-12 - Who is responsible for destroying the font passed in the WM_SETFONT message
2008-09-15 - I no longer have to remind the payroll department to gear up for annual raises
2008-09-16 - The purpose of charts is normally to make information easier not harder to understand
2008-09-17 - Well at least thats one fewer program that relies on window handles being even numbers
2008-09-18 - How can I tell that a directory is really a recycle bin
2008-09-19 - How can I tell that a directory is weird and should be excluded from the user interface
2008-09-19 - Steamy coffee leaves grounds for concern
2008-09-22 - Ive seen why people steal the foreground window for their dialog box
2008-09-22 - News flash Doing something that requires your attention reduces your ability to do other things at th
2008-09-23 - Microspeak Space delivery
2008-09-24 - How do I change the size of my desktop icons
2008-09-24 - When attending a training session on how not to mess up your life try not to mess up your life
2008-09-25 - Even if a function doesnt do anything you still have to call it if the documentation says so because
2008-09-25 - The description of my 2008 PDC talk is wrong
2008-09-26 - ERRORLEVEL is not ERRORLEVEL
2008-09-29 - Anybody can make up a generic mapping
2008-09-29 - Meet the authors Mario Hewardt and Daniel Pravat authors of Advanced Windows Debugging
2008-09-30 - 2008 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2008-09-30 - When computer programmers dabble in economics Buying prepaid lunch vouchers

The Old New Thing - 2008 10

2008-10-01 - An artists conception of the new citizenship test
2008-10-01 - Why do maximized windows lose their title bar translucency
2008-10-02 - The dangers of setting your double-click speed too short
2008-10-03 - Acquire and release sound like bass fishing terms but they also apply to memory models
2008-10-03 - Stories of crossing into Canada The wedding
2008-10-06 - Eventually nothing is special any more
2008-10-07 - Microspeak Teaming
2008-10-08 - Why does the Disk Management snap-in report my volume as Healthy when the drive is dying
2008-10-09 - How can I increase the number of files I can open at a time
2008-10-10 - How do I suppress the CapsLock warning on password edit controls
2008-10-13 - Why does killing Winlogon take down the entire system
2008-10-14 - Why does Task Manager let me kill critical system processes
2008-10-15 - Disable your wireless network card to speed up VPNing
2008-10-15 - Possessed A documentary about hoarding
2008-10-16 - Psychic debugging Why your thread is spending all its time processing meaningless thread timers
2008-10-17 - The cult of PowerPoint episode 2
2008-10-20 - Off-Roading The Old New Thing
2008-10-20 - Why cant you thunk between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
2008-10-21 - Strange things happen when you let people choose their own name part 1
2008-10-22 - Strange things happen when you let people choose their own name part 2
2008-10-23 - Strange things happen when you let people choose their own name part 3
2008-10-24 - Man this housing downturn is hitting everyone
2008-10-24 - Sucking the trap frame out of a kernel mode stack trace
2008-10-27 - Ah local Los Angeles television news how I miss thee
2008-10-27 - If you dont want to try to repair the data then dont but you should at least know that you have corru
2008-10-28 - To climb the corporate ladder youll need some rope but rope has many purposes
2008-10-28 - Typo patrol at the 2008 PDC
2008-10-29 - PDC 2008 notes How to get to room 406A and other notes
2008-10-29 - Why does my Run dialog say that tasks will created with administrative privileges
2008-10-30 - Dude the admission bracelet goes around your wrist
2008-10-30 - If youre going to reformat source code please dont do anything else at the same time
2008-10-31 - Stick to the normal candy and nobody gets hurt
2008-10-31 - Working with ambiguous and invalid points in time in managed code

The Old New Thing - 2008 11

2008-11-03 - If theres already a bug its not surprising that theres a possibility for error
2008-11-03 - Sensor development kits were flying off the shelves
2008-11-04 - How did Spicy Hot V-8 vegetable juice get added to the complimentary beverages in Microsoft kitchens
2008-11-04 - Quite possibly my last in-person ballot for a long time
2008-11-05 - Microspeak Represent
2008-11-06 - Does version 6 of the common controls support ANSI or not
2008-11-06 - What seventh grade students want to be when they grow up an analysis
2008-11-07 - Self-esteem gone overboard The perils of a global namespace
2008-11-07 - What I dont get about bank robbers
2008-11-10 - How slow do you have to slow-double-click for it to be a rename
2008-11-10 - What do these topics have in common
2008-11-11 - Now its like people buy sneakers to make money out of them
2008-11-11 - You cant fight in here this is the War Room
2008-11-12 - Doesnt matter what your marketing technique is for your compiler if nobody actually writes code in yo
2008-11-13 - Rearranging the cities into a much more visually pleasing arrangement
2008-11-13 - Why is the maximum bootini delay 11 million seconds
2008-11-14 - Email tip If you ask a question that can be answered in only one way but thats not the answer dont be
2008-11-17 - Why bother with RegisterWaitForSingleObject when you have MsgWaitForMultipleObjects
2008-11-17 - Youd think this sort of disclaimer on childrens modeling clay would not be necessary
2008-11-18 - Is second-hand advice better than no advice at all
2008-11-19 - Adventures in product testing This phones so hot itll set your head on fire
2008-11-19 - If you wait long enough everything is our top priority
2008-11-20 - If everything is top priority then nothing is top priority
2008-11-21 - Rachmaninov had big hands An illustration
2008-11-21 - The great thing about priorities is that you can always go one higher
2008-11-24 - Consequences of the Explorer view model If you create a view then you succeeded even if youd rather f
2008-11-24 - When youre walking around a city you usually forget to look up
2008-11-25 - Yes I filed an expense report for a hair dryer why do you ask
2008-11-26 - The cost-benefit analysis of bitfields for a collection of booleans
2008-11-27 - Not my finest hour Getting instructions on doing something Ive already done
2008-11-27 - Welcome to the 2008 holiday shopping season
2008-11-28 - Just because a method is called Refresh doesnt mean that it refreshes what you want
2008-11-28 - The Ballard Locks will be empty this week

The Old New Thing - 2008 12

2008-12-01 - Dont be helpless You can find information too if you try episode 2
2008-12-01 - Oh I feel so bad for those poor Wall Street folks who have to have a normal party instead of a ridicu
2008-12-02 - Raymonds technique for getting people to leave a meeting room when their meeting runs over
2008-12-02 - That guy in the neighborhood who has way too many Christmas lights
2008-12-03 - High Contrast Mode is not the same as High Contrast Scheme
2008-12-03 - The struggle against those annoying plastic packages gains a few allies
2008-12-04 - Neuroscience can be used for good or for evil this one might fall in the evil bucket
2008-12-04 - When you start getting in-page errors on your hard drive its time to go shopping for a new hard drive
2008-12-05 - Thrift stores drowning in Christmas impulse gifts from yesteryear
2008-12-05 - Why are the generic version numbers called NTDDI
2008-12-08 - A file can go by multiple names but two files cant have the same name
2008-12-09 - Email tip If you want people to look at a screen shot you have to tell them what theyre looking at
2008-12-09 - The role of vitamin D in beta cell function The dance
2008-12-10 - A bar on Microsoft main campus What should we call it
2008-12-10 - How do I change the directory Windows uses for user profiles
2008-12-11 - Dont use global state to manage a local problem
2008-12-11 - The Washington 2008 unclaimed property auction
2008-12-12 - Being lucky may be a matter of observing things you werent planning to observe
2008-12-12 - PDC 2008 notes The aftermath
2008-12-15 - Today we use a GPS to locate Baby Jesus
2008-12-15 - Why does the Explorer address bar reset itself while youre typing into it
2008-12-16 - Microspeak Suited and booted
2008-12-16 - The worms go in the worms go out
2008-12-17 - How to create a Zune podcast from an audiobook or other files you already have
2008-12-18 - How do I obtain the computer manufacturers name
2008-12-19 - What is the mysterious fourth message box button
2008-12-22 - On 64-bit Windows 32-bit programs run in an emulation layer and if you dont like that then dont use t
2008-12-22 - The Fargo campus responds to Redmonds December 2008 storm conditions
2008-12-23 - Misheard lyrics as applied to Christmas songs
2008-12-23 - Why isnt there a SendThreadMessage function
2008-12-24 - Foiled by my withered hand
2008-12-25 - Then again sometimes the improvement is merely incremental
2008-12-26 - Why are all computers shown with a Printers folder even if printer sharing is disabled
2008-12-29 - Undecorating names to see why a function cant be found
2008-12-30 - Crazy or cell phone
2008-12-30 - Every crash is a potential security vulnerability
2008-12-31 - 2008 year-end link clearance
2008-12-31 - Sorry I dont get calls on this phone often

The Old New Thing - 2009 01

2009-01-02 - Kids love cake but that doesnt make them good judges of cake
2009-01-02 - Why doesnt Windows 95 format floppy disks smoothly
2009-01-05 - Even if you have code to handle a message youre allowed to call DefWindowProc because you were doing
2009-01-05 - Not my finest hour Misreading a product label
2009-01-06 - Microspeak Learnings
2009-01-07 - Raymond misreads flyers A Taste of WWL
2009-01-07 - When debugging a stack overflow you want to focus on the repeating recursive part
2009-01-08 - The programmers dont design skins they just make skins possible
2009-01-09 - Its surprising how suddenly those new skins started pouring in
2009-01-11 - Follow-up A new DUI record set in the state of Washington
2009-01-11 - How do I write a program that can be run either as a console or a GUI application
2009-01-12 - How does PostQuitMessage know which thread to post the quit message to
2009-01-12 - xkcd breaks the news on the new Windows 7 user interface
2009-01-13 - Excessive speed appeared to be a factor in the crash
2009-01-13 - Where does shellwindowscom get information about file extensions and how do I get in on that action
2009-01-14 - The day shellwindowscom went down
2009-01-15 - If youre at a Thai restaurant with a Thai person whos ordering food in Thai and she asks you if you l
2009-01-15 - What is this magic setting that synthesizes Unicode from non-Unicode
2009-01-16 - You cannot pre-emptively reserve a file extension
2009-01-19 - May the Horse Be With You Stories from the racetrack
2009-01-19 - Why isnt the screen resolution a per-user setting
2009-01-20 - If you didnt like the answer asking the same question again is unlikely to help
2009-01-21 - If you have full trust then you can do anything so dont be surprised that you can do bad things too
2009-01-22 - Why do I get the error REGDB_E_IIDNOTREG when I call a method that returns an interface
2009-01-23 - Why cant you apply ACLs to registry values
2009-01-26 - But then we ran into problems when we started posting 10000 messages per second
2009-01-26 - I think I can read the bassoonists music from here
2009-01-27 - Theres camping and then theres luxury camping and then theres ridiculous luxury camping
2009-01-27 - Why cant I see all of the 4GB of RAM in my machine redux
2009-01-28 - The great thing about being popular is that everybody wants to see you go down
2009-01-28 - When you have only 16KB of memory you cant afford to waste any of it on fluffy stuff
2009-01-29 - A process shutdown puzzle
2009-01-29 - Games to play at your Battlestar Galactica watching party
2009-01-30 - The problem with The Month Where Everyone Focuses on Improving Documentation is that most people are

The Old New Thing - 2009 02

2009-02-02 - How do I programmatically show and hide the Quick Launch bar
2009-02-02 - Welcome to Groundhog Day a holiday where the same thing happens over and over
2009-02-03 - Microspeak Recommends noun
2009-02-03 - The 20092010 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2009-02-04 - Being lucky is observing what you werent expecting An illustration
2009-02-04 - What is the terminology for describing the various parts of the registry
2009-02-05 - What the various registry data types mean is different from how they are handled
2009-02-06 - A process shutdown puzzle Answers
2009-02-09 - Changes to the the 20092010 Seattle Symphony subscription season
2009-02-09 - What is the purpose of the RunAsCommand value
2009-02-10 - A different type of writing exercise this time in preparation for buying a house
2009-02-11 - If you get confused by a register dump then youll just have to accept that some of my postings wont m
2009-02-11 - In order to serve you bett wait it really is better Fuel surcharges
2009-02-12 - Superthunderstingcar is go
2009-02-12 - What does the COM Surrogate do and why does it always stop working
2009-02-13 - The checkbox The mating call of the loser
2009-02-13 - The love bus also known as Metro Bus Route number 308
2009-02-16 - Dont keep track of information you dont need
2009-02-17 - Another Seattle bus tool One Bus Away
2009-02-17 - Why doesnt the file system have a function that tells you the number of files in a directory
2009-02-18 - Guest TCP psychic debugging Why the remote server keeps RSTing the connection
2009-02-19 - Why do my file properties sometimes show an Archive check box and sometimes an Advanced button
2009-02-20 - Announcements on the ferry and hills that grew while I was away
2009-02-20 - Foreground activation permission is like love You cant steal it it has to be given to you
2009-02-23 - Why is there no supported way to get the command line of another process
2009-02-24 - Email tip Just because you get answers when you misuse a mailing list doesnt doesnt mean you should c
2009-02-24 - Rob Cockerham investigates those companies that pay cash for gold
2009-02-25 - Smart quotes The hidden scourge of text meant for computer consumption
2009-02-25 - Star Trek meets The A-Team
2009-02-26 - Pressing a registered hotkey gives you the foreground activation love
2009-02-27 - How does Raymond decide what to post on any particular day
2009-02-27 - What are your high school language students complaining about today

The Old New Thing - 2009 03

2009-03-02 - Do QueryProcessCycleTime and QueryThreadCycleTime include cycles spent in kernel mode
2009-03-02 - The Suggestion Box is for suggestions thats why its called a Suggestion Box
2009-03-03 - If Twitter is micro-blogging then is what Im doing macro-tweeting
2009-03-03 - Why is there a dry fountain in the Redmond North campus
2009-03-04 - Microspeak Year-over-year
2009-03-05 - Fixups are not the same as rewriting code theyre just fixups
2009-03-05 - Race you to the top The Empire State Building Run-Up
2009-03-06 - Why is the Win32 epoch January 1 1601
2009-03-09 - Totally Recall The meal
2009-03-09 - Why doesnt the MoveWindow function generate the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message
2009-03-10 - The house no-electronics zone
2009-03-10 - Why dont the favorites I copy into the common Favorites directory show up in the Favorites menu of al
2009-03-11 - Et tu Fargo
2009-03-11 - Sometimes people dont even read what theyre typing
2009-03-12 - Engineering is about tradeoffs How hard will you work to save 68KB of disk space
2009-03-12 - If Michael Jackson took up bhangra dancing
2009-03-13 - Raymond rewrites newspaper headlines episode 2
2009-03-13 - The perilous quandary of including external drivers on the Windows CD
2009-03-16 - Overheard conversation fragment Shrimp is not vegetables
2009-03-16 - Why does the MoveWindow function let you suppress repainting
2009-03-17 - Well duh Id sure better get my money back
2009-03-18 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2009 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2009-03-18 - You cant globally reserve screen space you can put up signs but if somebody ignores the sign youll ha
2009-03-19 - Defense in depth means that you protect against exploits that dont exist yet
2009-03-20 - How to write like Raymond Intentional typographical errors
2009-03-23 - Whats the point of the MoveWindow function when we already have SetWindowPos
2009-03-24 - Double secret auto-arrange probation
2009-03-25 - Caption contest The pinball machine
2009-03-26 - The inability to lock someone out of the registry is a feature not a bug
2009-03-27 - I drive a car the way most people use a computer
2009-03-30 - What is the implementation of WM_PRINTCLIENT
2009-03-31 - 2009 Q1 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2009-03-31 - Freudian typo The spinlock

The Old New Thing - 2009 04

2009-04-01 - Office redecoration The classic Microsoft prank
2009-04-02 - Windows 95 almost had floppy insertion detection but the training cost was prohibitive
2009-04-03 - On the almost-feature of floppy insertion detection in Windows 95
2009-04-06 - Theres nothing wrong with making bold treeview items
2009-04-07 - Clap and the filter graph claps with you
2009-04-08 - Let GDI do your RLE compression for you
2009-04-09 - Being able to call a function without using GetProcAddress is not a security vulnerability
2009-04-10 - When people ask to disable drag and drop they often are trying to disable accidental drag and drop
2009-04-13 - Why is there no support in the window manager for mouse button chording
2009-04-14 - Microspeak The plate
2009-04-15 - Taxes redux You cant open the file until the user tells you to open it
2009-04-16 - The frustration of people who are not interested in why something works but only interested in the ma
2009-04-17 - Why is the animation common control limited to RLE8-compressed animations
2009-04-20 - Principles of economics translated
2009-04-20 - The dangers of destroying a window while it is processing a sent message
2009-04-21 - How to answer the telephone according to the manual
2009-04-22 - If you cant find the statistics you want then just make them up
2009-04-22 - What structure packing do the Windows SDK header files expect
2009-04-23 - Fashion is something that can be acquired by looking at lots of different fashions
2009-04-23 - Why are there two values for PSH_WIZARD97
2009-04-24 - No were not nerds why do you ask
2009-04-27 - The Start menu pin list is just a list of items theres no magic
2009-04-27 - What kind of uncle am I
2009-04-28 - A simple bar chart on letter distribution
2009-04-29 - Qrystal does more research into those spam blogs
2009-04-29 - Why is there sometimes a half-second delay between the click and the action
2009-04-30 - Identity theft via repeated name changes
2009-04-30 - Those notification icons with their clicks double-clicks right-clicks whats up with that

The Old New Thing - 2009 05

2009-05-01 - When advanced users outsmart themselves The device removal notification icon
2009-05-04 - The dummy icon that doesnt know that its fifteen seconds are over
2009-05-05 - The social skills of a thermonuclear device Why did you hang up
2009-05-06 - You can tell which people listed blogging as a performance review goal
2009-05-07 - A puzzle Why are so many fake LiveJournal blogs written by 29-year-olds
2009-05-07 - When you subclass a window its the original window procedure of the window you subclass you have to c
2009-05-08 - Writing a sort comparison function redux
2009-05-11 - How do I get a window back on the screen when it moved far far away
2009-05-12 - Microspeak T-shirt sizing
2009-05-13 - People become more trustworthy the more you trust them
2009-05-14 - Creating shortcuts in the same folder as the target isnt as stupid as you may think
2009-05-14 - Parents billed when kids miss school Pay for play
2009-05-15 - Imagine our luck when we found one of the fancy conference rooms available for our meeting
2009-05-15 - Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines is online and downloadable
2009-05-18 - How do I know whether a window message was processed
2009-05-19 - Just letting you know I had to reboot my telephone
2009-05-20 - Signs that your new building was originally designed for another purpose Rest rooms
2009-05-21 - First try reading the error message Episode 1
2009-05-22 - Chicken chicken chicken chicken
2009-05-22 - If an event is signaled more than once are they delivered in the order in which they were signaled
2009-05-25 - The latest installment of Wallace and Gromit coming to Seattle
2009-05-25 - Why cant you change the alignment of an edit control after it has been created
2009-05-26 - How to hide privacy violations in a privacy disclosure statement part 2
2009-05-26 - What do you call a gadget that is used for debugging which looks at the properties of other gadgets
2009-05-27 - Before designing and implementing around an assumption it helps to check that your assumption is true
2009-05-28 - An unexpected application of the First Law of Thermodynamics
2009-05-28 - Im sorry you dont have permission to know where this shortcut file should show up in the Explorer win
2009-05-29 - Alternatives to using the error directive to check whether the compiler even sees you
2009-05-29 - Lessons from the state police like what to do when they pull you over

The Old New Thing - 2009 06

2009-06-01 - Whew Im not doing that again
2009-06-01 - Why does the CreateProcess function modify its input command line
2009-06-02 - Spam trackback attack returns its not a matter of whether but how much
2009-06-02 - Who you calling boring
2009-06-03 - Last tube standing The Cardboard Tube Fighting League
2009-06-03 - What does the Zw prefix mean
2009-06-04 - Cool guys dont look at explosions
2009-06-04 - Why cant I rotate the display with ChangeDisplaySettingsEx
2009-06-05 - Bonus chatter about that virus that is responsible for the top six Explorer crashes
2009-06-05 - Im sorry Brian George but we got cut off and I couldnt call you back
2009-06-08 - On the importance of sanity-checking values where money is involved
2009-06-08 - Why isnt there a separate British English version of Windows
2009-06-09 - Mixed messages from the IT department regarding email safety
2009-06-10 - Foreign languages can be used as a secret code but its not always a good secret code
2009-06-10 - Why does MS-DOS use 83 filenames instead of say 112 or 1616
2009-06-11 - Spam trackback attack week 2 statistics
2009-06-11 - Why does Explorer use the term KB instead of KiB
2009-06-12 - A concrete illustration of practical running time vs big-O notation
2009-06-12 - Fortune cookie fortunes are getting less and less interesting all the time
2009-06-15 - Happening to be at the same post-concert restaurant as symphony performers
2009-06-15 - Why do some file operations take file names and others take handles
2009-06-16 - Management-speak Upping the sats and stimulating the ecosystem
2009-06-17 - Sure I can get spurious WM_MOUSEMOVE messages but why do they keep streaming in
2009-06-17 - Welcome to Leavenworth Washingtons faux-Bavarian village
2009-06-18 - Dont you hate it when someone leaks a ref to your clothes
2009-06-18 - The dangers of mixing synchronous and asynchronous state
2009-06-19 - The butter and the money for the butter
2009-06-19 - You cant leave a critical section you never entered
2009-06-22 - High school students guess what happens to money deposited into checking accounts
2009-06-22 - Why does a flashing taskbar result in a fullscreen console returning to windowed mode
2009-06-23 - Oh great and my phone even has a CPU meter
2009-06-24 - Spam trackback attack week 3 statistics
2009-06-24 - Yet another experiment in motivating people to find and fix bugs
2009-06-25 - First try reading the error message episode 2 Even programmers see error messages without reading the
2009-06-25 - News flash Children are influenced by advertising
2009-06-26 - John Swansburg deftly declines the fine print disclaimer on his Heelys
2009-06-26 - The thread that gets the DLL_PROCESS_DETACH notification is not necessarily the one that got the DLL_
2009-06-29 - If you want to consume all the virtual address space well then go ahead and consume it you dont need
2009-06-29 - Learning to lie Early forays
2009-06-30 - 2009 mid-year link clearance
2009-06-30 - Microspeak The plan for the plan

The Old New Thing - 2009 07

2009-07-01 - The New York Times says Im doing it all wrong but maybe thats for the better
2009-07-02 - Foreign languages can be used to impede communication
2009-07-02 - You can use a Coke slogan as your password but not a Pepsi one
2009-07-03 - The most unwanted song ever
2009-07-03 - Why does my screen go black when an emergency hibernation is in progress
2009-07-06 - A 32-bit application can allocate more than 4GB of memory and you dont need 64-bit Windows to do it
2009-07-06 - If somebody speaks a language Im not expecting sometimes I dont understand it even though I should
2009-07-07 - Command line parsers look at what you typed not what what you typed looks like
2009-07-07 - More musings on the peculiar linguistic status of languages acquired in childhood
2009-07-08 - Attack of the rogue feature Oh no where did my Explorer icon labels go
2009-07-08 - Up and down often substitute for compass directions but you have to know when youve taken it too far
2009-07-09 - Film students and The Bicycle Thief
2009-07-09 - MS-DOS also allowed spaces in file names although vanishingly few programs knew how to access them
2009-07-10 - If dynamic DLL dependencies were tracked theyd be all backwards
2009-07-10 - The world reaction to the unexpected death of Michael Jackson extends to young children
2009-07-13 - Failed follow-up The case of the dubious dental work
2009-07-13 - Speculation on how a mishandled 13-character string can result in a blue screen
2009-07-14 - The fun and profit of manipulating the DIB color table can be done without having to modify it
2009-07-14 - What happens to your restaurant tip
2009-07-15 - On gender differences in expectations of thinness and the impact on guys who live in their parents ba
2009-07-15 - Separating the metadata from the DIB pixels Precalculating the BITMAPINFO
2009-07-16 - Caption contest The pinball machine Results
2009-07-16 - Separating the metadata from the DIB pixels Changing the raster operation
2009-07-17 - The disembodiment of DIBs from the DIB section
2009-07-20 - Why was MoveTo replaced with MoveToEx
2009-07-21 - Proto-Microspeak Coceptualize
2009-07-22 - I saw a fascinating documentary about bugs
2009-07-22 - Microspeak Whale Boy
2009-07-23 - Changes to the the 20092010 Seattle Symphony subscription season part 2
2009-07-23 - Your debugging code can be a security hole Contest tickets
2009-07-24 - If you wished a language supported the preprocessor you know you can fix that
2009-07-24 - The guerilla wedding
2009-07-27 - Conway-Kochen Free Will Theorem Lecture series
2009-07-27 - Polling by sleeping versus polling by waiting with a timeout
2009-07-28 - How do I quickly position two windows side by side
2009-07-28 - Mr Lee CatCam lets you see what a cat does all day
2009-07-29 - How do I put a window at the edge of the screen without triggering the automatic positioning behavior
2009-07-29 - The advantage of knowing your limits of discrimination
2009-07-30 - How do I quickly position two windows side by side using only the keyboard
2009-07-30 - What is the difference between CSIDL_DESKTOP and CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY
2009-07-31 - How organizations inadvertently confirm facts when they try not to
2009-07-31 - What is the difference between Directory and DirectoryBackground

The Old New Thing - 2009 08

2009-08-03 - A burglar tells you the best place to hide your money
2009-08-03 - When giving a presentation with a diagram pretend the diagram doesnt exist
2009-08-04 - Programming means that sometimes you have to snap two blocks together
2009-08-05 - How do you drop on the background of an Explorer window when it is in details view
2009-08-05 - Searching for Evil Spot the scam
2009-08-06 - The great thing about regular expression engines is that there are so many to choose from
2009-08-07 - Not beany enough
2009-08-07 - SHCIDS_CANONICALONLY is the moral equivalent in the shell namespace of the Unicode ordinal comparison
2009-08-10 - The wisdom of seveHHHHsixth graders What it means to be an adult
2009-08-10 - Why doesnt StringFormat throw a FormatException if you pass too many parameters
2009-08-11 - Actually FlagsAttribute cant do more thats why its an attribute
2009-08-11 - The wisdom of seventh graders What it means to be an adult
2009-08-12 - The wisdom of sevHHHeighth graders What it means to be an adult
2009-08-12 - Why cant I pass a reference to a derived class to a function that takes a reference to a base class b
2009-08-13 - Common gotchas when writing your own pinvoke
2009-08-13 - Landing the Space Shuttle is hard enough as it is
2009-08-14 - Its not just on the Internet that nobody knows you dont have a real office
2009-08-14 - Why cant I declare a type that derives from a generic type parameter
2009-08-17 - The format rectangle is recalculated whenever the window resizes and thats a good thing
2009-08-18 - Microspeak Action on
2009-08-19 - Theres no law that says a meeting cant end early
2009-08-20 - Why does Windows wait longer than my screen saver idle timeout before starting the screen saver
2009-08-21 - Restating the obvious about the WM_NOTIFY message
2009-08-24 - City noises and their effects on songbirds
2009-08-24 - The operating system doesnt know which language programs are written in by the time the code hits th
2009-08-25 - Meta-content Suggestion Box 4 will open sometime next year
2009-08-25 - My phone just DoSd my office network
2009-08-26 - In Ephesus you juggle or die
2009-08-26 - The way to stop people from copying files to a folder is to use NTFS security not to block dragdrop
2009-08-27 - Isnt every dinner at a technology conference a geek dinner
2009-08-27 - What is the maximum number of timers a program can create
2009-08-28 - A different perspective from the first row of the symphony
2009-08-28 - The great thing about naming conventions is that not everybody will follow them
2009-08-31 - And they dont take American Express
2009-08-31 - Why do new controls tend to use COM instead of window messages

The Old New Thing - 2009 09

2009-09-01 - One way to make sure nobody sends you feedback
2009-09-01 - Walt Mosspuppet The return of the fake blog
2009-09-02 - The wheels of government bureaucracy turn slowly Green cards
2009-09-02 - Welcome to the 11th annual Mid-Atlantic Road-E-O
2009-09-03 - Grown in the middle of some very respectable Seattle suburbs such as Renton
2009-09-03 - Woe unto PROGMANINI
2009-09-04 - Reading the error message carefully can help you see how the computer misinterpreted what you typed
2009-09-04 - Two-year-old as finite state machine
2009-09-07 - Thanks for identifying the good programmers for us
2009-09-08 - Things other people have written that have amused me Episode 2
2009-09-08 - Why are developer tools orange
2009-09-09 - Hey you look Chinese we have a class for people like you
2009-09-09 - When you agree to write to a particular length make sure your content is actually that length
2009-09-10 - Management-speak Focus
2009-09-10 - Start with a 50000 grant hold a fundraiser lose 47000
2009-09-11 - If youre handling an out of memory exception you probably shouldnt allocate memory
2009-09-11 - Most people who go to an open house arent actually interested in buying it
2009-09-14 - A complex family calculus
2009-09-14 - Can you create an information context for the display
2009-09-15 - Crazy Eddie His prices were insane because it was all a criminal operation
2009-09-15 - Why does the Start menu search box autoselect some items but not others
2009-09-16 - Rentonites concerned about Hooters opening in their town but not for the reason you think
2009-09-16 - Whoa there logging on awful fast now are we
2009-09-17 - Should I fix the spelling in the United States Constitution
2009-09-18 - Windows 95s ticking death
2009-09-21 - We accept cash credit cards and Microsoft cardkeys
2009-09-21 - What is the logic behind the thumb size and position calculation in scroll bars
2009-09-22 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 5
2009-09-23 - The COM marshaller uses the COM task allocator to allocate and free memory
2009-09-23 - Weve got your hotel surrounded on one side and not even the entire side
2009-09-24 - Dont panic its just H1N1
2009-09-24 - When people ask for security holes as features Privileged execution
2009-09-25 - The ways people mess up IUnknownQueryInterface episode 2
2009-09-28 - Why doesnt Explorer have an interface for creating hard links
2009-09-29 - Microspeak Net net
2009-09-30 - 2009 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2009-09-30 - Why do messages posted by PostThreadMessage disappear

The Old New Thing - 2009 10

2009-10-02 - The mystery of the other girlfriend
2009-10-02 - When you commit memory you get a commitment to receive memory when you need it but no sooner
2009-10-05 - Trying to come up with the most annoying meal ever
2009-10-05 - Why doesnt the mail image resizer check the image size before offering to resize
2009-10-06 - Proto-Microspeak Efforting
2009-10-07 - I will be speaking at ReflectionsProjections 2009
2009-10-07 - The ways people mess up IUnknownQueryInterface episode 3
2009-10-08 - In Hawaiʻi mahalo might officially mean thank you
2009-10-08 - What is the format of a double-null-terminated string with no strings
2009-10-09 - LoadString can load strings with embedded nulls but your wrapper function might not
2009-10-11 - A Few Seconds of Panic Life as an NFL kicker
2009-10-11 - In the search for the subtle source of the problem you sometimes overlook the obvious one
2009-10-12 - The classical model for linking
2009-10-13 - Why do we have import libraries anyway
2009-10-13 - You always hurt the things you love
2009-10-14 - Viral video Pianotrappan
2009-10-14 - When you want to pass a parameter on the command line dont forget to pass the parameter on the comman
2009-10-15 - Dont use global state to manage a local problem practical exam
2009-10-16 - Arrived in Urbana-Champaign for ReflectionsProjections 2009
2009-10-16 - Important window message numbers to memorize
2009-10-19 - Leaving Reflections Projections 2009 travel marathon part two
2009-10-19 - Thinking inside the box
2009-10-20 - How to write like Raymond Start a sentence with a question mark
2009-10-21 - Please sir take a seat sit anywhere you like but oh no not there rats
2009-10-22 - Once you announce a date youre already late
2009-10-23 - If you have to cast you cant afford it
2009-10-26 - Why wont my computer go to sleep Where is the energy going
2009-10-26 - Yes theres a new desktop window manager but no I dont know any more about it than you do
2009-10-27 - Freudian typo The accidental emoticon
2009-10-27 - If aluminum pull tab redemption is a rumor what happens to all the tabs
2009-10-28 - Warning Not much useful content inside
2009-10-28 - Why does the Photo Gallery show all my photos with a colored tinge
2009-10-29 - What this batch file needs is more escape characters
2009-10-30 - Still working out the finer details of how this Halloween thing works
2009-10-30 - What is the format for FirstInstallDateTime on Windows 95

The Old New Thing - 2009 11

2009-11-02 - Hey is there somebody around to accept this award
2009-11-03 - Microspeak Net out
2009-11-03 - When asked to choose among multiple options the politician will pick all of them
2009-11-04 - Good advice comes with a rationale so you can tell when it becomes bad advice
2009-11-04 - In the product end game every change carries significant risk
2009-11-05 - The day the coffee machine exploded
2009-11-06 - Signs that the symbols in your stack trace are wrong
2009-11-09 - How do I create a toolbar that sits in the taskbar
2009-11-09 - Stories of anticipating dead computers Windows Home Server
2009-11-10 - I reorganized your kitchen for you sweetie
2009-11-10 - Little-known command line utility clip
2009-11-11 - Leave it to the Taiwanese to think of wrapping a donut inside another donut
2009-11-11 - Trying to avoid double-destruction and inadvertently triggering it
2009-11-12 - Why can you create a PIF file that points to something that isnt an MS-DOS program
2009-11-13 - What a drag You can be a drag in managed code too
2009-11-13 - You thought reasoning about signals was bad reasoning about a total breakdown of normal functioning i
2009-11-16 - How to pretend that you attended my talk at UIUC ReflectionsProjections 2009
2009-11-16 - Why does shlwapi import a nonexistent function
2009-11-17 - How to tell when your patent has been approved
2009-11-17 - We found the author of Notepad sorry you didnt go to the award ceremony
2009-11-18 - How do I move the Windowsedb and other search index files
2009-11-18 - News flash Healthy people live longer
2009-11-19 - Were using a smart pointer so we cant possibly be the source of the leak
2009-11-20 - The difference between assignment and attachment with ATL smart pointers
2009-11-23 - Can I talk to that William fellow He was so helpful
2009-11-24 - When computer programmers dabble in making change
2009-11-25 - How do I get the command line of another process
2009-11-25 - The magic of chocolate milk
2009-11-26 - I want to take all your chocolate milk
2009-11-26 - When you want to copy a file into a folder make sure you have a folder
2009-11-27 - Caches are nice but they confuse memory leak detection tools
2009-11-27 - How does Raymond get rid of his excess pennies
2009-11-30 - Umpires are the lymphatic system of the baseball diamond
2009-11-30 - Where did WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN come from

The Old New Thing - 2009 12

2009-12-01 - Intelius cancels its cell phone directory saving me the trouble of having to opt out of it every thre
2009-12-01 - Microspeak Cookie licking
2009-12-02 - A shell extension is a guest in someone elses house dont go changing the carpet
2009-12-02 - Fake trend watch Bridesmaid pre-nuptial agreements
2009-12-03 - What is the effect of setting the 3GB switch on my 64-bit Windows machine
2009-12-03 - Why do Swedes count 1 X 2
2009-12-04 - When there is a long line of people waiting for a shared resource you want to investigate the person
2009-12-04 - Why do some comments have a star
2009-12-07 - Im sorry BrianBryan Gregory that confirming the spelling of your name is too much for you to handle
2009-12-07 - What is the story behind multimonh
2009-12-08 - How do I determine the processors cache line size
2009-12-08 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 6
2009-12-09 - What are those little overlay icons Windows 7 edition
2009-12-10 - Only an idiot would have parameter validation and only an idiot would not have it
2009-12-10 - Those houses are too small for anyone to live in
2009-12-11 - Lamebook The best of Facebook
2009-12-11 - The format of bitmap resources
2009-12-14 - Why did the word Start disappear from the Start button
2009-12-15 - You are listening to Radio Free Bob a pirate radio station broadcasting on the Microsoft corporate ne
2009-12-16 - Just like in real life you can hire someone to do your programming taxes for you
2009-12-17 - Surprising things injected into Mozart cadenzas
2009-12-17 - What was the ShowCursor function intended to be used for
2009-12-18 - I got an array with plenty of nuthin
2009-12-18 - The economic inefficiency of gift-giving
2009-12-21 - Christmas gift idea for your favorite Microsoft fanboy geek with no sense of fashion or taste
2009-12-21 - What version of the compiler does Raymond use
2009-12-22 - No you cant lock icons to the users desktop
2009-12-22 - Tweeting Too Hard Best of Twitter
2009-12-23 - Exploiting the inattentive The posted wine rating may not match the wine on the shelf
2009-12-23 - Why is it possible to destroy a critical section while it is in use
2009-12-24 - The NPR Planet Money one-hour story competition The shopping mall convention
2009-12-24 - Why dont we create a special class of programs which can break the normal rules
2009-12-25 - Merry Christmas to me Zune headphones
2009-12-25 - No you didnt win the Jethro Tull box set and please tell everybody else in your area code to stop cal
2009-12-28 - How does the keyboard autorepeat setting work
2009-12-29 - How do I minimize a group of windows in Windows 7 from the taskbar
2009-12-30 - Even your folder icons can be used as a Rorschach test
2009-12-30 - Join the Seattle Symphony for a New Year Eves performance of Beethovens Nin wait a second
2009-12-31 - 2009 year-end link clearance
2009-12-31 - Why does COM require output pointers to be initialized even on failure

The Old New Thing - 2010 01

2010-01-01 - The goggles they do nothing Gemulator advertisement from 1992
2010-01-01 - Your program assumes that COM output pointers are initialized on failure you just dont realize it yet
2010-01-04 - How about not granting debug privileges to users
2010-01-04 - How many sides are there to a snowflake The answer may surprise your marketing department
2010-01-05 - Microspeak Engagement
2010-01-05 - Thanks for coming together to enjoy the holiday together now get off my lawn
2010-01-06 - Can you get rotating an array to run faster than On
2010-01-06 - The wisdom of seventh graders Success
2010-01-07 - How to change the debugger attached to a process
2010-01-07 - Learning how to cheat at Candy Land
2010-01-08 - What is the hSection parameter to CreateDIBSection for
2010-01-11 - Pros and cons of using a four-year-old as your language instructor
2010-01-11 - Why arent compatibility workarounds disabled when a debugger is attached
2010-01-12 - But thats not all The story of that cheesy Steve Ballmer Windows video
2010-01-12 - Weight Gain 4000 the competition
2010-01-13 - News flash Wearing clothing keeps you warm
2010-01-13 - Why does GetCommandLine give me a corrupted command line
2010-01-14 - I could just use a picture of a regular-sized shopping cart from farther away
2010-01-14 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway If they can inject code then the
2010-01-15 - How you might be loading a DLL during DLL_PROCESS_DETACH without even realizing it
2010-01-18 - Its fine to rename a function in your DEF file but when you do you have to link to that function by i
2010-01-18 - People just like you for certain values of you
2010-01-19 - The hardest part of writing the video game Monty Pythons Complete Waste of Time
2010-01-20 - The wrong way to determine the size of a buffer
2010-01-21 - Historically Windows didnt tend to provide functions for things you can already do yourself
2010-01-22 - During process termination the gates are now electrified
2010-01-25 - Why doesnt the window manager have a SetClipboardDataEx helper function
2010-01-26 - Microspeak Zap
2010-01-27 - If you are trying to understand an error you may want to look up the error code to see what it means
2010-01-28 - What idiot would hard-code the path to Notepad
2010-01-29 - How do I suppress full window dragresize for just one window
2010-01-29 - Microsoft phenomenon The annual award that winds up being awarded only once

The Old New Thing - 2010 02

2010-02-01 - It looks a little like CMD except there is white on the background
2010-02-01 - Why cant I use the linker to delay-load a function from kernel32
2010-02-02 - It appears that car park computers revert to their native language German when placed under stress
2010-02-02 - Microspeak Future-proofing
2010-02-03 - Long-term temporary parking
2010-02-03 - What is the maximum length of an environment variable
2010-02-04 - The Brits once again come up with a clever solution to the problem of the scatterbrained client
2010-02-04 - Why doesnt the shell animation control tell me the dimensions of the animation it is displaying
2010-02-05 - A simple Venn diagram teaches you the difference between Norway and Sweden
2010-02-05 - Why doesnt my program receive the WM_DWMSENDICONICTHUMBNAIL message when I ask for an iconic represen
2010-02-08 - For better performance set all your monitors to the same color format
2010-02-08 - The 20102011 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2010-02-09 - Moving by staying put
2010-02-09 - No matter what you do someone will call you an idiot part 2
2010-02-10 - Those annoying satisfaction surveys
2010-02-11 - A sense of the term anonymous with which I had previously been unfamiliar
2010-02-12 - A decidedly Canadian response to the shambles that was the running portion of the modern pentathlon i
2010-02-12 - How do I get information about the target of a symbolic link
2010-02-15 - Advocating the overthrow of the government of the United States by force or subversion
2010-02-15 - Private classes superclassing and global subclassing
2010-02-16 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Dubious escalation
2010-02-16 - The fundamental rule of rocket science
2010-02-17 - Happy birthday Windows 2000 and try not to get too hung over
2010-02-18 - Dont forget to double-null-terminate those strings you pass to SHFileOperation
2010-02-19 - How many servings are there in a single-serve cup The answer might surprise you
2010-02-19 - The normal string manipulation functions stop on a null terminator so be careful when manipulating do
2010-02-22 - Custom navigation in dialog boxes redux
2010-02-22 - On the Internet everybody wants to know if youre a dog
2010-02-23 - Le Chateliers principle in action Announcements
2010-02-24 - German language tip Matratzen mattresses Matrosen sailors
2010-02-24 - Why does the CBS_SORT combo box style sort the left square bracket so strangely
2010-02-25 - Food products that are offenses against nature Bagel-fuls
2010-02-25 - What happens to the fibers which ran on a thread when the thread exits
2010-02-26 - Its fine to use fibers but everybody has to be on board with the plan
2010-02-26 - Microwave popcorn enthusiast proudly proclaims I am popcorn

The Old New Thing - 2010 03

2010-03-01 - Chilly Hilly 2010 kicked my butt
2010-03-01 - When does STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW override the parameter passed to ShowWindow
2010-03-02 - Microspeak Dialogue
2010-03-03 - Voicemail security even stronger than bank security
2010-03-04 - Everyday is Grammer Day
2010-03-04 - What happens if I drag the mouse by exactly the amount specified by SM_CXDRAG
2010-03-05 - Delegation of responsibilities within a family during pregnancy
2010-03-05 - How do I access the magic IEEE floating point values like NaN in code
2010-03-08 - The best actors in the business still lean into the microphone when they talk
2010-03-08 - Why doesnt double-right-click bring up the Properties dialog
2010-03-09 - PSM_ISDIALOGMESSAGE is to modeless property sheets as IsDialogMessage is to modeless dialog boxes
2010-03-09 - Why is the fine for a basic traffic infraction in the state of Washington such a random-looking numbe
2010-03-10 - One of the consequences of accepting a job offer is that you might end up working with an interviewer
2010-03-11 - Application compatibility layers are there for the customer not for the program
2010-03-12 - Simplifying context menu extensions with IExecuteCommand
2010-03-12 - Why does the OLE variant date format use 30 December 1899 as its zero point
2010-03-15 - A window can have a parent or an owner but not both
2010-03-15 - Robots and humans coexisting can it be done peacefully
2010-03-16 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2010 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2010-03-16 - Why does my control send its notifications to the wrong window after I reparent it
2010-03-17 - What is DLL import hinting
2010-03-18 - What is DLL import binding
2010-03-19 - How does delay-loading use binding information
2010-03-19 - How many days long is a one-day sale The answer might surprise you
2010-03-22 - Germans are falling for the same trap as the Japanese Importing words from English and changing the m
2010-03-22 - Why does SHFileOperation have internal error codes for DVD
2010-03-23 - Why does it take longer to reject an invalid password than to accept a valid one
2010-03-24 - First try reading the error message episode 3 Even programmers see error messages without reading the
2010-03-25 - WaitForInputIdle should really be called WaitForProcessStartupComplete
2010-03-26 - WaitForInputIdle waits for any thread which might not be the thread you care about
2010-03-29 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg the yardstick for Wikipedia entries
2010-03-29 - What happens to the control names in the IDE when my program is running
2010-03-30 - Non-Microspeak Boiling the ocean
2010-03-31 - 2010 Q1 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2010-03-31 - The great thing about URL encodings is that there are so many to choose from

The Old New Thing - 2010 04

2010-04-01 - EnumClaw the function that never was
2010-04-02 - Why do non-folders in my shell namespace extension show up in the folder tree view
2010-04-05 - When people ask for security holes as features Non-administrators reading other users stuff
2010-04-06 - Microspeak SQMmed
2010-04-07 - How to edit the security attributes of more than one file at a time
2010-04-08 - Why doesnt SS_WHITERECT actually draw a white rectangle
2010-04-09 - Why cant you use WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC to change the color of a SS_BLACKRECT
2010-04-12 - How do I switch a window between normal and fullscreen
2010-04-13 - Its a miracle humanity has survived this far if reaction to the inability to make or receive a teleph
2010-04-14 - When you create an object with constraints you have to make sure everybody who uses the object unders
2010-04-15 - Why are there two values for NoDriveTypeAutoRun which disable Autoplay on drives of unknown type
2010-04-16 - The mysterious stock bitmap Theres no way to summon it but it shows up in various places
2010-04-19 - Why does the wireless connection dialog ask for your password twice
2010-04-20 - The difference between your job and your hobby
2010-04-21 - Email tip When you say that something didnt work you have to say how it didnt work
2010-04-22 - Email tip When asking for help with a problem also mention what youve already tried
2010-04-23 - Our legal department suggests you skip our salad dressing and just eat an avocado
2010-04-23 - Why cant I get my regular expression pattern to match words that begin with
2010-04-26 - Why doesnt TryEnterCriticalSection try harder
2010-04-27 - He bought the whole seat but we only needed the edge
2010-04-28 - What happens to the contents of a memory-mapped file when a process is terminated abnormally
2010-04-29 - A short puzzle about heap expansion
2010-04-30 - If its not yours then dont mess with it without permission from the owner
2010-04-30 - Welcome to Taiwans premier English-only nightclub

The Old New Thing - 2010 05

2010-05-03 - How do I accept files to be opened via IDropTarget instead of on the command line
2010-05-03 - Welcome to Belém the scam artist capital of Lisbon
2010-05-04 - Microspeak The statistic known as BIS
2010-05-05 - Eating where the teenagers are Pão Pão Queijo Queijo
2010-05-05 - How the shell converts an icon location into an icon
2010-05-06 - On the Portuguese custom of the couvert and other restaurant customs
2010-05-06 - What are these strange C environment variables
2010-05-07 - The many ways of converting a string from one language to another
2010-05-07 - Words youve had wrong your entire life
2010-05-10 - On nearly getting pickpocketed in both Lisbon and Madrid
2010-05-10 - Why can programs empty the clipboard when they start up
2010-05-11 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Consequences of enabling the ker
2010-05-12 - The problem with setting up a story is that people focus on the set-up and miss the point of the stor
2010-05-13 - Things the locals know How to have lunch at El Brillante
2010-05-13 - Why can I type a lowercase s with caron with the numeric keypad but not a lowercase r with caron
2010-05-14 - How do I prevent users from dragging and dropping files in Explorer
2010-05-14 - Maxing out the upsell-o-meter
2010-05-17 - If Windows 311 required a 32-bit processor why was it called a 16-bit operating system
2010-05-18 - An insight into the balance between forgiveness and permission
2010-05-18 - No good deed goes unpunished part 2 redux
2010-05-19 - If you can detect the difference between an emulator and the real thing then the emulator has failed
2010-05-20 - Weve traced the call and its coming from inside the house Operating system names
2010-05-21 - SHAutoComplete giveth and SHAutoComplete taketh away
2010-05-24 - Welcome to The New Old New Thing 2010 edition
2010-05-24 - Whats the deal with Whats This
2010-05-25 - Cliff Notes The short version of the Cliff Mass blog
2010-05-25 - Why doesnt the Windows Vista copy progress dialog show the names of the files being copied
2010-05-26 - How do I find the bounding box for a character in a font
2010-05-27 - When will the window manager destroy a menu automatically and when do I need to do it manually
2010-05-28 - Every window with the WS_SYSMENU style has a system menu but its not there until it needs to be
2010-05-28 - How do I accept files to be opened via IDropTarget instead of on the command line bonus content
2010-05-31 - Thats a great idea its on the list

The Old New Thing - 2010 06

2010-06-01 - Welcome to the maze and enjoy the Habitrail
2010-06-01 - Why doesnt the Windows Vista copy progress dialog show the names of the files being copied redux
2010-06-02 - Puzzle Can you explain this programs crash profile
2010-06-02 - The giant typewriter eraser in the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle
2010-06-03 - How do I convert an ANSI string directly to UTF-8
2010-06-03 - The voice of Carl Kasell emerges from the loudspeaker as some old guy stands there and moves his mout
2010-06-04 - How do I enable and disable the minimize maximize and close buttons in my caption bar
2010-06-07 - Dum dee dum just hanging around the European Conference on Computer Supported Co-op OMG LOOK AT THOSE
2010-06-07 - Is it real that you are still using Visual C 6 and 5
2010-06-08 - Proto-Microspeak Bug-hugging
2010-06-09 - When you use a term it helps if you know what the term means
2010-06-10 - When you set a 100 CPU program to real-time priority you get what you asked for
2010-06-11 - How do I indicate that I want my window to follow right-to-left layout rules
2010-06-11 - My niece asked me what color seashell I would like her to draw
2010-06-14 - Annotating function parameters and using PREfast to check them
2010-06-14 - Hunting for loopholes in Washington states driving-while-phoning-or-texting law
2010-06-15 - What does the PRE in PREfast stand for
2010-06-16 - I always do a double-take when I see the name Andrew Bynum
2010-06-16 - Why cant AppLocale just be added to the Compatibility property sheet page
2010-06-17 - As random as I wanna be Why cmdexes RANDOM isnt so random
2010-06-18 - Bug Bash Its funny because its true
2010-06-21 - Wow a task bar what a novel idea
2010-06-22 - How do I customize the Favorite Links section of the File Open dialog
2010-06-23 - The best way to prove somebody incompetent is to make up stuff and then point out that its idiotic
2010-06-24 - When setting expectations you also have to deny them when necessary
2010-06-25 - 6-4 3-6 6-7 7-9 7-6 7-3 70-68 The scoreboard doesnt even go that high
2010-06-25 - My life as a square pixel
2010-06-28 - How do I get a radio button control to render its text transparently
2010-06-28 - Redneck Scrabble Its fun unless you had to do it for real
2010-06-29 - The illusory repair powers of black electrical tape
2010-06-30 - 2010 mid-year link clearance
2010-06-30 - Management fallacy If I send people email then they will work harder

The Old New Thing - 2010 07

2010-07-01 - What Raymond listens to KCRWs The Business
2010-07-01 - What is the lpClass member of SHELLEXECUTEINFO used for
2010-07-02 - Instead of trying to figure out what shortcut class to use just ask the shell to do it for you
2010-07-02 - The commutative law for postage and its limitations
2010-07-05 - One small silver lining of moving Boeing headquarters to Chicago
2010-07-06 - Hardware backward compatibility The firmware that missed one tiny detail
2010-07-07 - Crackpots in computer security The neighbors are looking at me weird
2010-07-08 - How do I configure a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut to open on a specific monitor
2010-07-09 - Whats the difference between LastWriteTime and ChangeTime in FILE_BASIC_INFO
2010-07-12 - What is the cost of WS_CLIPSIBLINGS if the sibling windows dont overlap
2010-07-13 - Tips for planning your ship party
2010-07-14 - Why dont all the Control Panel applications show up when you open a menu from the address bar
2010-07-15 - Theres always the low-tech way of managing a process too
2010-07-16 - How do I launch the Explorer Search window with specific search criteria
2010-07-19 - To enable and disable a window use the EnableWindow function
2010-07-20 - Management-speak Multi-perspective content
2010-07-20 - Suggestion Box 4
2010-07-21 - No you cant lock a gadget to the top of the sidebar
2010-07-22 - I will be speaking at TechReady11
2010-07-22 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 7
2010-07-23 - If Im not supposed to call IsBadXxxPtr how can I check if a pointer is bad
2010-07-23 - MSDN content is also available as a Web service
2010-07-26 - Why didnt Windows XP auto-elevate programs beyond those named setupexe
2010-07-27 - Hardware backward compatibility The finicky floppy drive
2010-07-28 - The frustration of people who have already decided on the solution and wont let you derail them with
2010-07-29 - Holy cow those TechReady attendees really love their tchotchkes
2010-07-29 - Why is my icon being drawn at the wrong size when I call DrawIcon
2010-07-30 - Decoding the parameters of a thrown C exception 0xE06D7363

The Old New Thing - 2010 08

2010-08-02 - A brief conversation while preparing to hike along the Pacific coast
2010-08-02 - Did I know where the Novell short file name behavior came from
2010-08-03 - Dont forget to replace your placeholder bitmaps with real bitmaps
2010-08-04 - How many failure reports does a bug have to get before Windows will fix it
2010-08-05 - Raymond misreads flyers episode 2 It Takes You
2010-08-06 - Some known folders cannot be moved but others can and youll just have to accept that
2010-08-09 - Everybody thinks about garbage collection the wrong way
2010-08-10 - Everybody thinks about CLR objects the wrong way well not everybody
2010-08-10 - When does an object become available for garbage collection
2010-08-11 - How do I get the reference count of a CLR object
2010-08-12 - How can I find all objects of a particular type
2010-08-13 - When do I need to use GCKeepAlive
2010-08-16 - What happened to WinHelp
2010-08-17 - What was that story about the WinHelp pen-writing-in-book animation
2010-08-18 - Microspeak The funnel
2010-08-19 - How do I get the Explorer navigation pane to highlight the current folder all the time
2010-08-19 - I challenge you to come up with an even lamer physics pun
2010-08-20 - Miss France she has the Eiffel Tower on her head because France has the Eiffel Tower and no other cou
2010-08-20 - Why does the primary monitor have 00 as its upper left coordinate
2010-08-23 - Be careful that your splash screen doesnt squander the foreground love
2010-08-24 - Windows 95 It sucks less
2010-08-25 - What young children do when they hear a foreign language
2010-08-25 - Why did the Explore option disappear from the context menu of folders in the second column of the Sta
2010-08-26 - How do I recover the window handle passed to ShellExecute
2010-08-27 - If you return from the main thread does the process exit
2010-08-30 - On LockWindowUpdate Locking the taskbar
2010-08-30 - Reflections create Xbox logo on neighbors roof
2010-08-31 - Be on the alert Mainstream and alternative medicines mixed together on the store shelves not clearly
2010-08-31 - Shutdown reason codes are reason codes not error codes or HRESULTs

The Old New Thing - 2010 09

2010-09-01 - Yes the Windows 7 beta wallpaper was a picture of a betta fish
2010-09-02 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway If you grant users full control
2010-09-03 - What happens to a named object when all handles to it are closed
2010-09-06 - Was there really an Opera billboard outside Microsoft main campus
2010-09-07 - How do I customize the order of items in the All Programs section of the Start menu
2010-09-08 - The contractually obligatory beeper and the customers who demand them
2010-09-09 - Flushing your performance down the drain that is
2010-09-10 - Hey there token long time no see Did you do something with your hair
2010-09-13 - Ha ha the speaker gift is a speaker get it
2010-09-13 - Why doesnt Win32 give you the option of ignoring failures in DLL import resolution
2010-09-14 - Microspeak Sats
2010-09-15 - Follow-up The impact of overwhelmingly talented competitors on the rest of the field
2010-09-15 - How do I create a UNC to an IPv6 address
2010-09-16 - How is the CommandLineToArgvW function intended to be used
2010-09-17 - Its amazing how many business meetings there are in Munich in late September
2010-09-17 - Whats up with the strange treatment of quotation marks and backslashes by CommandLineToArgvW
2010-09-20 - How do I get the dropped height of a combo box
2010-09-21 - Fact check The first major Microsoft product launched via Webcast
2010-09-22 - Happy Mid-Autumn festival 2010
2010-09-22 - What is the effect of the LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch on a DLL
2010-09-23 - Pizza The reference food for young children
2010-09-23 - You must flush GDI operations when switching between direct access and GDI access and direct access i
2010-09-24 - Does anybody actually like Brazil nuts
2010-09-24 - How reliable is the BatteryLifePercent member of the SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS structure
2010-09-27 - Childrens reactions to macadamia nuts dipped in chocolate
2010-09-27 - Why not just require each application to declare what version of Windows it is compatible with
2010-09-28 - Speculation around Microsoft Company Meeting 2010
2010-09-29 - We apologize for the delay but there is an issue with the music
2010-09-29 - Where did my mail control panel icon go
2010-09-30 - 2010 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2010-09-30 - Why doesnt the TAB key work on controls Ive marked as WS_TABSTOP

The Old New Thing - 2010 10

2010-10-01 - Non-psychic debugging Why youre leaking timers
2010-10-01 - Which ferry should we take from Germany back to Denmark Oh its this one except for that one word I do
2010-10-04 - On understanding that getting married comes with changes in lifestyle
2010-10-04 - Why is the origin at the upper left corner
2010-10-05 - Secret passages on Microsoft main campus
2010-10-06 - Wildly popular computer game The Windows product team has you covered
2010-10-07 - The overlooked computer room at school that became my office for a while
2010-10-07 - Why does TaskDialog return immediately without showing a dialog
2010-10-08 - Why does TaskDialog return immediately without showing a dialog Answer
2010-10-08 - Why does my asynchronous IO request return TRUE instead of failing with ERROR_IO_PENDING
2010-10-11 - Why does each drive have its own current directory
2010-10-12 - Why are the keyboard scan codes for digits off by one
2010-10-13 - How do I get the color depth of the screen
2010-10-14 - The memcmp function reports the result of the comparison at the point of the first difference but it
2010-10-15 - What does the FOF_NOCOPYSECURITYATTRIBS flag really do or not do
2010-10-18 - The evolution of the ICO file format part 1 Monochrome beginnings
2010-10-19 - The evolution of the ICO file format part 2 Now in color
2010-10-20 - How do I get the dimensions of a cursor or icon
2010-10-21 - The evolution of the ICO file format part 3 Alpha-blended images
2010-10-22 - The evolution of the ICO file format part 4 PNG images
2010-10-25 - Belated happy first birthday Windows 7
2010-10-25 - When you call a function your code doesnt resume execution until that function returns
2010-10-26 - Hacking Barney the dinosaur for fun no profit
2010-10-27 - How do I programmatically invoke Aero Peek on a window
2010-10-28 - Why is there an LVN_ODSTATECHANGED notification when theres already a perfectly good LVN_ITEMCHANGED
2010-10-29 - Debugging walkthrough Diagnosing a __purecall failure
2010-10-29 - Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown The world of competitive pumpkin-growing

The Old New Thing - 2010 11

2010-11-01 - Why doesnt the End Task button end my task immediately
2010-11-02 - Saying that your case is different doesnt make it so
2010-11-02 - The wisdom of seventh graders Being President
2010-11-03 - The quiet fading away of the CtlPanelClass
2010-11-04 - The story of MUI as told by others with some commentary
2010-11-05 - Why does the Win32 Time service require the date to be correct before it will set the time
2010-11-08 - Is there any vendor bias in the way the Start menu determines which programs are most frequently used
2010-11-09 - The curse of the current directory
2010-11-10 - Your debugging code can be a security vulnerability Loading optional debugging DLLs without a full pa
2010-11-11 - Using delayload to detect functionality is a security vulnerability
2010-11-12 - Why does the common file dialog change the current directory
2010-11-15 - The program running in a console decides what appears in that console
2010-11-16 - If you measure something people will change their behavior to address the measurement and not the thi
2010-11-17 - How full does a hard drive have to get before Explorer will start getting concerned
2010-11-18 - One possible reason why ShellExecute returns SE_ERR_ACCESSDENIED and ShellExecuteEx returns ERROR_ACC
2010-11-19 - Whats the difference between the Windows directory and the System directory
2010-11-22 - Consequences of using variables declared __declspecthread
2010-11-23 - But whos going to set up their own email server
2010-11-24 - You can filter the Common File dialog with wildcards
2010-11-25 - What if two programs did this Practical exam
2010-11-26 - The easy way out is to just answer the question What is the current Explorer window looking at
2010-11-26 - Watching the game of Telephone play out in five seconds
2010-11-29 - What were GetSetMessageExtraInfo ever used for
2010-11-30 - Microspeak Take-away

The Old New Thing - 2010 12

2010-12-01 - How do I delete bytes from the beginning of a file
2010-12-01 - I will be speaking at TechEd China 2010 today
2010-12-02 - The alignment declaration specifier is in bytes not bits
2010-12-03 - ZOMG This program is using 100 CPU1 Think of the puppies1111eleven
2010-12-06 - TrackMouseEvent tracks mouse events in your window but only if the events belong to your window
2010-12-07 - Creative naming in pursuit of subverting the no-fun zone
2010-12-08 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Invalid parameters from one secu
2010-12-08 - Kindergarten writing exercise from my niece
2010-12-09 - Weve traced the call and its coming from inside the house Grid lines in list view report mode
2010-12-09 - What appears superficially to be a line is actually just a one-dimensional mob
2010-12-10 - How do I limit the size of the preview window used by Aero Snap
2010-12-10 - Some notes on my trip to Beijing disguised as travel tips
2010-12-13 - Why are the Compression and Encryption options check boxes instead of radio buttons
2010-12-14 - Microspeak Informing a product
2010-12-14 - The subtleties of a Will Ferrell movie and other observations from the in-flight entertainment on a C
2010-12-15 - There is no interface for preventing your notification icon from being hidden
2010-12-16 - Why does SHCOLUMNINFO have unusually tight packing
2010-12-17 - The OVERLAPPED associated with asynchronous IO is passed by address and you can take advantage of tha
2010-12-20 - Developing the method for taking advantage of the fact that the OVERLAPPED associated with asynchrono
2010-12-20 - What happened to the return code from WinMain in 16-bit Windows
2010-12-21 - How do I simulate input without SendInput
2010-12-22 - The __fortran calling convention isnt the calling convention used by FORTRAN
2010-12-23 - What is the correct way of temporarily changing a threads preferred UI language
2010-12-24 - Some suggestions on improving the assembly instructions for your childrens play furniture
2010-12-24 - That mysterious 01
2010-12-27 - Why cant you use the space bar to select check box and radio button elements from a menu
2010-12-28 - Windows 7 not only can make a wallpaper slide show from images on your computer it can even pull them
2010-12-29 - Psychic debugging When I copy a file to the clipboard and then paste it I get an old version of the f
2010-12-30 - WindowFromPoint ChildWindowFromPoint RealChildWindowFromPoint when will it all end
2010-12-31 - 2010 year-end link clearance
2010-12-31 - What makes RealGetWindowClass so much more real than GetClassName

The Old New Thing - 2011 01

2011-01-03 - Begin feeling
2011-01-04 - From inside the Redmond Reality Distortion Field Why publish documents in PDF
2011-01-05 - Why does SHGetSpecialFolderPath take such a long time before returning a network error
2011-01-06 - Processes commit RAM threads and how high can you go
2011-01-07 - When does a process ID become available for reuse
2011-01-10 - Why does pasting a string containing an illegal filename character into a rename edit box delete the
2011-01-11 - The message text limit for the Marquee screen saver is 255 even if you bypass the dialog box that pre
2011-01-12 - My what strange NOPs you have
2011-01-13 - The MARGINS parameter to the DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea function controls how far the frame extends
2011-01-14 - Whats the difference between an asynchronous PIPE_WAIT pipe and a PIPE_NOWAIT pipe
2011-01-17 - Was showing the column header in all Explorer views a rogue feature
2011-01-18 - Dont just stand around saying somebody should do something Be someone
2011-01-19 - Why didnt they use the Space Shuttle to rescue the Apollo 13 astronauts
2011-01-20 - How to turn off the exception handler that COM helpfully wraps around your server
2011-01-21 - Modality part 9 Setting the correct owner for modal UI practical exam
2011-01-21 - The 20112012 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2011-01-24 - Theres a default implementation for WM_SETREDRAW but you might be able to do better
2011-01-25 - Why does the name of my TEMP directory keep changing
2011-01-26 - Microspeak Leverage
2011-01-27 - How do you obtain the icon for a shortcut without the shortcut overlay
2011-01-28 - Some remarks on VirtualAlloc and MEM_LARGE_PAGES
2011-01-31 - Solutions that require a time machine Making applications which require compatibility behaviors crash

The Old New Thing - 2011 02

2011-02-01 - There is no longer any pleasure in reading the annual Microsoft injury reports
2011-02-02 - Ready cancel wait for it part 1
2011-02-03 - I am no longer impressed by your fancy new 10000 BTU hot pot burner
2011-02-03 - Ready cancel wait for it part 2
2011-02-04 - Ready cancel wait for it part 3
2011-02-04 - The 2010 Niney Award nominees have been announced
2011-02-07 - The cursor isnt associated with a window or a window class its associated with a thread group
2011-02-08 - Microspeak Recycling bits or recycling electrons
2011-02-09 - Why does SHGetKnownFolderPath return E_FAIL for a known folder
2011-02-10 - Psychic debugging Because of course when something doesnt work its because the program was sabotaged
2011-02-11 - Any intelligent human being
2011-02-11 - How do specify that a shortcut should not be promoted as newly-installed on the Start menu
2011-02-14 - What happens when you email the people in the Im a PC commercial
2011-02-15 - Dont mention the war I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it all right Episode 2
2011-02-15 - Window message parameters do not come with metaphysical certitude
2011-02-16 - What is the difference between a directory and a folder
2011-02-17 - What is the highest numerical resource ID permitted by Win32
2011-02-18 - WM_NCHITTEST is for hit-testing and hit-testing can happen for reasons other than the mouse being ove
2011-02-21 - If an operation results in messages being sent then naturally the target window must be processing me
2011-02-21 - Sharktopus Just when you thought it was safe to see what movies are coming out
2011-02-22 - Dr Watson and the bluescreen a story from the trenches
2011-02-23 - How long does an idle UNC connection remain active before it is automatically disconnected
2011-02-24 - Shortcuts are serializable objects which means that they can be stored in places other than just a fi
2011-02-24 - iPhone pricing as economic experiment
2011-02-25 - DRUNK HULKs insightful commentary in all-caps and faux-rudimentary English
2011-02-25 - Why does WaitForMultipleObjects return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER when all the parameters look valid to
2011-02-28 - If you want to use GUIDs to identify your files then nobodys stopping you
2011-02-28 - On the linguistic productivity of the word spam

The Old New Thing - 2011 03

2011-03-01 - No not that M the other M the one called Max
2011-03-02 - Although the x64 calling convention reserves spill space for parameters you dont have to use them as
2011-03-02 - Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi Whose line is it anyway
2011-03-03 - If youre waiting for IO to complete it helps if you actually have an IO to begin with
2011-03-04 - News flash Companies change their product to appeal to their customers
2011-03-04 - The window manager needs a message pump in order to call you back unexpectedly
2011-03-07 - Whats the difference between FreeResource and say DestroyAcceleratorTable
2011-03-08 - Microspeak Cadence
2011-03-09 - How to rescue a broken stack trace Recovering the EBP chain
2011-03-10 - How do I create a topmost window that is never covered by other topmost windows
2011-03-11 - Why does my TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION have the wrong DST cutover date
2011-03-14 - The old DEBUG program can load COM files bigger than 64KB but that doesnt mean they actually load as
2011-03-15 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2011 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2011-03-15 - Why cant Explorer decide what size a file is
2011-03-16 - Whats up with the mysterious inc bp in function prologues of 16-bit code
2011-03-17 - What does the l in lstrcmp stand for
2011-03-18 - You can extend the PROPSHEETPAGE structure with your own bonus data
2011-03-21 - How does the C runtime know whether to use the static-linking or dynamic-linking version of the heade
2011-03-22 - Why is there the message Do not use this registry key in the registry
2011-03-23 - Function requirements are cumulative If you fail to meet any of them then all bets are off
2011-03-24 - How can I generate a consistent but unique value that can coexist with GUIDs
2011-03-25 - How do I monitor or even control the lifetime of an Explorer window
2011-03-25 - Paul Cézanne and Camille Saint-Saëns may have similar-sounding last names but they are not the same p
2011-03-28 - Why did Win32 define BOOL as a signed int instead of an unsigned int
2011-03-29 - Although the default icon for a shortcut is the icon of the target you can override that
2011-03-30 - How do I get the title of a dialog from a dialog resource
2011-03-31 - 2011 Q1 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2011-03-31 - Having an owner window from another process is tricky but its sometimes the right thing to do

The Old New Thing - 2011 04

2011-04-01 - The funniest joke Ive ever told to a three-year-old
2011-04-01 - The introduction of whimsical teasing in Comic Chat
2011-04-04 - Windows is not a NET Framework delivery channel either
2011-04-05 - Lock-free algorithms Choosing a unique value warm-up
2011-04-06 - Lock-free algorithms Choosing a unique value solutions
2011-04-06 - Lock-free algorithms The singleton constructor
2011-04-07 - Lock-free algorithms The one-time initialization
2011-04-08 - Lock-free algorithms The singleton constructor answer to exercises
2011-04-08 - Patterns for using the InitOnce functions
2011-04-11 - Holding down the shift key when right-clicking lets you pin things to the Start menu even when you mi
2011-04-12 - Lock-free algorithms The trycommittry again pattern
2011-04-12 - Overheard conversation fragment Im over here by the slot machines
2011-04-13 - Lock-free algorithms Update if you can Im feeling down
2011-04-14 - Lock-free algorithms The opportunistic cache
2011-04-15 - Lock-free algorithms The trycommithand off model
2011-04-18 - Back from Las Vegas and now my clothes smell like cigarette smoke
2011-04-18 - Dont forget to include the message queue in your lock hierarchy
2011-04-19 - Endorsement Aaron Margosiss Unintended Consequences of Security Lockdowns talk at TechEd
2011-04-19 - Visual Studio 2005 gives you acquire and release semantics for free on volatile memory access
2011-04-20 - Corrections to Patterns for using the InitOnce functions
2011-04-21 - The performance improvements of a lock-free algorithm is often not in the locking
2011-04-22 - Even if you have a lock you can borrow some lock-free techniques
2011-04-25 - Theres only so much you can do to stop running code from simulating UI actions
2011-04-26 - No you cant ask whether your notification icon is visible or not
2011-04-27 - How do I pin a program directly to the Start menu rather than a shortcut
2011-04-28 - Microspeak Hipo
2011-04-29 - Not quite understanding why you wash your hands before playing the piano
2011-04-29 - Why is there a RestoreLastError function that does the same thing as SetLastError

The Old New Thing - 2011 05

2011-05-02 - Hidden compatibility constraints of redirecting program execution via a stub
2011-05-02 - The Importance of Being Snooki
2011-05-03 - Like a chicken talking to a duck
2011-05-03 - Thats not a duck
2011-05-04 - Why dont the file timestamps on an extracted file match the ones stored in the ZIP file
2011-05-05 - Your program loads libraries by their short name and you dont even realize it
2011-05-06 - A function pointer cast is a bug waiting to happen
2011-05-09 - Sorting is a state and a verb and a floor wax and a dessert topping
2011-05-10 - Why is hybrid sleep off by default on laptops and how do I turn it on
2011-05-11 - Why double-null-terminated strings instead of an array of pointers to strings
2011-05-12 - Looking at the world through kernel-colored glasses
2011-05-13 - If undecorated names are given in the DLL export table why does link dump exports show me decorated n
2011-05-16 - Multithreaded UI code may be just as hard as multithreaded non-UI code but the consequences are diffe
2011-05-17 - Why does Explorer show a thumbnail for my image thats different from the image
2011-05-18 - How long do taskbar notification balloons appear on the screen
2011-05-18 - Watching the battle between Facebook and Facebook spammers
2011-05-19 - Why is my program terminating with exit code 3
2011-05-20 - BeginBufferedPaint Its not just for buffered painting any more
2011-05-20 - One engineers interpretation of the Segway as a hybrid vehicle
2011-05-23 - If its possible to do something then its possible to do something WRONG
2011-05-24 - Microspeak PowerPoint Karaoke and the eye chart
2011-05-25 - WinMain is just the conventional name for the Win32 process entry point
2011-05-26 - How do IsThemeActive IsAppThemed and IsCompositionActive differ
2011-05-27 - Why are custom properties created on Windows 2000 lost when I view the file from newer versions of Wi
2011-05-30 - Just for fun Sample user names in Windows 7
2011-05-31 - My evil essence revealed

The Old New Thing - 2011 06

2011-06-01 - How do I prevent users from pinning my program to the taskbar
2011-06-02 - How do I control X-Mouse settings active window tracking
2011-06-03 - Swamping the thread pool with work faster than it can drain
2011-06-06 - Why do Group Policy settings require me to have a degree in philosophy
2011-06-07 - Youd think that with the name scratch people wouldnt expect it to be around for a long time
2011-06-08 - Microspeak The planned unplanned outage and other operations jargon
2011-06-09 - PE resources must be 4-byte aligned but that doesnt stop people from trying other alignments
2011-06-10 - Generally speaking if your function fails you should return a failure code
2011-06-13 - You dont need to steal focus if you can just arrange for someone to give it to you
2011-06-14 - Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology
2011-06-15 - How do I convert a UTF-8 string to UTF-16 while rejecting illegal sequences
2011-06-16 - How do I create a right-aligned toolbar button
2011-06-17 - How do I make a window remain visible even when the user selects Show Desktop
2011-06-20 - In Windows the directory is the application bundle
2011-06-21 - How to get Windows Media Player to single-step a video
2011-06-21 - See you in Building 109 Conference Room A
2011-06-22 - How do I compress files via NTFS compression from the command line
2011-06-23 - What happens when applications try to copy text by sending CtrlC
2011-06-24 - Why doesnt my MessageBox wrap at the right location
2011-06-27 - Theres more to workflow than hitting F5 in the IDE
2011-06-28 - A different way to win from one of those claw game
2011-06-28 - How do I display the Find Printers dialog programmatically
2011-06-29 - What happens to WPARAM LPARAM and LRESULT when they travel between 32-bit and 64-bit windows
2011-06-30 - 2011 mid-year link clearance
2011-06-30 - The UseUrl attribute in the App Paths key indicates that your application can accept a URL on the com

The Old New Thing - 2011 07

2011-07-01 - The list of heaps returned by GetProcessHeaps is valid when it returns but who knows what happens lat
2011-07-04 - A handful of trips through the time machine
2011-07-05 - Microspeak Reporting through
2011-07-06 - Looking at the problem at the wrong level Closing a processs stdin
2011-07-06 - The historical struggle over control of the Portuguese language
2011-07-07 - And that cadence means its halftime concert-goers
2011-07-07 - Be careful when redirecting both a processs stdin and stdout to pipes for you can easily deadlock
2011-07-08 - Weve traced the pipe and its coming from inside the process
2011-07-11 - Windows has supported multiple UI languages for over a decade but nobody knew it
2011-07-12 - At least itll be easy to write up the security violation report
2011-07-13 - The tradition of giving cute names to unborn babies
2011-07-13 - What does the executable timestamp really mean
2011-07-14 - Photoshop meme Mark Reynolds casually eating sunflower seeds
2011-07-14 - What is that horrible grinding noise coming from my floppy disk drive
2011-07-15 - Using the wrong HINSTANCE in RegisterClass is like identity theft
2011-07-18 - The danger of making the chk build stricter is that nobody will run it
2011-07-19 - Some mailing lists come with a negative service level agreement but thats okay because everybody is i
2011-07-20 - How do I find the original name of a hard link
2011-07-21 - Why is secur32dll called secur32dll and not secure32dll
2011-07-22 - How do I disable windowless control support in dialog boxes
2011-07-25 - How is it possible to run Wordpad by just typing its name even though it isnt on the PATH
2011-07-26 - No were not going to play Stairway to Heaven and please tell everbody else in your area code to stop
2011-07-27 - Luxurifying the camping experience in a different direction
2011-07-27 - You dont need to ask me a question the compiler can answer more accurately
2011-07-28 - Simulating input via WM_CHAR messages may fake out the recipient but it wont fake out the input syste
2011-07-29 - Hey lets report errors only when nothing is at stake

The Old New Thing - 2011 08

2011-08-01 - Why can you set each monitor to a different color depth
2011-08-02 - An even easier way to get Windows Media Player to single-step a video
2011-08-02 - Microspeak Dogfood
2011-08-03 - A shell extension is a guest in someone elses house dont go changing the code page
2011-08-04 - Why doesnt b match word boundaries correctly
2011-08-05 - Menu item states are not reliable until they are shown because they arent needed until then
2011-08-08 - What does the CreateProcess function do if there is no space between the program name and the argumen
2011-08-09 - Why does the ShiftF10 menu differ from the right-click menu
2011-08-10 - Slim readerwriter locks dont remember who the owners are so youll have to find them some other way
2011-08-11 - The ways people mess up IUnknownQueryInterface episode 4
2011-08-12 - ReadDirectoryChangesW reads directory changes but what if the directory doesnt change
2011-08-15 - Why does the runas command require its command line to be quoted
2011-08-16 - Why does creating a shortcut to a file change its last-modified time sometimes
2011-08-17 - Starting up inside the box
2011-08-18 - Ow Im too safe
2011-08-18 - Why does IFileOperation skip junctions even though I passed FOFX_NOSKIPJUNCTIONS
2011-08-19 - Why are the alignment requirements for SLIST_ENTRY so different on 64-bit Windows
2011-08-22 - You dont make something easier to find by hiding it even more deeply
2011-08-23 - Why doesnt the Open Files list in the Shared Folders snap-in show all my open files
2011-08-24 - Magic dirt the fate of former professional athletes and other sports randomness
2011-08-24 - What do SizeOfStackReserve and SizeOfStackCommit mean for a DLL
2011-08-25 - Stupid command-line trick Counting the number of lines in stdin
2011-08-26 - Random musings on the introduction of long file names on FAT
2011-08-29 - Why cant I use PSGUID_STORAGE like a GUID
2011-08-30 - How can I get information about the items in the Recycle Bin
2011-08-31 - Modernizing our simple program that retrieves information about the items in the Recycle Bin

The Old New Thing - 2011 09

2011-09-01 - Invoking commands on items in the Recycle Bin
2011-09-02 - Whats the story with the parameters to the WM_INPUT_DEVICE_CHANGE message
2011-09-05 - Thanks for letting me know what my ideal career and company are
2011-09-06 - What happened to that suspicious-looking guy hanging around the entrance
2011-09-07 - Why is the registry a hierarchical database instead of a relational one
2011-09-08 - Why doesnt the Disk Management snap-in incorporate SMART data
2011-09-08 - Why waste your money on the car when its the sound system you care about
2011-09-09 - Throwing garbage on the sidewalk The sad history of the rundll32 program
2011-09-12 - Is this a really bug with CreateWindowEx or am I just confused
2011-09-13 - Why are the building numbers on Microsoft main campus so erratic
2011-09-14 - A common control for associating extensions is well overdue
2011-09-15 - Some preliminary notes from build 2011
2011-09-15 - What happens to a sent message when SendMessageTimeout reaches its timeout
2011-09-16 - Why cant I PostMessage the WM_COPYDATA message but I can SendMessageTimeout it with a tiny timeout
2011-09-19 - The clipboard viewer linked list is no longer the responsibility of applications to maintain unless t
2011-09-20 - Microspeak The bug farm
2011-09-20 - Random notes from build 2011
2011-09-21 - Why do Windows functions all begin with a pointless MOV EDI EDI instruction
2011-09-22 - Why does my single-byte write take forever
2011-09-23 - Why does my asynchronous IO complete synchronously
2011-09-26 - Sending a window a WM_DESTROY message is like prank calling somebody pretending to be the police
2011-09-27 - Ah the exciting world of cross-forest dogfood
2011-09-28 - Does this operation work when impersonating The default answer is NO
2011-09-29 - Appearing to succeed is a valid form of undefined behavior but its still undefined
2011-09-30 - 2011 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2011-09-30 - Theres also a large object heap for unmanaged code but its inside the regular heap

The Old New Thing - 2011 10

2011-10-03 - Do not access the disk in your IContextMenu handler no really dont do it
2011-10-04 - Adjusting your commute to avoid being at work quite so much
2011-10-04 - Beyoncé the giant metal chicken has a Facebook page
2011-10-05 - The unattend file lets you configure Windows while its installing and in some cases its your only cha
2011-10-06 - Why cant I move the Program Files directory via the unattend file
2011-10-07 - During process termination slim readerwriter locks are now also electrified
2011-10-10 - How do I access a file without updating its last-access time
2011-10-11 - Microspeak Bug jail
2011-10-11 - Why does copying a file to my USB thumb drive say that the parameter is incorrect
2011-10-12 - Is there a 2048 character limit for OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT in MFC or isnt there
2011-10-13 - How do I set an accessible name on an unlabeled control
2011-10-13 - The question mark lets you make up anything you like
2011-10-14 - When your vice president tells you to stop replying to a mail thread you probably should stop replyin
2011-10-17 - Why is there a CSIDL_DESKTOP value if you need the desktop in order to get it anyway
2011-10-18 - Seeing the world through arbitrage-colored glasses
2011-10-19 - Why do some infotips repeat the name of the item as well as the infotip
2011-10-20 - No modifying the DLLs that come with Windows is not supported
2011-10-21 - The PSN_SETACTIVE notification is sent each time your wizard page is activated
2011-10-21 - The video of Microsoft Store employees dressed in Windows colors revealed by a falling curtain gee th
2011-10-24 - If the shell is written in C why not just export its base classes
2011-10-24 - Squeezing the last bit of enjoyment out of the lost half-inning of a baseball game
2011-10-25 - No good deed goes unpunished Helping to redirect a question
2011-10-25 - Raymond misreads restaurant names Local 360
2011-10-26 - How can I get notified when some other window is destroyed
2011-10-27 - Why do the pinned items in the Jump List go on the top instead of the bottom
2011-10-28 - Why isnt my transparent static control transparent
2011-10-31 - My least effective Halloween costume

The Old New Thing - 2011 11

2011-11-01 - The power of statistical photography
2011-11-02 - Debugging why a users taskbar disappeared
2011-11-03 - Weve traced the call and its coming from inside the house A function call that always fails
2011-11-04 - How do I generate a unique 32-bit value for a time zone
2011-11-07 - Percentages may not add up to 100 but not for the reason you suggest
2011-11-07 - The life story of the SwitchToThisWindow function
2011-11-08 - Microspeak Level-set
2011-11-09 - Okay everybody its time for rumors and gossip
2011-11-10 - How can I tell whether a DLL has been registered
2011-11-11 - Stupid Raymond talent Screaming carrier
2011-11-14 - The challenges in changing the way Explorer hosts shell extensions
2011-11-15 - Fontography term or pretentious blather
2011-11-16 - How can I tell whether a COM pointer to a remote object is still valid
2011-11-17 - Why cant I install this DLL via Regsvr32 i
2011-11-18 - Why does Internet Explorer not call DLL_PROCESS_DETACH on my DLL when I call ExitProcess
2011-11-21 - Why not use animated GIFs as a lightweight alternative to AVIs in the animation common control
2011-11-22 - The Control Panel search results understand common misspellings too
2011-11-23 - It is not unreasonable to expect uninitialized garbage to change at any time you dont need to ask for
2011-11-24 - How can I extend the deadline for responding to the PBT_APMSUSPEND message
2011-11-25 - How to insert a large number of items into a treeview efficiently
2011-11-28 - Why is CLIPFORMAT defined to be a WORD rather than a UINT
2011-11-29 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 8
2011-11-30 - If you protect a write with a critical section you may also want to protect the read

The Old New Thing - 2011 12

2011-12-01 - Our code needs to run on multiple platforms with different rules so we follow none of them
2011-12-02 - Dont let more than one process try to read from stdin at the same time
2011-12-05 - Why does my program still show up in the Programs and Features folder after my uninstaller exits
2011-12-06 - A feature I didnt even know existed much less had a name Color hot-track
2011-12-07 - GetParent just as confusing as EnumClaw but its an actual function
2011-12-08 - What does it mean when my program exits with the message This application has requested the Runtime t
2011-12-09 - Sure Im supposed to pass WT_EXECUTELONGFUNCTION if my function takes a long time but how long is long
2011-12-12 - How can I tell whether a window is modal
2011-12-12 - What is the API for accessing content on SkyDrive
2011-12-13 - Online gift ordering enthusiastic kids at the keyboard Unicode wait Unicode
2011-12-14 - The peculiar cadence of executive mail messages
2011-12-15 - Not even making it to the airtight hatchway Execution even before you get there
2011-12-16 - Programmatically controlling which handles are inherited by new processes in Win32
2011-12-19 - Paint messages will come in as fast as you let them
2011-12-20 - Microspeak Offline noun
2011-12-21 - Deftly solving compatibility problems by withholding information
2011-12-22 - How do I determine programmatically whether a particular language is LTR or RTL
2011-12-23 - How do I get the full path for the target of a shortcut file
2011-12-26 - Celebrating the end of the gluttony season but the effects linger
2011-12-26 - Why is the file size reported incorrectly for files that are still being written to
2011-12-27 - Introducing the for-if anti-pattern
2011-12-28 - Using the MNS_DRAGDROP style Dragging out
2011-12-29 - Using the MNS_DRAGDROP style Dropping in
2011-12-30 - 2011 year-end link clearance
2011-12-30 - Using the MNS_DRAGDROP style Menu rearrangement

The Old New Thing - 2012 01

2012-01-02 - Exploiting the inattentive The Xbox Kinect Premium Starter Kit
2012-01-02 - Why wasnt the Windows 95 shell prototyped on Windows NT
2012-01-03 - The new business model Intentional billing errors
2012-01-03 - Why dont ZIP files have the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED attribute
2012-01-04 - Creating context menus on menus
2012-01-04 - Misleading advertisement Passports or green cards
2012-01-05 - A joke for mathematicians On the Weyl schism
2012-01-05 - When DLL_PROCESS_DETACH tells you that the process is exiting your best bet is just to return without
2012-01-06 - It must totally suck to live near Abbey Road
2012-01-06 - Why did HeapFree fail with ERROR_POSSIBLE_DEADLOCK
2012-01-09 - From the research journal Duh To lose weight eat less
2012-01-09 - What were some of the abandoned features of Explorer back in its prototype days
2012-01-10 - News flash Work-at-home job offers are mostly just scams
2012-01-10 - You can use backups for things other than restoring
2012-01-11 - How can I detect the language a run of text is written in
2012-01-11 - What a steal A house for only ten dollars
2012-01-12 - Puzzling out the upsell-o-meter
2012-01-12 - Why does CreateEvent fail with ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND if I give it a name with a backslash
2012-01-13 - How do I print non-error messages during compilation
2012-01-13 - Keys duplicated from photo Delayed reaction
2012-01-16 - Cultural arbitrage The food-related sucker bet
2012-01-16 - Why was there a font just for drawing symbols on buttons
2012-01-17 - Microspeak Walls and ladders
2012-01-18 - Dont try to allocate memory until there is only x free
2012-01-19 - Why do Microsoft customer records use the abbreviation cx for customer
2012-01-20 - How do FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN and FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS affect how the operating system treats m
2012-01-23 - Can OANOCACHE be used for non-debug purposes
2012-01-24 - A single-handed effort to keep the memory of 2 bills alive
2012-01-25 - How do I disable the fault-tolerant heap
2012-01-26 - The 20122013 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2012-01-26 - Why doesnt the Windows 7 Start menu have a pushpin for pinning items
2012-01-27 - Does mapping the same shared memory two times in a process lead to double the address space usage
2012-01-30 - Why does it take Task Manager longer to appear when you start it from the CtrlAltDel dialog
2012-01-31 - The Freudian typo that will not die Enchanced video quality

The Old New Thing - 2012 02

2012-02-01 - Things Ive written that have amused other people Episode 9
2012-02-02 - When you are looking for more information it helps to say what you need the information for
2012-02-03 - The compatibility constraints of error codes episode 2
2012-02-06 - The story of the mysterious WINA20386 file
2012-02-07 - Microspeak fit
2012-02-08 - The path-searching algorithm is not a backtracking algorithm
2012-02-09 - What is the effect of memory-mapped file access on GetLastError
2012-02-10 - Fancy use of exception handling in FormatMessage leads to repeated discovery of security flaw
2012-02-13 - Why did the Windows 95 Start button have a secret shortcut for closing it
2012-02-14 - The awesome Valentines Day gift disguised as an uncreative one
2012-02-15 - When does an icon handler shell extension get unloaded
2012-02-16 - Why does the DrawIcon function draw at the default icon size
2012-02-17 - How do I find out which process has a file open
2012-02-20 - Whats the difference between Text Document Text Document MS-DOS Format and Unicode Text Document
2012-02-21 - Why dont music files show up in my Recent Items list
2012-02-22 - Instead of creating something and then trying to hide it simply dont create it in the first place
2012-02-23 - What does the minus sign in indirect localized string resources mean
2012-02-24 - Why does Windows keep showing the old indirect strings even after I update the binary
2012-02-27 - Why was HDS_FILTERBAR added to the common controls if nobody uses it
2012-02-28 - How can I customize which notification icons are displayed by default on a new installation
2012-02-29 - What was the nature of the feedback that resulted in the change to the highlighting model for Explore

The Old New Thing - 2012 03

2012-03-01 - How do I make it so that users can copy static text on a dialog box to the clipboard easily
2012-03-02 - This isnt Highlights magazine Sort keys and why they change
2012-03-05 - Why doesnt the Maximize button maximize across all monitors
2012-03-06 - Why does Explorer ignore seconds when sorting by Date Modified
2012-03-07 - Why do program files go into the Program Files directory
2012-03-08 - Alt text for images are important in email too
2012-03-09 - To some people time zones are just a fancy way of sounding important
2012-03-12 - If you have multiple versions of Windows installed why do they all try to adjust the clock
2012-03-13 - Microspeak Friction
2012-03-14 - How do I get mouse messages faster than WM_MOUSEMOVE
2012-03-15 - Why does the VerQueryValue function give me the wrong file version number
2012-03-16 - Memory allocation functions can give you more memory than you ask for and you are welcome to use the
2012-03-19 - The most exciting part of my morning is catching my bus specifically making the transfer
2012-03-19 - Why does holding the Ctrl key when selecting New Task from Task Manager open a command prompt
2012-03-20 - In 1993 Microsoft stole my colleagues car
2012-03-21 - Isnt there a race condition in GetFileVersionInfoSize
2012-03-22 - Why does my window style change when I call SetWindowText
2012-03-23 - Beverage Gas Division of Central Welding Supply
2012-03-23 - Why is the Heap32Next function incredibly slow on Windows 7
2012-03-26 - Why does a maximized window have the wrong window rectangle
2012-03-27 - Amusing message on a whiteboard in the hallway
2012-03-28 - Converting to Unicode usually involves you know some sort of conversion
2012-03-29 - Why cant I delete a file immediately after terminating the process that has the file open
2012-03-30 - How do I perform shell file operations while avoiding shell copy hooks

The Old New Thing - 2012 04

2012-04-02 - If posting here is frequently frustrating and irritating why do I keep doing it
2012-04-03 - Introducing the unrolled-switch anti-pattern
2012-04-04 - I totally presented to an executive the wrong way
2012-04-05 - You can use an OVERLAPPED structure with synchronous IO too
2012-04-06 - Registration-free COM the old-fashioned way The car mp3 player
2012-04-09 - Theres the interface contract and there are the implementations of the interface contract
2012-04-10 - Microspeak scoped to
2012-04-11 - I know that an overlapped file handle requires an lpOverlapped but why does it sometimes work if I om
2012-04-12 - What is the real maximum length of a DNS name
2012-04-13 - You already know the answer since you do it yourself
2012-04-16 - Why do we need IsDialogMessage at all
2012-04-17 - Theres the kernel and theres kernel mode confusing historical terminology
2012-04-18 - Why doesnt the Version tab show up for very large files
2012-04-19 - Why dont I get a Caps Lock warning balloon any more
2012-04-20 - What does INIT_ONCE_CTX_RESERVED_BITS mean
2012-04-23 - Why are programs allowed to use normal characters as hotkeys
2012-04-24 - I thought I was so clever salvaging an old floppy drive from a dead computer but I didnt think two st
2012-04-25 - How do I prevent users from opening TIF files
2012-04-26 - Shortcut properties are in the shortcut so if they can read the shortcut they can read the properties
2012-04-27 - A process shutdown puzzle Episode 2
2012-04-30 - What were the tests that WinG did to evaluate video cards
2012-04-30 - When you dont speak a language dont sound like you speak the language

The Old New Thing - 2012 05

2012-05-01 - What happened to the Summary information created on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
2012-05-02 - Why is there sometimes a long delay between pressing a hotkey for a shortcut and opening the shortcut
2012-05-03 - How does Explorer calculate the folder size information in the folder tooltip
2012-05-04 - How does the MultiByteToWideChar function treat invalid characters
2012-05-07 - Why are the Windows 7 system notification icons colorless
2012-05-08 - Why cant I use the file sharing wizard if I exclude inheritable permissions from a folders parent
2012-05-09 - How do I hide a window without blocking on it
2012-05-10 - Cheap amusement Searching for spelling errors in the registry
2012-05-11 - Warum deine Mutter Deutsch spricht
2012-05-11 - When you crash on a mov ebx eax instruction there arent too many obvious explanations so just try wha
2012-05-14 - What is the historical reason for MulDiv1 -0x80000000 -0x80000000 returning 2
2012-05-15 - Microspeak The parking lot
2012-05-16 - Sure we do that Context menu edition
2012-05-17 - Charles Petzold is back with another edition of Programming Windows
2012-05-17 - How to view the stack of threads that were terminated as part of process teardown from the kernel deb
2012-05-18 - How to view the stack of threads that were terminated as part of process teardown from user mode
2012-05-21 - What was the registry like in 16-bit Windows
2012-05-22 - Why is the Close button in the upper right corner
2012-05-23 - GUIDs are designed to be unique not random
2012-05-24 - How do I prevent unchecked checkboxes in my listview control from disappearing
2012-05-25 - The extern C specifier disables C mangling but that doesnt mean it disables mangling
2012-05-28 - If my window hosts multiple windowless ActiveX controls which one do I call IOleInPlaceActiveObjectTr
2012-05-29 - Hazards of spelling autocorrection defiance
2012-05-30 - What does a STATUS_OBJECT_TYPE_MISMATCH exception in LeaveCriticalSection mean
2012-05-31 - What happens if I call KillTimer with a NULL hwnd

The Old New Thing - 2012 06

2012-06-01 - How do I prefetch data into my memory-mapped file
2012-06-01 - The time I watched a total lunar eclipse from the top of a mountain
2012-06-04 - Why does PrintWindow hate CS_PARENTDC Because EVERYBODY hates CS_PARENTDC
2012-06-05 - Microspeak Turds
2012-06-06 - Dont be helpless What might be the reason for a Path not found error
2012-06-07 - Eventually the window manager simply says that enough is enough
2012-06-08 - How can I determine the underlying cause of a EXCEPTION_IN_PAGE_ERROR exception
2012-06-11 - Fabio coming to Redmond Also Whey Protein
2012-06-11 - Why do you have to wait for Windows Error Reporting to check for solutions before it restarts the app
2012-06-12 - Microsoft Dynamics in a soda can sort of
2012-06-13 - Why dont all of my folder customizations roam with my profile
2012-06-14 - Now that Windows makes it harder for your program to block shutdown how do you block shutdown
2012-06-15 - Globalization quiz In honor of well thats part of the quiz
2012-06-18 - What is the history of the GetRandomRgn function
2012-06-19 - Its not a good idea to give multiple controls on a dialog box the same ID
2012-06-20 - Counting down to the last day of school as students do it
2012-06-20 - When embedding a dialog inside another make sure you dont accidentally create duplicate control IDs
2012-06-21 - When the default pushbutton is invoked the invoke goes to the top-level dialog
2012-06-22 - How did real-mode Windows fix up jumps to functions that got discarded
2012-06-25 - How does Explorer determine the delay between clicking on an item and initiating an edit
2012-06-26 - Thanks for reminding me what to do when the elevator is out of order
2012-06-27 - How did my hard drive turn into a TARDIS
2012-06-28 - You still need the safe functions even if you check string lengths ahead of time
2012-06-29 - 2012 mid-year link clearance
2012-06-29 - How did real-mode Windows patch up return addresses to discarded code segments

The Old New Thing - 2012 07

2012-07-02 - Tracking shortcuts and the early history of multiple monitors
2012-07-03 - You already got your answer why are you re-asking the question
2012-07-04 - The continuing battle between people who offer a service and others who want to hack into the service
2012-07-05 - How your taskbar auto-hide settings can keep getting overwritten
2012-07-06 - The physics of a falling Slinky
2012-07-06 - What are the recommended locations for storing different types of files
2012-07-09 - Why hasnt the API hook mechanism for x64 been standardized like it was for x86
2012-07-10 - Microspeak radar
2012-07-11 - What does the HTOBJECT hit-test code do
2012-07-12 - What happens when you mark a section as DISCARDABLE
2012-07-13 - Why doesnt RealGetWindowClass return the real window class for my superclass
2012-07-16 - How much gets localized in a localized version of Windows
2012-07-17 - Why doesnt the Low Disk Space warning balloon show up as soon as I run low on disk space
2012-07-18 - Why dont per-item custom icons work when I open a Zip file or some other virtual folder
2012-07-19 - Why do some font names begin with an at-sign
2012-07-20 - The format of icon resources
2012-07-23 - Whats the story behind the WM_SYNCPAINT message
2012-07-24 - Taking flexitarianism to another perhaps unintended level
2012-07-25 - One way to make sure you pass an array of the correct size
2012-07-26 - A brief and also incomplete history of Windows localization
2012-07-27 - Psychic debugging Why your IContextMenuInvokeCommand never gets called
2012-07-30 - Raymonds subjective unfair and completely wrong impressions of the opening ceremonies of a major athl
2012-07-30 - Why dont any commands work after I run my batch file Im told that they are not recognized as an inter
2012-07-31 - Reading the output of a command into a batch file variable

The Old New Thing - 2012 08

2012-08-01 - How do I find the most recently created file in a directory from a batch file
2012-08-01 - You gotta fight for your right to parry
2012-08-02 - Exiting a batch file without exiting the command shell -and- batch file subroutines
2012-08-02 - If youre going to throw a badminton match you have to be less obvious about it
2012-08-03 - FORFILES for your fancier batch file enumeration needs
2012-08-03 - Get your Contoso-branded merchandise while you can
2012-08-06 - Why is the desktop treated so special in window ordering
2012-08-07 - Microspeak planful
2012-08-08 - Of what possible legitimate use are functions like CreateRemoteThread WriteProcessMemory and VirtualP
2012-08-09 - What is SysFader and why is it always crashing
2012-08-10 - How did real-mode Windows implement its LRU algorithm without hardware assistance
2012-08-13 - Why am I in the Quake credits
2012-08-14 - How long does it take for a notification icon to stop appearing in the Notification Area Icons contro
2012-08-15 - What happened to the Windows 2000 Language settings for the system control panel
2012-08-16 - Charles Petzolds Programming Windows Sixth Edition has reached Release Preview
2012-08-16 - What happened to the Windows 2000 Set default language setting for the system button
2012-08-17 - My colleague picked a good day to go out and catch a baseball game
2012-08-17 - What if my application is really two applications bundled into a single file and I want them collecte
2012-08-20 - How do I customize how my application windows are grouped in the Taskbar
2012-08-21 - Sorry we got cut off my phone just auto-rebooted
2012-08-22 - The shifting sands of Run as different user
2012-08-23 - Wait you never said that I had to initialize the object before I used it
2012-08-24 - Dumping a hash table with external chaining from the debugger
2012-08-27 - How does the taskbar decide whether to show Recent or Frequent documents on the jump list
2012-08-28 - Command line tool to manage Windows 7 Libraries with source code
2012-08-28 - Well at least nobodys parking there any more
2012-08-29 - Psychic debugging Why Chinese characters dont work
2012-08-30 - Im not calling a virtual function from my constructor or destructor but Im still getting a __purecall
2012-08-31 - Adventures in undefined behavior The premature downcast

The Old New Thing - 2012 09

2012-09-03 - Buzzword-filled subject line easily misinterpreted by unsuspecting manager
2012-09-04 - Why dont the shortcuts I put in the CSIDL_COMMON_FAVORITES folder show up in the Favorites menu
2012-09-05 - How did the X-Mouse setting come to be
2012-09-06 - You cant rule out a total breakdown of normal functioning because a total breakdown of normal functio
2012-09-07 - The case of the asynchronous copy and delete
2012-09-10 - When you transfer control across stack frames all the frames in between need to be in on the joke
2012-09-11 - One for the They have to say that because of me Ground rules at the Point Defiance Zoo
2012-09-11 - Why cant I use Magnifier in Full Screen or Lens mode
2012-09-12 - Rogue feature Docking a folder at the edge of the screen
2012-09-13 - WM_CTLCOLOR vs GetFileVersionInfoSize Just because somebody else screwed up doesnt mean youre allowed
2012-09-14 - IShellFolderBindToObject is a high-traffic method dont do any heavy lifting
2012-09-14 - Raymond learns about some of the things people do to get banned on Xbox LIVE
2012-09-17 - How do you deal with an input stream that may or may not contain Unicode data
2012-09-18 - The day I stole Joe Belfiores mouse
2012-09-19 - Does the CopyFile function verify that the data reached its final destination successfully
2012-09-20 - How do I invoke a verb on an IShellItemArray
2012-09-21 - How can I implement SAFEARRAYToString without going insane
2012-09-21 - In vollen Zügen genießen
2012-09-24 - A classification of faces with eyes open and closed in Dr Seusss ABC based on the nature of the chara
2012-09-24 - I brought this process into the world and I can take it out
2012-09-25 - Why cant I set Size all columns to fit as the default
2012-09-26 - Sabotaging yourself Closing a handle and then using it
2012-09-27 - The Ride to Rio Bicycling from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro
2012-09-27 - Why arent environment variables being expanded in my RGS file
2012-09-28 - 2012 Q3 link clearance Microsoft research edition
2012-09-28 - Data in crash dumps are not a matter of opinion

The Old New Thing - 2012 10

2012-10-01 - Whats the difference between F5 and F8 at the boot screen
2012-10-02 - Microspeak Granular
2012-10-03 - How do I suppress the default animation that occurs when I hide or show a window
2012-10-04 - An unexpected application of negative numbers to gift-giving
2012-10-04 - Why does RegOpenKey sometimes but not always fail if I use two backslashes instead of one
2012-10-05 - How do I override the default icon selection algorithm
2012-10-08 - How does Explorer deal with recent files that were renamed
2012-10-09 - Usage guidance for a popcorn machine in the kitchenette
2012-10-10 - Why does Windows Compressed Folders Zip folders reject paths that begin with a slash
2012-10-11 - Combo boxes have supported incremental searching for quite some time now
2012-10-12 - What happens if you forget to pass an OVERLAPPED structure on an asynchronous handle
2012-10-15 - The cries of Oh no emerge from each office as the realization slowly dawns
2012-10-16 - Irony patrol Recycling bins
2012-10-17 - If theres a problem with a wiki then you can fix it thats why its a wiki
2012-10-18 - Why does ShellExecute return SE_ERR_ACCESSDENIED for nearly everything
2012-10-19 - Using WM_COPYDATA to marshal message parameters since the window manager otherwise doesnt know how
2012-10-22 - How do you come up with new shortcut keys
2012-10-23 - Diversion Generating a random color from JavaScript
2012-10-24 - You cant use the WM_USER message in a dialog box
2012-10-25 - Keyboard layouts arent like Beetlejuice they wont appear just because you say their name
2012-10-26 - Whether the Unicode Bidi algorithm is intuitive depends on your definition of intuitive
2012-10-29 - In the conversion to 64-bit Windows why were some parameters not upgraded to SIZE_T
2012-10-30 - Keyboard shortcut for resizing all columns in a listview control to fit
2012-10-30 - The wisdom of seveHHHHsixth graders Living without electronics for a week
2012-10-31 - The TEMP directory is like a public hot tub whose water hasnt been changed in over a year

The Old New Thing - 2012 11

2012-11-01 - When you synthesize input with SendInput you are also synthesizing the timestamp
2012-11-02 - How do I parse a string into a FILETIME
2012-11-05 - How do I get the tabbed dialog effect on my own custom tabbed dialog
2012-11-06 - If youre asking somebody to help you you want to make it easy for them not harder
2012-11-07 - Instead of trying to create a filter that includes everything try just omitting the filter
2012-11-08 - What does the COINIT_SPEED_OVER_MEMORY flag to CoInitializeEx do
2012-11-09 - Thread affinity of user interface objects Addendum
2012-11-12 - Frequentists vs Bayesians
2012-11-12 - Why are taskbar live previews lost when you use Fast User Switching
2012-11-13 - Microsoft Money crashes during import of account transactions or when changing a payee of a downloade
2012-11-14 - Break it up you two The zero width non-joiner
2012-11-15 - If youre going to write your own allocator you need to respect the MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ALIGNMENT
2012-11-16 - How do I forward an exported function to an ordinal in another DLL
2012-11-19 - Raymonds podcast list for 2011 at least
2012-11-20 - How do I use group policy to improve security of USB thumb drives in my organization
2012-11-20 - Microspeak touch base
2012-11-21 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Silently enabling features
2012-11-22 - The resource compiler will helpfully add window styles for you but if youre building a dialog templat
2012-11-23 - The Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog
2012-11-23 - When studying performance you need to watch out not only for performance degradation but also unexpec
2012-11-26 - How does the window manager decide where to place a newly-created window
2012-11-26 - Puzzling triple rainbow clearly identifies location of pot of gold
2012-11-27 - Security vulnerability reports as a way to establish your l33t kr3z
2012-11-28 - Why are there both FIND and FINDSTR programs with unrelated feature sets
2012-11-29 - Various ways of performing an operation asynchronously after a delay
2012-11-30 - The debugger lied to you because the CPU was still juggling data in the air

The Old New Thing - 2012 12

2012-12-03 - Have you found any TheDailyWTF-worthy code during the development of Windows 95
2012-12-04 - The QuickCD PowerToy a brief look back
2012-12-05 - Why do I get notified for changes to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT when nobody is writing to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
2012-12-06 - Replaying input is not the same as reprocessing it
2012-12-07 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Writing to the application direc
2012-12-10 - Ill tell you what I think of the new University of California logo once it finishes loading
2012-12-10 - Why do some shortcuts not support editing the command line and other properties
2012-12-11 - Microspeak v-team
2012-12-12 - How am I supposed to free the information returned by the GetSecurityInfo function
2012-12-13 - Why is it so hard to write a program that requires UI Access privilege
2012-12-14 - Why is it possible to create a toolbar with the wrong HINSTANCE And whats the right HINSTANCE anyway
2012-12-17 - 2012 års Gävlebock gick upp i brand Igen
2012-12-17 - Like the cake WS_EX_TRANSPARENT is a lie or at least not the entire truth
2012-12-18 - Why was Pinball removed from Windows Vista
2012-12-19 - Why doesnt SHGetKnownFolderPath return the customized path
2012-12-20 - Why do I sometimes get classic buttons and sometimes themed buttons depending on the host process
2012-12-21 - Why do BackupRead and BackupWrite require synchronous file handles
2012-12-24 - Miss Denmark she is dressed as a mermaid because we couldnt secure the rights from LEGO
2012-12-24 - What is the proper handling of WM_RENDERFORMAT and WM_RENDERALLFORMATS
2012-12-25 - You too can use your psychic powers Spaces in paths
2012-12-26 - A question about endian-ness turns out to be the wrong question
2012-12-26 - What celebration of Kwanzaa would be complete without Sandra Lees infamous Kwanzaa cake
2012-12-27 - What is so special about the instance handle 0x10000000
2012-12-28 - What do HeapLock and HeapUnlock do and when do I need to call them
2012-12-31 - 2012 year-end link clearance
2012-12-31 - Why cant you rename deleted items in the Recycle Bin

The Old New Thing - 2013 01

2013-01-01 - If NTFS is a robust journaling file system why do you have to be careful when using it with a USB thu
2013-01-02 - A few stray notes on Windows patching and hot patching
2013-01-03 - Why does my program run really slow or even crash or stop crashing or crash differently if running un
2013-01-04 - Whats the guidance on when to use rundll32 Easy Dont use it
2013-01-07 - Understanding the classical model for linking groundwork The algorithm
2013-01-08 - Understanding the classical model for linking Taking symbols along for the ride
2013-01-09 - The enduring cultural fascination with Queens Bohemian Rhapsody
2013-01-09 - Understanding the classical model for linking You can override an LIB with another LIB and a LIB with
2013-01-10 - Understanding the classical model for linking Sometimes you dont want a symbol to come along for a ri
2013-01-11 - Understanding errors in classical linking The delay-load catch-22
2013-01-14 - How can I write a script that finds my top-rated photos
2013-01-14 - State law requires you to watch this video of a singing hippo
2013-01-15 - If there were some sort of award for alternative commuting we wouldve been eligible
2013-01-16 - How do I create a TaskDialog with a progress bar but no cancel button
2013-01-17 - A brief history of the GetEnvironmentStrings functions
2013-01-18 - What is this rogue version 10 of the HTML clipboard format
2013-01-21 - The 20132014 Seattle Symphony subscription season at a glance
2013-01-21 - The changing name of the Microsoft event held in conjunction with Martin Luther King Jr Day
2013-01-22 - Heads-up Phone scammers pretending to be JPMorgan Chase MasterCard security
2013-01-22 - Microspeak pivot
2013-01-23 - Eliot Changs list of things Asians hate
2013-01-23 - Why was WHEEL_DELTA chosen to be 120 instead of a much more convenient value like 100 or even 10
2013-01-24 - STRICT_TYPED_ITEMIDS is the shell namespace version of the STRICT macro used by USER and GDI
2013-01-25 - When you have a SAFEARRAY you need to know what it is a SAFEARRAY of
2013-01-28 - Finding a printer and then creating a shortcut to that printer
2013-01-28 - Please hold your head perfectly still while you write up that memo
2013-01-29 - Poisoning your own DNS for fun and profit
2013-01-30 - Why doesnt HeapValidate detect corruption in the managed heap
2013-01-31 - The somewhat misguided question of whether MapViewOfFile or WriteProcessMemory is faster

The Old New Thing - 2013 02

2013-02-01 - Psychic debugging Why your IContextMenuInvokeCommand doesnt get called even though you returned succe
2013-02-01 - The annual sporting event involving a football that dare not speak its name and a digression into the
2013-02-04 - Obtaining the parsing name and pidl for a random shell object
2013-02-04 - Old trace logs in your dreams
2013-02-05 - Optimizing the Chilis dining experience
2013-02-06 - The curious pattern of pre-emptively rejecting the solution to your problem
2013-02-07 - How can I register my context menu command for all file types except one or other complex conditional
2013-02-07 - Once you know something can be done doing it is much easier
2013-02-08 - For the Nitpickers Enhanced-mode Windows 30 didnt exactly run a copy of standard-mode Windows inside
2013-02-08 - The Essential Guide To Dim Sum
2013-02-11 - Display an overlay on the taskbar button
2013-02-11 - Let me take this shortcut across Lake Saskatchewan
2013-02-12 - Whats the story of the onestopmid file in the Media directory
2013-02-13 - How do I launch a file as if it were a text file even though its extension is not txt
2013-02-14 - If you cant find the function find the caller and see what the caller jumps to
2013-02-15 - Debug session Why is an LPC server not responding
2013-02-18 - Display control buttons on your taskbar preview window
2013-02-18 - I speak German better in my dream than I do in real life
2013-02-19 - Microspeak bubble up
2013-02-20 - You can ask the compiler to answer your calling convention questions
2013-02-21 - What does -1IND mean A survey of how the Visual C runtime library prints special floating point value
2013-02-22 - Isnt the CompletionKey parameter to CreateIoCompletionPort superfluous
2013-02-22 - Now that version 4 of the NET Framework supports in-process side-by-side runtimes is it now okay to w
2013-02-25 - Display a custom thumbnail for your application and while youre at it a custom live preview
2013-02-25 - Dreaming up strange inventions The combination urinalbidetwashing machine
2013-02-26 - This code would be a lot faster if it werent for the synchronization
2013-02-27 - When the option becomes so second-nature you forget that its an option
2013-02-28 - Is there a way to specify an icon to appear next to a menu item via the resource template
2013-02-28 - What does 1J mean A strange corner case of the printing of special values

The Old New Thing - 2013 03

2013-03-01 - The source of much confusion backed by the system paging file
2013-03-04 - Around and around and back and somewhere else
2013-03-04 - Marking a shortcut to say that it should not be placed on the Windows 8 Start page upon installation
2013-03-05 - Inadvertently creating dress-like-Steve day
2013-03-05 - Space Mountain as if the lights were on and other DisneylandWorld secrets
2013-03-06 - What are the dire consequences of not selecting objects out of my DC
2013-03-07 - What are the conventions for managing standard handles
2013-03-08 - Microsoft-internal Chuck Norris facts
2013-03-08 - Why do Explorer and the command prompt interpret file times differently
2013-03-11 - Derive the age of the planet Jupiter from the properties of liquid hydrogen and the planets surface t
2013-03-11 - How can I see what files and shares are being accessed remotely and the general usage pattern for the
2013-03-12 - How do I hide Public Libraries on all computers in my organization
2013-03-12 - Redistributing computers among offices for heating purposes
2013-03-13 - Closing holes in the update notification pattern
2013-03-14 - Playing with the Windows Animation Manager Fixing a sample
2013-03-15 - Playing with the Windows Animation Manager Moving lots of stuff around
2013-03-18 - It may be your birthday but why stop at just the day Think big
2013-03-18 - Manipulating the positions of desktop icons
2013-03-19 - Microspeak Science project
2013-03-19 - Raymonds highly scientific predictions for the 2013 NCAA mens basketball tournament
2013-03-20 - The x86 architecture is the weirdo Structured exception handling
2013-03-21 - Does this operation work when file system redirection is disabled The default answer is NO
2013-03-22 - When will GetMessage return -1
2013-03-25 - Dreaming about a rather unusual guitar rehearsal
2013-03-25 - Using accessibility to monitor windows as they come and go
2013-03-26 - Theres no law that says two people cant have the same thing to eat
2013-03-27 - Adjust visual effects for best performance should really be called Adjust visual effects for crappies
2013-03-28 - The C language specification describes an abstract computer not a real one
2013-03-29 - 2013 Q1 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2013-03-29 - How do I convert a method name to a method index for the purpose of INTERFACEINFO

The Old New Thing - 2013 04

2013-04-01 - Some trivia about the build 2011 conference
2013-04-01 - The jokes on you because PATH goes to Penn Station not Grand Central
2013-04-02 - Where did the research project RedShark get its name
2013-04-03 - How can I move an HTREEITEM to a new parent
2013-04-04 - Dont forget the fourth parameter to ReadFile and WriteFile is sometimes mandatory
2013-04-05 - How do I wait until all processes in a job have exited
2013-04-08 - Another meaning of the word leptoceratops
2013-04-08 - The managed way to retrieve text under the cursor mouse pointer
2013-04-09 - On giving a name at the register to be called when your order is ready
2013-04-10 - The problem with adding more examples and suggestions to the documentation is that eventually people
2013-04-11 - The importance of having a review panel of twelve-year-old boys episode 2
2013-04-12 - Is it legal to have a cross-process parentchild or ownerowned window relationship
2013-04-12 - The phenomenon of houses with nobody living inside for perhaps-unexpected reasons
2013-04-15 - Using opportunistic locks to get out of the way if somebody wants the file
2013-04-15 - Your tenant and your lover in your dreams
2013-04-16 - Dangerous setting is dangerous This is why you shouldnt turn off write cache buffer flushing
2013-04-17 - If you dont know what youre going to do with the answer to a question then theres not much point in m
2013-04-18 - How can I figure out which user modified a file
2013-04-19 - Technically not lying but not exactly admitting fault either
2013-04-19 - Why does CoCreateInstance work even though my thread never called CoInitialize The curse of the impli
2013-04-22 - Dreaming about games based on Unicode
2013-04-22 - Getting the current selection from an Explorer window
2013-04-23 - Microspeak Tenet
2013-04-24 - Dark corners of CC The typedef keyword doesnt need to be the first word on the line
2013-04-25 - If youre going to use an interlocked operation to generate a unique value you need to use it before i
2013-04-26 - Another way to create a process with attributes maybe worse maybe better
2013-04-26 - Fake film project tries to create real film to hide fakeness and fails
2013-04-29 - Dentistry in the Brazil-like future
2013-04-29 - Getting the display name for a shell property
2013-04-30 - The most expensive notepads in Microsoft history

The Old New Thing - 2013 05

2013-05-01 - How do I get the current value of the RSP register from a CC function No answer but a solution
2013-05-01 - I wrote two lines of code yesterday
2013-05-02 - Any setting you expose to the user you implicitly expose to applications
2013-05-03 - Creating a simple pidl For the times you care enough to send the very fake
2013-05-06 - Extending process attribute inheritance beyond its current boundaries
2013-05-06 - Reading mouse input from a console program and programmatically turning off Quick Edit mode
2013-05-07 - How to tell the poseurs from the actual Windows developers
2013-05-08 - Mathematical formulas are designed to be pretty not to be suitable for computation
2013-05-09 - Why am I getting LNK2019 unresolved external for my inline function
2013-05-10 - If you want to use a name for your file mapping dont just use the name of the file itself
2013-05-13 - How can I display a live screenshot of a piece of another application
2013-05-13 - The secret lair of Administrative Assistants
2013-05-14 - Microspeak booked
2013-05-15 - Hey look now Im Director of Strategic Planning oh and my name also changed to Oliver Lee
2013-05-15 - What does GDI use biXPelsPerMeter and SetBitmapDimensionEx for
2013-05-16 - Untangling the confusingly-named WM_UPDATEUISTATE and WM_CHANGEUISTATE messages
2013-05-16 - Your electric fan is trying to kill you and other cultural superstitions
2013-05-17 - Who sends the initial WM_UPDATEUISTATE message
2013-05-20 - Copying a file to the clipboard so you can paste it into Explorer or an email message or whatever
2013-05-20 - The importance of remembering parity in a back-and-forth race on your flying bicycle
2013-05-21 - A question about proper disposal of unwanted items with an unhelpful answer
2013-05-22 - How do I get a window back on the screen when it moved far far away Windows 7 and 8 edition
2013-05-23 - Even though mouse-move paint and timer messages are generated on demand its still possible for one to
2013-05-24 - What happens if I manually post an auto-generated message into my message queue
2013-05-27 - How do I customize the console properties for a shortcut to a console application
2013-05-27 - What are the scoping rules for variables in nested courtyards
2013-05-28 - Why dont hotkeys for items on my Start menu work when I am in a fullscreen application
2013-05-29 - Whats the point of SecureZeroMemory
2013-05-30 - The posted message queue vs the input queue vs the message queue
2013-05-31 - Posted messages are processed ahead of input messages even if they were posted later

The Old New Thing - 2013 06

2013-06-03 - How do I make it more difficult for somebody to take a screenshot of my window
2013-06-03 - When a CD gets stuck on infinite repeat during the night
2013-06-04 - Asynchronous input vs synchronous input a quick introduction
2013-06-05 - When you share an input queue you have to wait your turn
2013-06-06 - A pathological program which ignores the keyboard and understanding the resulting behavior based on w
2013-06-07 - Sharing an input queue takes what used to be asynchronous and makes it synchronous like focus changes
2013-06-10 - A big little program Monitoring Internet Explorer and Explorer windows part 1 Enumeration
2013-06-10 - Unexpected complexity of Swedish pronouns and escaping the resulting embarrassment
2013-06-11 - An introduction to COM connection points
2013-06-12 - Dispatch interfaces as connection point interfaces
2013-06-13 - A big little program Monitoring Internet Explorer and Explorer windows part 2 Tracking navigations
2013-06-14 - A big little program Monitoring Internet Explorer and Explorer windows part 3 Tracking creation and d
2013-06-17 - Displaying a property sheet for multiple files
2013-06-17 - I wonder if the Queen of England ever pulls this sort of prank in real life
2013-06-18 - Microspeak to family well
2013-06-19 - AttachThreadInput is like taking two threads and pooling their money into a joint bank account where
2013-06-20 - Solving the problem rather than answering the question Why does somebody want to write an unkillable
2013-06-21 - Of what use is the RDW_INTERNALPAINT flag
2013-06-24 - Drawing content at a fixed screen position regardless of window position
2013-06-24 - Wait this is not my regular bicycle commute home
2013-06-25 - Where did the names of the fonts Marlett and Verdana come from
2013-06-26 - The default error mode SetErrorMode is not zero
2013-06-27 - Once you return from the WM_ENDSESSION message your process can be terminated at any time
2013-06-28 - 2013 mid-year link clearance
2013-06-28 - Its the address space stupid

The Old New Thing - 2013 07

2013-07-01 - Building on our program that draws content at a fixed screen position regardless of window position
2013-07-01 - I wonder what sort of efficiency that house gets on the Autobahn
2013-07-02 - I didnt go to build in San Francisco but Ill be at RAMP in Budapest
2013-07-02 - You can read as well as I can or maybe not
2013-07-03 - Why dont elevated processes inherit their environment variables from their non-elevated parent
2013-07-04 - Why was the Windows source code trunk called the Blue Line
2013-07-05 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Disabling Safe DLL searching
2013-07-08 - A program for my nieces The ABCs part 1
2013-07-08 - It really wasnt that fancy a Swedish sentence
2013-07-09 - The credit card with a half-million-dollar credit limit
2013-07-10 - Why is the syntax for touching a file from the command prompt so strange
2013-07-11 - Where is this CRC that is allegedly invalid on my hard drive
2013-07-12 - If you want to track whether the current thread owns a critical section you can use the critical sect
2013-07-15 - A program for my nieces The ABCs part 2 choosing a font
2013-07-15 - Watch out for those out-of-control Canadian tour buses
2013-07-16 - Microspeak Landing especially the heated kind
2013-07-17 - Why is LOCALE_SDURATION so dorky-looking
2013-07-18 - If youre not using the command line interpreter then the command line interpreter metacharacters mean
2013-07-19 - Nasty gotcha STGM_READ STGM_WRITE does not grant readwrite access
2013-07-22 - A program for my nieces The ABCs part 3
2013-07-22 - At least its clear who will NOT be bunking together
2013-07-23 - Office Office Office Malkovich Office Office Office
2013-07-24 - Nighttime pictures of London and Tokyo
2013-07-24 - Windows 7 no longer tries to guess application size and other information
2013-07-25 - What is the default cursor for a thread
2013-07-26 - From Microsofts mail room to the board room
2013-07-29 - A program for my nieces The ABCs part 4
2013-07-29 - Im sure that Star Trek-themed parties exist so why has no one ever scheduled one as a Microsoft holid
2013-07-30 - Sometimes people can be so helpless Finding the owner of a Web page
2013-07-31 - Why does Explorer sometimes show my server name in parentheses

The Old New Thing - 2013 08

2013-08-01 - The case of the auto-hide taskbar
2013-08-02 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Open access to the application d
2013-08-05 - A practical reason for shutting down for the Mayan apocalyse
2013-08-05 - Why does BitConverterLittleEndian return false on my x86 machine
2013-08-06 - Sometimes sports-rule lawyering comes true The strikeout with only one thrown pitch
2013-08-06 - The mysterious ways of the params keyword in C
2013-08-07 - The mathematical card game Krypto and reaching a level of proficiency where the rules break down
2013-08-07 - Weak references have no effect on object lifetime
2013-08-08 - On partially-constructed objects additional remarks not as interesting
2013-08-09 - Each time I move my mailbox moves further away
2013-08-09 - Why does the CLR report a NullReferenceException even if the referenced access is not exactly the nul
2013-08-12 - How do I convert a synchronous file handle into an asynchronous one
2013-08-12 - Please dont wade across the Strait of Juan de Fuca
2013-08-13 - Generally speaking yanking the power plug unexpectedly should not be part of your business process
2013-08-14 - Whats the point of letting you change the GCL_CBCLSEXTRA if it has no effect
2013-08-15 - How do I control the order of the pages in property sheets from my shell extension
2013-08-16 - If I signal an auto-reset event and there is a thread waiting on it is it guaranteed that the event w
2013-08-19 - A dream about forgetting to deploy the backup brake pads
2013-08-19 - The tiny table sorter or you can write LINQ in JavaScript
2013-08-20 - Microspeak The train
2013-08-21 - Adding a confirmation dialog to every dragdrop operation does not solve the problem
2013-08-22 - All IO on a synchronous file handle is serialized thats why its called a synchronous file handle
2013-08-23 - If I attach a file to an existing completion port do I have to close the completion port handle a sec
2013-08-26 - The challenge of improvisational historical comedy
2013-08-26 - Why doesnt the Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box work for nonstandard
2013-08-27 - How can I find out which process and user is modifying a file
2013-08-28 - The format of data and custom resources
2013-08-29 - How can I write to a file only as long as nobodys looking
2013-08-30 - Can an x64 function repurpose parameter home space as general scratch space

The Old New Thing - 2013 09

2013-09-02 - If you had to deal with preschoolers all day youd need a nap too
2013-09-02 - What is the official name of the most popular work visa in the United States
2013-09-03 - If your product is client-managed how do you sell the server
2013-09-04 - How permanent is the Remove from this list action on the Start menu
2013-09-05 - Why are my posted messages getting lost when the user drags my window around
2013-09-06 - How to rescue a broken stack trace on x64 Recovering the stack pointer
2013-09-09 - Mom and dads event-filled first day of school
2013-09-09 - Programmatically editing the metadata of an audio file
2013-09-10 - Early versions of Aero Peek Aladdin Bat Signal and Squeegee
2013-09-11 - Why does Internet Explorer put tab stops at 8-character intervals instead of 4 like all right-thinkin
2013-09-12 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Creating problematic files in a
2013-09-13 - How does InterlockedIncrement work internally
2013-09-16 - Entering the world of competitive Ring-Around-the-Rosie
2013-09-16 - Forcing a file handle closed when it has been opened remotely
2013-09-17 - Facilities jargon Energize
2013-09-18 - SubtractRect doesnt always give you the exact difference
2013-09-19 - Raymonds subjective biased unfair and completely wrong characterization of the sounds of several East
2013-09-19 - When a program is launched via DDE and there are multiple servers which one is used
2013-09-20 - How can I tell that I have a shell folder that represents My Computer
2013-09-23 - I dreamed that I was in an alternate-universe Samuel L Jackson movie
2013-09-23 - Providing a custom autocomplete source for an edit control
2013-09-24 - Punctuation is becoming increasingly decorative and less functional
2013-09-24 - Wait so does moving a file recalculate inherited permissions or doesnt it
2013-09-25 - How can I tell that somebody used the MAKEINTRESOURCE macro to smuggle an integer inside a pointer
2013-09-26 - Dont forget Unicode includes formatting characters which can be used to influence output formatting
2013-09-27 - 2013 Q3 link clearance Microsoft blogger edition
2013-09-27 - How can I determine how responsive my application is to input
2013-09-30 - Playing a sound every time the foreground window changes
2013-09-30 - Sometimes my dreams are entirely uneventful

The Old New Thing - 2013 10

2013-10-01 - The management of memory for resources in 16-bit Windows redux
2013-10-02 - The relationship between module resources and resource-derived objects in 16-bit Windows
2013-10-03 - The relationship between module resources and resource-derived objects in 32-bit Windows
2013-10-04 - Whats the difference between CopyIcon and DuplicateIcon
2013-10-07 - But instead they decided to build the Great Wheel
2013-10-07 - Printing the contents of the clipboard as text to stdout
2013-10-08 - I wrote FAT on an airplane for heavens sake
2013-10-08 - I wrote my thesis on an airplane for heavens sake
2013-10-09 - Using the TAB key to navigate in non-dialogs redux
2013-10-10 - Happy 110th birthday Professor Alyea
2013-10-10 - How do I find out what size the window manager would have chosen for my window
2013-10-11 - C corner case You can implement pure virtual functions in the base class
2013-10-14 - Filtering the folders that appear in the Browse for Folder dialog
2013-10-14 - The imaginary experience of dining at an underground restaurant
2013-10-15 - Just because I dont deny something doesnt make it true
2013-10-16 - Why does my window get a WM_ACTIVATE message when it isnt active
2013-10-17 - What is the inverse of AdjustWindowRect and AdjustWindowRectEx
2013-10-18 - The case of the redirected standard handles that wont close even though the child process has exited
2013-10-21 - Opening and manipulating Internet Explorer windows programmatically
2013-10-21 - Using a toy cash register as a keyboard doesnt add up
2013-10-22 - The hierarchy of user education as interpreted by a vice president
2013-10-23 - It rather involved being on the other side of this airtight hatchway Planting DLLs into directories o
2013-10-24 - When should I use the FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH flag to FindFirstFileEx
2013-10-25 - My those threads start up really fast nowadays
2013-10-28 - The financial acumen of sea turtles
2013-10-28 - Using GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx to see the relationship between logical and physical processor
2013-10-29 - Help me optimize this code which enumerates all possible GUIDs
2013-10-30 - Distinguishing between asking for help with a product and asking for help with a products installatio
2013-10-31 - If there is no 16-bit emulation layer in 64-bit Windows how come certain 16-bit installers are allowe
2013-10-31 - The guide to trading candy

The Old New Thing - 2013 11

2013-11-01 - On the various ways of getting the current time and date in Win32
2013-11-04 - Manipulating the zone identifier to specify where a file was download from
2013-11-04 - The complexity of modern voting or at least modern dream voting
2013-11-05 - What is the point of FreeLibraryAndExitThread
2013-11-06 - CoUninitalize will ask a DLL if it is okay to unload now but the answer is a foregone conclusion
2013-11-07 - Partially eliminating the need for SetThreadpoolCallbackLibrary and reducing the cost of FreeLibraryA
2013-11-08 - Whats the point of the various WhenCallbackReturns functions
2013-11-11 - How did Raymond discover his carrier-screaming talent And his homemade Marauders Map
2013-11-12 - Microspeak Spinning up or kicking off a build
2013-11-13 - A possibly unbeatable record for the shortest amount of time between an email message and its resend
2013-11-14 - Why is my FormatMessage call crashing trying to read my insertion parameter
2013-11-15 - Restoring symbols to a stack trace originally generated without symbols
2013-11-18 - How can I launch an unelevated process from my elevated process and vice versa
2013-11-18 - My friend lived in a tiny house with an enormous garage
2013-11-19 - Why is the Program Files directory called Program Files instead of just Programs
2013-11-20 - Why dont all of my documents show up when I arrange my Documents library by Name
2013-11-21 - How do I get the path to the default users profile
2013-11-22 - How do I get the effect of CW_USEDEFAULT positioning on a window Ive already created
2013-11-25 - Extracting GPS coordinates from a photo and plotting it on a map
2013-11-25 - My friend lived in an apartment inside a museum
2013-11-26 - Why did Raymond bring a knitting bag to every meeting
2013-11-27 - The case of the DLL that refuses to load
2013-11-28 - If you try to declare a variadic function with an incompatible calling convention the compiler secret
2013-11-28 - Things that can happen when your kitchen gets taken over by others
2013-11-29 - Notes on gift card and gift certificates in the state of Washington
2013-11-29 - Why cant I create my dialog with DialogBox DialogBoxParam CreateDialog CreateDialogParam or the indir

The Old New Thing - 2013 12

2013-12-02 - Logging the foreground process as it changes
2013-12-02 - The walls of my friends house sometimes randomly got corrupted
2013-12-03 - How do I configure the timeout used by UI0Detect Interactive Services Detection service
2013-12-03 - Sir is this your high-speed ferry
2013-12-04 - Whats the difference between the wParam of the WM_NOTIFY message and the idFrom in the NMHDR structur
2013-12-05 - Whats up with the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSIDCLSID
2013-12-06 - Is it wrong to call SHFileOperation from a service
2013-12-09 - Destroying all child processes and grandchildren when the parent exits
2013-12-09 - This was only a test if this had been an actual concert
2013-12-10 - Mysterious email possible social engineering whatever it was it didnt work
2013-12-11 - Some vice presidents forget that not everybody attends the same meetings that they do
2013-12-12 - How do you intercept taskbar notification balloons
2013-12-13 - Turning off the disco lights on the Start screen
2013-12-16 - Disabling the PrtSc key by blocking input
2013-12-16 - That fee was so that we wouldnt have to raise our prices
2013-12-17 - Tales from The Box A survey of crackpots in physics
2013-12-17 - Why doesnt the New Folder command work in the root of a redirected drive resource in a Remote Desktop
2013-12-18 - Whether your application should display its content in RTL should be based on the content
2013-12-19 - How do I display an RTL string in a notification balloon on an LTR system
2013-12-20 - Wouldnt the Recycle Bin sample program have been simpler without COM
2013-12-23 - Creating custom tasks on a jump list
2013-12-23 - That doesnt sound like South Frisian to me
2013-12-24 - Essays from the funniest man in Microsoft Research
2013-12-25 - The chain of stories triggered by seeing a package of Ahoj-Brause
2013-12-26 - I think were going to be getting frozen leftovers for lunch today
2013-12-26 - Why is GetWindowLongPtr returning a garbage value on 64-bit Windows
2013-12-27 - Brief QampA on the HeapEnableTerminationOnCorruption heap information flag
2013-12-30 - How can I get the list of programs the same way that Programs and Features gets it
2013-12-30 - Theres no seating up there so you just have to hang on for dear life
2013-12-31 - 2013 year-end link clearance
2013-12-31 - New Years Eve is sometimes a stressful occasion